Yes or No – MTAR-21 Carbine Weapon Review – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

Yes or No – MTAR-21 Carbine Weapon Review – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

Hi YouTube, Darth Here: This is Yes or No, a weapon review series
where I give a clear and concise answer as to what weapons you should be using in Battlefield
4. Today I’m looking at the MTAR-21 Carbine. This carbine is probably one of my lesser
used carbines going into this analysis, and I’ll talk about why shortly. But what about
you? Should you be using the MTAR-21, Yes or No?
No — and I really wrestled with this decision today because the weapon is close to being
something I can recommend. In a lot of ways it reminds me of how I felt about the A-91
carbine. It has a lot of good features with some pretty serious detractions.
But let’s talk about what the MTAR is good at.
The MTAR is the fastest firing carbine at 900 rounds-per-minute. It just barely edges
out the ACW-R by 20 rounds, and depending on the server tick-rate that actually won’t
make much of a difference between the two weapons. But at close range, those rounds
really make the carbine’s damage model sting. The MTAR-21 has the second-fastest time-to-kill
among the carbines (losing only to the Groza). Its minimum time-to-kill is 269 milliseconds.
This makes it one of the faster-killing automatic weapons in the game, but there are a good
number that are faster. Still, it’s quite the hand-held shredder at close-to-medium
range. As a carbine and a bullpup, the MTAR-21 has
some of the best on-the-move and hip-fire accuracy in the game. You can make this better
through attachments, but at CQB ranges this weapon is fairly solid in a moving battle
without any additional help. Those are the high points for this weapon.
And the MTAR gets pretty far on those features alone. It’s a rather deadly weapon in bursts,
but has a lot of trouble in sustained firefights with multiple converging opponents. So let’s
look at the not-so-good stuff. The MTAR-21 has the second-worst first-shot
recoil among all the automatics. At at a 2.6 multiplier, your first shot is going to send
your aim moving pretty wildly from the get-go. And then it gets worse.
Combine that with the .42 left/right deviation and this gun starts to get out of control
pretty fast at 900 rounds-per-minute. The MTAR has some of the worst side-to-side recoil
in the game. The more rounds escape the MTAR–which happens very quickly–the more of a mess the
end result becomes. Now if the side-to-side wasn’t enough to
scare you, the MTAR also has some woeful spread-per-shot increase at .117 degrees-per-round. This isn’t
quite as bad as the Bulldog or FAMAS, but it does make pulling off mid-range and long-range
shots a bit more difficult than is useful. Because this weapon fires so fast, this penalty
to spread builds up very quickly. Additionally, the weapon recovers very slowly, so sustained
firefights become woefully inaccurate. Finally, while I don’t think this would
be a huge problem on other weapons, the 2.35 second bullet-in-chamber and 2.75 second empty
reload times of the MTAR are a problem for a specific reason. Because of its accuracy
issues, combined with its high rate of fire, carbine damage model, and cqb-centric nature,
you’ll find yourself almost constantly reloading this weapon. This can be managed, but this
is a major detraction for this weapon. I’ll talk more about the strategies for
mitigating some of these negative points in a moment. But I want to talk about my overall
experience with the weapon first. I found that the MTAR basically became this weapon
where I would win one-on-one battles frequently, but it just couldn’t hold its own the higher
the tempo the action got. The MTAR is beautiful for dispatching one enemy at a time, add another
enemy and it starts to get a bit dicey, and three enemies was a huge rarity for this weapon.
And looking at some of the scores-per-minute of the top MTAR-21 users on,
this makes some sense — they mostly seem to be safe players. Because the MTAR-21 is
not made well for prolonged engagements. Controlling the MTAR-21
So let’s talk about how you control this monstrosity. You’re going to find that this
weapon will pretty much fight you in every engagement, particularly if you go with certain
attachments over others. When naked, the MTAR-21 has a .3 vertical recoil, and a .42 left and
a .42 right. With 900 rounds-per-minute of fire rate, this means that the weapon is going
to pull up and randomly spray left and right as it rises, generally filling out in a cone-like
pattern. To counter this, you’ll need to pull straight
down against the weapon. I find that firing the weapon in bursts counteracts some of the
spread, but again the decrease is not super-fast. You’ll have to end up really working for
mid and long-range shots with this weapon. It’s going to take between five and seven
rounds to the chest to kill your target, and given the likely spread, this is going to
be quite a few bullets at range. Patience is key.
Tactics for the MTAR-21 Tactics are one of the facts about the weapon
I had to learn through pain. The MTAR-21 is a son-of-a-gun that tries to be your friend
but secretly undermines you in every battle. Particularly you’ll find yourself reloading
nearly constantly because of the fast rounds-per-minute and high reload times.
There’s a couple of ways to deal with the long reloads. Firstly, whenever you’re reloading,
be sure to have your finger on speed-dial for your secondary. The moment an enemy appears
near you during a reload, you either need to be drawing your secondary or making a break
for cover if they’re further away. Second, to deal with the reload times you’ll
need to be very conservative with this weapon’s approach to battles. You’re generally okay
to take on one-to-two enemies at a time. However, that third enemy will kill you nearly every
time when you run dry. What I ended up doing when I was successful with the MTAR, was picking
off an enemy (or two), getting to safe cover, reloading, and not re-emerging until I was
