You Need This Tool – Episode 7 | Butt Welding Panel Clamps

You Need This Tool – Episode 7 | Butt Welding Panel Clamps

glad you could be with me on this amazing friday Its Friday Fool ! I am grateful you took some time out of this special friday to come watch this video todays tool is none other then the amazing butt clamp also known by its scientific name of clampus maximus the butt clamp is mainly used in in sheet metal work its a very simple tool that is easily engineered

31 thoughts on “You Need This Tool – Episode 7 | Butt Welding Panel Clamps

  1. bet there where a few of the SM type people found those butclamps for sale or metalworking people gotten sumtin verry different in the mail than wat they ordered out for

    funny thing wih internetsearches you have to be on youre toes at all times , my father wanted to collect some info for buying a boat so he typed in watersport intoo the searchbar
    when the results came up my mother happened to pass by behind him looking at the screen and he had some explaning to do

    merry christmas everyone

  2. as always I enjoyed the video Hope You had A Merry Christmas or are having one thanks for taking the time out of Christmas day to post

  3. Back when I was building Car's I don't ever remember these being around. At least I never seen or heard of them from anybody……sure would have been useful Guaranteed. Thanks again. And, Merry Christmas to You & Yours from Me & Mine = )

  4. Your gunna make me go broke with all these tools I need lol. The only one I've had so far was the impact driver.
    Merry Christmas from Taylors, SC

  5. Sweet, now i just need to figure out how i can make a set that holds a 90deg angle of two sheets the same way.. ingenious.. (gonna weld up a surge tanks for my car).

  6. you could also slightly notch one piece of the material youre welding to accept the width oh the stud of the clamp to bring the two pieces closer together

  7. nice job dude if my tig welding was that good im a good arc welder but tig ohh man its hell was thinking of mig welding something like this but it wont comeout as nice

  8. Good idea i guess! But i swear there will be cursing, if you tackweld some of these in between a joint. They will be stuck as hell due to shrinkage 🙂

  9. New subscriber…. brilliant info. Oh and hi from the Uk. Just need to get a container shipped over and buy all these great tools.

  10. I never knew those things even existed. They could come in quite handy. I might be welding quite a few panels with my everlast in the next few months.

  11. Nice video, one question though, how do you install the "blocks" if you can't reach behind the panel? You know, way up back on top of a wheel well for example. Appreciate any help or advice.

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