Yes or No – SG553 Carbine – Battlefield 4 (BF4) Weapon Review

Yes or No – SG553 Carbine – Battlefield 4 (BF4) Weapon Review

Hi YouTube, Darth Here: This is Yes or No, a weapon review series
where I give a clear and concise answer as to what weapons you should be using in Battlefield
4. Today we’ve got one of my secret crushes, the SG553. I fell in love with its counterpart
SG552 in Counter-Strike almost twenty years ago, and I had a soft spot for it in BF3,
despite the fact that it was never a top-tier weapon in that game. But how does the SG553 fair in Battlefield
4? Should you be using the SG553, Yes or No? Yes. The SG553 is a middle-of-the-road carbine
with a nice set of features that make it interestingly adaptable to a lot of different playstyles.
It’s particularly good at run-and-gun, as it’s dangerous in CQB and mid-range. It
can even reach out and touch enemies at long distance with a little finesse. But let’s
take a look at its stand-out features. At 830 rounds-per-minute, the SG553 has some
serious ripping power at close and medium ranges. This is very near the ideal 800 rounds-per-minute
rate of fire and adds to the SG553’s versatility in a number of ways. Firstly, this makes it
easier to control than a number of other Carbines, and secondly it provides an optimal amount
of firepower at the ranges at which Carbines need to be good.
The reload speed is slightly above average for a Carbine, at 2.15 seconds for the short,
bullet-in-chamber reload, and a much more punitive 2.65 seconds for the long reload.
While it’s not the fastest in the carbine category, 2.15 seconds for a reload is still
pretty good, and a good deal better than most of the automatics in the game. It’s rare
that you’ll run out of bullets in a firefight before downing your enemies or being able
to slap another magazine into the weapon. The SG553 occupies an interesting position
where it has a high rate of fire while also possessing a low combined recoil. When compared
against supposedly faster-killing weapons in the MTAR-21, A-91, and ACW-R, this gives
the SG553 the ability to be accurate while delivering those bullets on target. A key
distinction between the SG553 and ACW-R that I’ll cover more a bit later.
One of the nice features of the SG553 is the capability to set the weapon for single shot,
burst fire, or fully automatic mode. I found that this is particularly useful for hitting
long-range shots on relatively stationary targets. This transfers the strong first shot
multiplier to the third shot instead, meaning that the first three bullets are more likely
to land on target. The rest of the positive stats on the SG553
are roughly middle-of-the-road for a carbine. So let’s tackle what’s not so great about
the SG553. At 470 meters-per-second, the SG553 is below
average for a carbine, and well below average for a 5.56 millimeter damage model. In fact,
only the heavy-hitting ACE 52 and Groza-1 have slower velocities. What this means is
that long-range moving targets are going to be exceptionally difficult for the SG553 to
hit. But to be honest, the SG553 isn’t really meant to be used beyond 40 meters, and most
Battlefield 4 engagements happen under 35 meters anyways.
While this isn’t as much of a problem on PC, and it is one that can be mitigated by
attachments or further recoil control, the high First-Shot Recoil Multiplier of the SG553
is pretty impressive. At a 2.3 times multiplier, it’s the fourth-highest among the carbines
in Battlefield 4. This feature really only affects extreme ranges, and there are ways
to compensate closer up. All-in-all, the SG553 is a pretty middle of
the road carbine. At first glance, you might wonder why use the SG553 over the ACW-R. Assuming
you can compensate for the velocity, the SG553 is better than the ACW-R at most ranges. Here’s why. After including some hit calculation
on top of the raw damage of the weapon, I found that the ACW-R does do better damage
at ranges of closer than 10 meters. And it’s only better by hundredths of a second. But
here’s where things change. From 10 meters and beyond, the SG553 takes over in the damage
department because of its ability to actually deliver that damage on target. The SG553 tends to be better beyond extreme
close distances, as it’s easier to control. Particularly what makes the difference is