ready to go again. Rushing while reloading will get you killed
pretty often with the MTAR-21. Not properly escaping to a safe place will also get you
killed. In fact, you should be prepared to die reloading at least once per match with
the MTAR. But it’s not without its benefits. The MTAR
is a reliable close-to-medium range shredder. If you pull the trigger first in a face-to-face
engagement, chances are your enemy is going to die first. Unless they have a shotgun.
What you do in regards to tactical use of the weapon outside of reloads is going to
depend on your attachments. So let’s talk about those now.
Attachments for the MTAR-21 Attachments are where the MTAR gets a little
interesting. In general, I found that there were a number of attachment setups that worked
to varying degrees for the MTAR-21. Looking at and cross-referencing that
with Battlelog, the most popular attachment combination appeared to be the red dot sight,
target detector, stubby grip, and heavy barrel. The second most popular was the red dot sight,
target detector, vertical grip, and compensator. At face value, they both have their merits.
But what setup did I ultimately prefer? For the optic, I went with the Reflex red
dot sight. In particular, I think that this sight is a nice cross between a CQB sight
and a medium range sight. The MTAR, while not the most amazing medium-range weapon is
still quite serviceable even out to 35 meters. You may prefer the Coyote or Kobra, and I
think both are valid, but the reflex was really my preference for this weapon.
On the accessory, it’s definitely the Target Detector all the way. Because I started playing
a bit more guarded with this weapon, I found myself scanning for targets quite a bit more
frequently than I usually do, and I think something like the laser sight would give
me a way at a range that really not be very favorable. If you don’t have Final Stand
or the Target Detector, you could certainly go with a laser sight if you’re disciplined
enough to keep it turned off outside CQB. Now the next two attachments have a variety
of options that will change how you play with this weapon. First I’m going to talk about
my two favorites and how they modify the way the MTAR plays.
My first (and preferred) combination starts with a heavy barrel. This really helps to
dial in the accuracy to give the MTAR-21 power at mid-range. Because it’s a carbine, the
MTAR starts to eclipse some of the PDWs at these ranges, and the heavy barrel makes it
a bit more versatile. However, this comes at a big cost: not mitigating that left-right
deviation, and making the upwards kick quite a bit more difficult to manage. In fact, this
might not be a viable option if you have trouble controlling upwards recoil.
The second part of the first combination is the stubby grip. I find the stubby grip is
a nice, natural compliment to the heavy barrel. Especially on higher rate-of-fire weapons,
and particularly on the MTAR because the spread-per-shot increase is so strong. Again, in combination
with the heavy barrel, this helps to keep your accuracy under control, particularly
in more drawn-out firefights. Which the MTAR is particularly weak at.
So in review: my first combination is heavy barrel and stubby grip.
The second combination is also worth considering. It starts with a compensator. Because of the
left-right deviation on this weapon, shots can become unpredictable fairly quickly. The
compensator helps to deflate the left-right by about 25%. However, it increases spread-per-shot,
which is already pretty bad on the MTAR-21. So you get a little bit more predictability
on the initial shots, for a major penalty in longer fights. It also makes mid-and-long
range kills much harder to achieve. If you really only care about killing somewhat closer,
and can cover your recovery and reloads pretty well, this might be a better setup for you.
To go with that compensator, you could also use a vertical grip. This will give you somewhat
better on-the-move ability and hip-fire. Particularly if you’re good at switching your hip-fire
and aimed fire game, this might be the attachment to consider.
So my second favorite combo is the compensator and vertical grip.
I did try two other setups that weren’t very successful.
The first of which was the angled grip with no barrel and microbursting. While this gave
me better initial accuracy, the long range and sustain power was significantly lacking.
It also was a major burden skillwise during fights that didn’t give much more benefit
than the compensator-vertical grip combo. I also tried using a silencer, but I found
it to be a somewhat less-than-useful setup. You don’t get much benefit other than hiding
yourself from the minimap. And it makes you nearly useless at any kind of range.
Wrapping it Up The MTAR-21 is an okay weapon. But I still
wouldn’t recommend it to most people because there are many, many options that are better
in every class. It’s a gun that’s okay, but not great, and doesn’t really do much
to carve itself a niche that makes it worth the serious detractions in accuracy and reload
times that it brings. If you can overcome these shortcomings, or you’re a slow and
methodical player, you might find the MTAR-21 to be your little slice of heaven. But I think
there are better options. So what would I go with over the MTAR? Well,
if you’re assault, you should definitely consider using the AEK-971, which is nearly
identical, but at the same time better in almost every way except moving fire and hip-fire.
As an engineer or aggressive recon, I’d go with the carbine that is slightly slower,
the ACW-R. I find the ACW-R be far more reliable and controllable than the MTAR. And finally,
if you’re playing support, or just want a CQB weapon in general, any shotgun would
do, but I prefer the DBV-12. That’s it for this episode of Yes or No.
If there’s something you think I missed, or if you have a different take on the MTAR-21,
please let me know. If there’s a particular weapon you’d like to see reviewed on this
series, leave a comment below indicating which weapon. As always, thanks for watching, and
I’ll see you next time, YouTube.

