Yes or No: MPX Weapon Review – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

Yes or No: MPX Weapon Review – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

Hi YouTube, Darth Here:
Today’s Yes or No is all about the MPX, a new personal defense weapon that features
in the Dragon’s Teeth expansion for Battlefield 4. I’ve been spending some time with this
weapon since the launch of Dragon’s Teeth, and I had been using it in the CTE as well.
Very little has changed from the community test environment. It’s a PDW with some unique
characteristics that struck me, often in the face and repeatedly from other players.
But before I get too far in, should you use this weapon: Yes, or No?
Yes — and here’s the list of the positives that make this gun a good choice:
It does great damage. This weapon isn’t the fastest killer amongst the PDWs, as that honor
remains with the AS VAL, but its damage model of 27 max and 13 min makes it an interesting
contender for reasons I’ll get into later. While not the fastest PDW, at 850 rounds per
minute, the MPX is a faster-firing-than-usual weapon. This RPM means that it’s nicely controllable
and drops quite a bit of ammo on the target. As a PDW, this weapon naturally has great
hipfire. It’s not the best hipfire PDW, but it can be augmented with several attachments
to make it a hipfire machine. The MPX recoil pattern is nearly equal in
all directions. This means that the weapon predictably blossoms each time you fire it.
Combined with the controllable RPM, this makes getting bullets on target pretty frustration-free.
This weapon has wonderful reload times. The MPX has a bullet-in-the-chamber reload time
of 2.1 seconds. This is, again, not the best in class for a PDW, but is on the faster side
for Battlefield 4. The empty reload of 2.7 seconds is not bad either.
So, as you can see, this gun has a lot of “good” stats that aren’t best in class. But
they do add up into a lot of positives that just work well together. And as always, there’s
always some bad to swallow with the good. So here’s the negatives about the MPX:
The gun’s magazine size is pretty mediocre. This weapon fires pretty fast, and that means
you’re going to go through bullets pretty quickly. At only 25 rounds per magazine, the
MPX is tied for second-to-last in the PDWs for ammo count.
The MPX has a higher-than-usual spread-per-shot increase accuracy penalty. What this means
is that the longer you hold down the trigger, the more likely your shot is going to land
outside where you’re aiming. While it’s not the worst in the game, the spread-per-shot
increase of the MPX certainly makes it a weapon with which you don’t want to hold down the
trigger. And lastly, it’s a PDW. Yeah, so the biggest
detraction from the MPX is the fact that it’s limited to the Engineer class. There were
a lot of times when I was playing with this weapon that I was having to drag myself to
health kits, or beg for sensors, tugs, or ammo. Especially in the close range battles
that this weapon excels, you’ll have a lot of infantry action for which Engineers are
not particularly well suited. That’s really it for the negatives. I could
mention that it has a bullet velocity of only 340 meters-per-second, but that’s not strange
for a PDW. As you can see, this weapon has a lopsided amount of positives about it, and
not a whole lot of detractions. And, in looking at this weapon, all those
not-so-great things are really negated by the weapon’s positives or by playing smart.
The fact that the weapon frequently runs out of ammo in a sustained firefight is nicely
covered by the fact that it reloads quickly. The high spread-per-shot increase can also
be negated by attachments and tactics, both of which I will talk about in a moment.
Ultimately, this is a weapon that’s balanced quite nicely in your favor for both close
and medium range fights, and it offers quite a lot of versatility that most PDWs do not. The MPX has one of the most predictable recoil
patterns of the personal defense weapons. It has a recoil pattern that is split almost
identically in every direction. It has a .3 left and a .3 right recoil, and a .36 up.
What this means is that the recoil pattern for this weapon will travel upwards slightly,
and blossom the longer you fire the weapon. Ultimately this will resemble a larger and
larger V the longer you fire the weapon. So let’s look at simply countering the direction
of the recoil. This one’s pretty easy, as you simply pull downwards on your mouse while
firing. That’ll keep your crosshair on target, but you’re going to get a pretty big bloom
on your bullets if you don’t counter the spread-per-shot increase.
