You Need This Tool – Episode 9 | Welding Copper Spoon / Paddle

You Need This Tool – Episode 9 | Welding Copper Spoon / Paddle

do you know what day it is? Its Friday Fool ! I bet people that watch this channel for the first time and see these videos think I am crazy alright guys welcome to another episode of You need This Tool so every week on Fridays I try to bring you a new tool that I use here in the shop thats a little different than you normal tools this week Its the copper spoon / paddle

43 thoughts on “You Need This Tool – Episode 9 | Welding Copper Spoon / Paddle

  1. I got mine from Harbor freight They call it a copper spoon $9.99 works awesome. As always great vid

  2. It's good for filling holes on stainless the copper backing work as a heat sink and argon trap so it doesn't sugar on the back side

  3. Just curious, but what's the biggest hole you could plug without placing a piece of metal in it first? Does the copper weld to the puddle at some point at all or does it need lots more heat to actually be weldable in the first place?

  4. Thanks ! I'm welding a grill in school right now a this tool is just what I need.
    will make it before starting on the grill again Monday.
    keep up the great work! have a great weekend

  5. I never used 1 of those and I've plug welded holes as big as a silver dollar already. The big benefit I could see would be not so much grinding. When you plug weld a hole shut generally you get  a big mess to grind and clean up. So for that I guess it would be alright to have

  6. I'll have to make one of these with the handle.

    I used a flattened copper pipe last time I had holes to fill.
    It's also useful for welding pieces together and using as a heat sink.
    Less likely to warp thin panels.

  7. im finishing up the the exhaust on my camaro and I need some clearance going over the frame rail do you have tips on how to flaten just one side of a tube?

  8. i'm cheap , i use a piece of plain copper tube and beat half of it flat on an anvil then bend it slightly and put some tape on the handle
    good thing about that is that if you cant reach both the inside and outside or need to sneak up behind sumtin in the interior (like the heatercore ) you can use a longer piece of copper pipe to extend the reach a little

  9. Ive tried using a big piece of copper behind a hole and it just makes the weld spit and crackle like crazy, any idea whats going on?

  10. Those of us who watch all the time "know you are crazy". LOL

    Great Video man! I don't have a copper spoon, per sa, but I did hit the local scrap yard. They buy/sale copper. I scored some copper plates that are about the same size. They work well has heat sinks too.

    Two thumbs up!

  11. dude. I'm going to be a poor man. Your tool videos are helping to shape up a lovely birthday list for me however.
    '63 C20, '63 C10, and a '61 Bug – I basically need all the tools. And some backups.

  12. if your in a quick bind or a cheapass (lol), you could also flatten a copper pipe into the shape of a "spoon". works just as good 😉

  13. Love the video's, I have noticed in your intro's (@20 secs) you have what looks like a custom air intake tube. Did you build this and or do you have a video on how you did it? Thanks

  14. you mention nothing about wire speed, voltage, stick out and angle to the work piece. Most of us on here are new to welding. At least I am. Can you elaborate?

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