100 thoughts on “Yes or No – MTAR-21 Carbine Weapon Review – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

  1. So before DICE LA finally nerfed this little sucker a couple of patches ago, which was direly needed, i used the silencer and an angled foregrip on it. Back then it was a definitive YES, because it was just too good.

    Now that it has been nerfed i just can't imagine running this gun other than with a silencer again as an offensive recon, because for this specific class it can do well. Since i haven't played it anymore after the nerf, i can't really comment on the grip, but i'd trust darthveda in that case! 😉

    At the end of the day, the A-91 still stays criminally underrated, even though it can go toe to toe against mostly anything in close to medium range when it has a heavy barrel on. It just lends itself to have one equipped, in addition to a stubby grip. Well, at least some people know and reck faces with it, so it has that going for it… 😛

  2. Why would you use the Hbar on this? Comp+stubs is the best combination, simply as it gives you the best hitrate, even with perfect recoil control. Even with perfect recoil control on the vertical recoil, you'll still have more accuracy with the compensator.

    Anyway, I don't see so much use for it, the A-91 has the same TTK for the first 5 shots in CQB on 30Hz. On the engineer, where most people still run this, the JS2 or P90 are both 100% superior to it. The ACR seems like a decent option, but the Engineer has way better options with its PDWs.

    Good review.

  3. I LOVE the MTAR. I have almost 10,000 kills with it ( I haven't played BF4 in a long time ). Never had issues with the gun. Recoil was easy for me to control on Xbox 360 and I could use it at range fairly well. Just use a Suppresor, Stubby Grip, Target Detector and Coyote RDS

  4. HB + stubby for longer range accuracy and comp + ergo for moving accuracy?

    Why not comp + stubby or HB + ergo? Comp + stubby is pretty much as accurate as HB + stubby (unless you like firing in 1 round bursts) but without the added vertical recoil, and HB + ergo is the optimal moving accuracy combination for any gun in the game.