the left-right deviation of the two weapons. This is also true of the MTAR-21, which possesses
superior qualities in knife-fight distances, but peels off very quickly as the SG553 takes
over from 10 meters and beyond. Keep in mind that I’m talking about fractional
differences between these three weapons based on probability of hits. If you’re really
lucky, an ACW-R still beats an SG553 at 35 meters. But on average, the SG553 wins. As
long as you can control the weapon well. The SG553 is a little bit unruly when it comes
to recoil. Its recoil pattern is a bit unbalanced, at .34 up, .25 left, and .39 right. With a
first-shot recoil multiplier of 2.3 times, that means that the SG553 is going to jump
up initially, and then proceed to go upwards and to the right. To control this recoil pattern,
you’ll want to pull down and to the left. Even when controlling the recoil direction
of the SG553, the pattern of bullets does still grow somewhat quickly thanks to the
rate of fire and the spread increase per shot of .108 degrees per round. So you’ll want
to burst your weapon. As this is a carbine, the bursts required
to kill a target will be variable depending on the range. Since it kills in 5-7 rounds
to the body on normal, you’ll want to aim for roughly this many shots per burst. There’s
a high degree of likelihood that it will require far more rounds than a single burst when aiming
at targets at long range. That’s why if I’m aiming at a long range
target, I tend to prefer to put the weapon on single fire or burst fire. That gives a
little bit of reprieve from the high first-shot recoil multiplier, while letting me focus
on getting the slow bullets where they need to be. Tactics for the SG553
As the SG553 is a carbine, it’s suitable for nearly every role. I tend to prefer to
run my SG553 alongside my aggressive recon or engineer class. In general, I think that
the recon benefits most from this weapon, as there are PDWs and Assault Rifles that
fair somewhat better in the ranges that the SG553 covers. Make no mistake about it, the SG553 is for
players that like to be aggressive and like to run and gun. Though it is a versatile weapon,
and you can bend this a bit and make it work in other situations. In general, I’ve found
that under 35 meters, the rate of fire and performance makes it perfect for play-the-objective
style players. Something you’ll have to be aware of is
that your reload is not under two seconds, so there are situations where you’ll still
want to switch to your secondary and stay there until the enemies have cleared out.
For this purpose, I tended to favor a silenced G18, particularly because my loadout sometimes
would take the silencer off my weapon and I still wanted to be stealthy. The SG553 is probably one of the weapons that
benefits most from distinguishing when to hipfire and when to aim-down-sights. The hundred-or-so
milliseconds of difference in killing a target can put you over the top in CQB in particular.
As a rule, I typically reserve hipfire for targets that are closer than 10 meters. I’ll talk more about the impact of the versatility
of this weapon on its attachments in the next section. But know that what setup you run
will impact how frequently you’re switching to your secondary, how often you’re using
hipfire, and when you can expect to hit longer-ranged shots. Now let’s talk attachments. And from,
it’s clear that nearly everybody has their own opinion about what to run on the SG553.
Some people prefer heavy barrels, others suppressors, and still some wanted to use the flash hider.
The grips were a near even split between stubby/potato and angled grips, presumably the latter to
combat the high first-shot recoil multiplier. Well I’m a little bit different on my choices
today. It’s not often I pick the Reflex RDS, but
it felt at home on the SG553. This carbine is not exclusively CQB and the first-shot
recoil multiplier was way too high to make me want to use a holo. So the Reflex RDS it
is for me. I tend to favor this sight on weapons where I want to encourage myself to hip-fire
at close range and more carefully aim at distances. Which for me, felt perfect on the SG553. You’re
free to pick any RDS that you like, but I’m feeling the Reflex on this one. Presuming I’m actually making use of that
hipfire, I’m gonna want the laser sight. Sometimes I choose to run with the Target