    For me, those make much more sense.

  5. I actually like this gun a hell of a lot. Sure, there's a lot better (ACWR for instance) but for me it's all about the feel of it, and this hits it for me.

    I run pretty much everything I've got with suppressors (I'm a horrible shot. lol) and I actively try avoid where everyone else on my team is at and try to flank around when I think the other guys are either busy or distracted and, at least for ME, this thing does pretty good.

  6. Hi xarth love your vids and the fct that your honest and dont sugarcoat, keep up the good vids, can you enable comments on the battlefront review? the game has had some nerfs which i feel were necessary and some people i think would discuss that peetty legit a d id like to hear some other peoples opinion, thanks and soŕry for long post but i have no potatoe, sorry 🙁

  7. I'm a BIG hip-fire player myself, so guns like the MTAR with a laser and a ergo grip just make me drool, slow reload and all accounted for. That, and it has a special place in my heart since BF3.

    Hell, I just love any and all bull-pups for that matter, from the SAR-21 to FAMAS and Type-95B to the MTAR.

  8. Thanks for the video. It's good to see a current review. With all the changes in the game it makes the older reviews obsolete.

  9. Agreed…not a real strong weapon, overall. However, I will say, in the hands of someone who's smart with their movement and knows how to get up close & personal, it will smoke some peepees.

  10. SG553 and ACWR are the best carbines M4 is the one that takes skill and patience but once you master it its GOD LIKE

  11. forget about the ace 23 i want to ask you something-why do you like the acw-r carbine? and what things you hate when you useing weapon?

  12. I disagree with this completely. The MTAR gives you the ROF, CQB dominance and hipfire accuracy of PDWs whilst being available to all classes. Reload speed really isn't an off putting issue because there are better guns with slower reloads. Spread increase and horizontal recoil can be accounted for with attachments and first shot recoil is something that experienced players can account for. The MG4 has crazy high FSR but it's still one of the best aggressive LMGs in the game.

    The MTAR is situational, you'd use it in maps like Zavod, Locker and Flood Zone, but not Golmund or Paracel. So yes, despite what you say Darth you should use the MTAR, but in infantry based maps and game modes, and for you to title your Yes/No series as which weapons you quote, " you should be using in Battlefield 4 " is kind of arrogant, because people have different preferences.

  13. Thanks for the video. I had decided to go aggressive recon as special ops. My first choice for weapon was the MTAR-21. I have never really found it an easy gun to use. I still have not used the ACW, so it will be iron sights (yuck). My next choice was the DBV-12 with full choke – that kicks butt big time. So, I think I am going to try the ACW-R and if that is no good for me and my style, it will be the shotgun! Thanks again for a great video.

  14. Mtar is my weapon of choice, 3k kills with 48 hours game time, take on board about the reload and lack of multikill.I found the rpm and accuracy to be a real benefit 1 on 1.

  15. Great review! I used the heavy barrel and Ergo grip before the spring patch the Mtar 21 is a beast with a skilled user. Your second attachment that you recommended is the one I use.

  16. I play on XBOX but I seriously prefer this over most carbines, even over the M4, this may be because I am able to run and hide to reload but still

  17. before they patched this gun, this was the god of all ranges… but still a no… this gun is still a beast of a gun,… btw darth do you still do over the shoulder? haven't checked you out in ages 🙁

  18. I want to add something, on hardcore this weapons is pretty much the best cqc weapon. The fast fire rate and bullpup upgrades make it soo good.

  19. ROFL, no?
    Use it, master it, destroy with it.
    Pretty simple really.
    You seem to say NO to alot of weapons that are actually really good at wrecking.
    MTAR, FAMAS, A-91. I could jump in any server and make top 3 easy with any of those rifles.
    It comes more down to player skill, i can compensate for the weaknesses of these weapons because i took time to master them.

  20. I flank and like to get behind my enemies so I run the mtar with a silencer, potato grip, target detector and a coyote rds. if it's more than five I usually use c4 or just set down a claymore. I have taken out snipers with the mtar by simply switching to single fire and just compensating for bullet drop. after some practice I am now able to take down 3-5 players with out reloading although I only encounter a group like that coming at me. still though NO it's not a gun someone can just pick up if they use slower rate of fire weapons or are unable to keep the weapon straight. I am able to keep it nearly as straight as the AN-94 when full auto, takes practice and muscle memory but is a monster at close to mid range even can counter dmr users once you've gotten used to the weapon.

  21. I've much preferred compensator + stubby grip, and a laser sight on the MTAR.

    The stubby grip counteracts the awful SIPS value that is present on comp + vertical, whereas equipping the heavy barrel absolutely punishes accuracy on 3 round bursts, due to the 2.6x FSM. With the compensator, I've found that mid range is better than the heavy barrel as long as a stubby grip is attached, since the lowered recoil means you can actually keep your aim on target in a three round burst.

    The laser sight, as you mentioned, does give away visibility. But since my mouse has side buttons, I just mapped the laser key to the button where my thumb rests on, so I can immediately turn off or on in the middle of a firefight.

  22. I usually run with coyote sight suppressor vertical grip and laser sight (best gun for me)

  23. I see you on the chat log in games talking shit lol.. this nice voice and then trash talking in game lol

  24. Bra let me tell u Mtar is one the best gun after ace 23 and aek famas is also one of the best gun fuck u

  25. who don't people just run the Carbines on support so you can throw down ammo? I find it that I'm usually the only support class in my squad

  26. Wow if the gun is a yes the barrel of the gun would face the yes side on his thumbnails who noticed that and if no barrel faces no side of his thumbnails

  27. I think you got the Mtar all wrong darth although i do love your videos. The Mtar is my second best gun and Ive found that it is amazing as the engineer in conquest large. Yeah it has some long range deficiencies but nothing that cant be made up for with a SRAW as a launcher or a magnum as a secondary. But for what it is good at, tearing people up close range, it simply cant be beat

  28. hey did mtar get a buff ? in i compared it on acw r it has better recoil on everything and better accuracy on the battlelog description

  29. When I firs started using this gun, I hated it. But, since then, I took a year or more off from Bf4 because of all the crap. Just recently I started playing again. Once again I picked up the MTAR. But only when I am running as Spec Ops. Then I use the stubby grip, silencer and 1X hollow site. This has worked out very well for me. However, before using the MTAR, and having seen so many You Tubers running with ACWR, I thought I would give it a whirl. I hated it. Which is why I decided to try out the MTAR again. Maybe, someday, like the MTAR I will learn to love ACWR.

  30. Made a cup of coffee, sat down, to watch this review, of my favourite weapon of all times..across all the BF games.
    At 20 secs stopped watching. This guy plays the game totally different to me…he must do? Why? Because ive watched a couple other yes/no vids made by him, and i have totally different experience with those weapons lol.
    No hate here, just obviously different skill types and styles.
    Everything else about the vids are top-notch 😉

  31. I feel like this dude just has bad aim and doesn't understand the power of a lot of the weapons he says NO to

    He said NO to the famas.. I use a heavy barrel on that gun

  32. I personally used a muzzle break and angled foregrip until I got used to the recoil then I changed the muzzle break to a heavy barrel and after i got used to that was the hard part, trying to maintain the recoil of the weapon with a stubby and heavy barrel album after you get used to that then you should be overpowered

  33. I use this on rush with surpressor – rush for close ranbge, and surpressor so i can hide more safely when reloading.

  34. this is the gun I have the most kills with. 59 service medals along with the m4 as my close second.

  35. MTAR-21 without a doubt is the closest to a mid range PDW Carbine, and a really good one at that. The suppressor also helps with stability (for me for some reason) and with the folding grip.

  36. MTAR-21 is best girl…MPX is best Man…Deagle .44 is best boy…BULLDOG and 870MCS is best daddy and uncle….BUT…RAILGUN IS BEST WOMAN.

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