Detector, but the run-and-gun playstyle I adopt with the SG553 just suits itself so
much better for a strong bonus to hip-fire. Plus, with the slightly unruly left/right
deviation on the SG553, I found that the laser sight helped to get the hip-fire to the place
it needed to be. As always, remember to turn off the laser sight when you’re not using
it or you’ll give yourself away. So here’s where I’m going to do things
a bit differently. I’m going to talk about a pair of barrel and underbarrel combinations
that I found to be useful in different situations. First I’m going to talk about the optimum
setup, and then I’m going to go for the run-and-gun stealth aggressive recon setup. For the first combination, I’d recommend
running the stubby grip along with the compensator. This pairing will help to dial in that 10-35
meter range in a way that puts the SG553 up and over the ACW-R and MTAR-21 in terms of
accuracy and damage on target. The stubby and compensator are not a super popular setup
for the SG553. But, after some figuring, research, and just playtime, I found them to really
be my personal favorites when I don’t want to run stealthy. If the recoil of the SG553
is too much for you to manage, it’s a very accepting weapon when it comes to other attachments,
but I highly recommend giving the stubby and compensator a “go.” Now let’s talk about if you want to be a
sneak. I absolutely love the silencer and ergo grip with the SG553 when I’m running
aggressive recon. Particularly when I’m on maps where I find myself amid tons and
tons of hostiles. It’s probably my favorite setup for trying to break the stalemate and
push the back-caps on Metro. The time-to-kill of the SG553 is perfect for the ranges that
are frequent on metro, the SG553 reloads fast enough, and the amount of pain you can inflict
on an oblivious enemy is frequently hilarious. The ergo grip along with the laser gives it
just a little bit more fine-tuned power for CQB. I love the SG553 and its family of weapons.
I’ve had a crush on them for a long time, and it’s one of my favorite weapons to run
in Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4. There’s no doubt that in BF4 it’s a good deal better
than its BF3 counterpart, and I feel fairly comfortable recommending it to anybody that
wants to have a great run-and-gun carbine, particularly for aggressive recon. So it’s
a definite yes. If you’re finding that you can’t compete
in CQB, you may wish to switch things up and go for the MTAR-21. The MTAR-21 is a weapon
that is really only held back by its long reload times, which can be pretty harsh for
a CQB weapon. If you’re looking for a carbine with a bit more range, I highly recommend
the AK5C, a lovely platform that has both accuracy and take-down power at most ranges.
It’s also one of my top five weapons. That’s it for this episode of Yes or No.
If there’s something you think I missed, or if you have a particularly different take
on the SG553, please let me know in the comments below. If there’s a weapon you’d like
to see reviewed on this series, leave a comment indicating which weapon. As always, thanks
for watching, and I’ll see you next time, YouTube.

100 thoughts on “Yes or No – SG553 Carbine – Battlefield 4 (BF4) Weapon Review

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    5 rounds fired then recover back to base spread (which makes sense for the shooter as close-range BTK): SG553 0.43333s vs. ACW-R 0.46667s
    7 rounds fired (long-range BTK): SG553 0.63333s vs. ACW-R 0.63333s

    Bonus: SG553 Supp / Naked + Ergo 5 rounds fired 0.43333s (same as Comp + Stubby)

    Due to servers understandably needing "ticks" to do things, "830RPM" is no different than "880RPM" until 13 rounds or more fired in this case. "830RPM" even wins at shorter burst lengths (see 5RB example as above or even 3RB "burst fire" setting) due to lower SIPS and faster Spread Decrease as programmed (and they are programmed as such DUE to the lower "RPM" values).

    That, or servers need higher Tickrates. I have the 5RB pairs tied in 40Hz (most other PC servers), 45Hz (PS4 / XBone servers), and 60Hz (some PC TDM servers). At 120Hz (I think I saw ONE such server) then the ACW-R pulls ahead.

    BF4 Shooting Mechanics here:

    I made a Google Sheets "calculator" here:

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