Because of the weapon’s higher spread-per-shot increase, you’re going to want to tap or burst
fire this weapon. At close range, I find that letting up every 5-6 shots works best. If
you’re trying to hit a target while aiming down sights, and that target is at range,
you’re going to want to microburst this weapon. Microburst is firing as few rounds per burst
as possible (generally about 1-3) while shooting at your target. Remember that firing in bursts
works best with attachments that compliment this behavior. But I’ll talk all about attachments
later. Just know that if you’re using the MPX at
range, the side-to-side recoil in combination with the spread increase will disable your
ability to hit ranged targets if you fire for too long. Let’s talk tactics for using the MPX. First
I want to talk about a way of offsetting the MPX’s range limitations. The MPX only has
a bullet velocity of 340 meter-per-second, the minimum damage of 13 means you’re putting
8 or 9 bullets on your target at max range, and PDWs typically have the lowest maximum
ranges. As an Engineer, I offset this difficulty by rocket sniping targets that are at range.
I prefer the SRAW or RPG, but you might find yourself preferring the SMAW. It’s all about
what you’re the most comfortable using. But at close and medium range, the MPX excels
quite nicely. At close range, you’re going to always want to hipfire the MPX. As a PDW,
it’s naturally got great hipfire, and the damage model of 27 at ranges closer than 12.5
meters, combined with the high rate of fire means you kill unarmored enemies on normal
in only four bullets. This is important to note, as the CZ-3A1,
SR-2, and AS VAL are the only other PDWs that have faster time to kill at this range. However,
the MPX maximum damage reaches up to 50% further than those weapons. By using some trend data
on the weapon, we find that the MPX is a four shot kill to the chest out to 15 meters, whereas
the others stop at 8 and 12 meters. At medium range, the MPX continues to do pretty
well, but you’re going to need to make use of that high fire rate and microbursting to
down your target. Remember you’re using a PDW, so that lower bullet velocity means you’re
leading your target if they’re moving. That’s pretty typical stuff, though.
But all of this is about firing the weapon, so how did I play with it otherwise?
For the most part, I found myself able to adapt to almost any situation with this weapon.
I think for obvious reasons, I tended to stay away from wide-open stretches of the maps
I was on. The MPX doesn’t perform at long range, so I recommend playing to areas where
its strengths lie. You can play aggressively in close quarters
thanks to its high rate of fire, and at medium range you can stop, ADS, and have some pretty
decent accuracy thanks to microburst. So as long as you’re able to stick to cover, the
MPX performs really well. Even when you’re surprised by enemies. Let’s look at the best attachments for the
MPX. When I first started getting unlocks and attachments for the MPX, most of the early
unlocks favor running this weapon as a purely hipfire machine. You unlock the RDS, ergo
grip, and laser as the first few unlocks in the weapon’s progression. So it’s not surprising
that a lot of players simply stop here and don’t take the weapon any further. When I
was looking up the top loadouts among the leaderboards at BF4 stats, it wasn’t surprising
to see this was the most common setup. But there was also a very high number of players
using the stubby grip with this weapon. But let’s think about this weapon when it’s naked:
the hipfire is already pretty good, it’s upwards recoil is middle-of-the-road, and its long
range performance is pretty meh. So I actually broke with the pack on this weapon on some
key points. For the optic, I went with the Kobra RDS.
Most of the time I’ve been going with the more open Coyote, but the hipfire on this
weapon is good enough that the Kobra just feels better at ranges approaching mid. Since
this is a close-to-mid weapon, and 90% of players were using this in their MPX setup,
it shouldn’t come as any shock that I’m recommending an RDS here. Pick your personal preference,
but I really don’t think there’s another sensible choice on this PDW.
My secondary of choice was the laser. Again, this is a no-brainer for this weapon. It’s
got great hipfire, so augment that with a non-choice. Turn off the laser when you’re
attacking mid-range so you don’t give away your position. There are plenty of weapons
that are still better than the MPX at midrange, so you don’t want a duel.
The barrel was a bit of a contention between players, but I ended up going with the flash
hider. On a weapon that’s good at close range, I usually prefer to run the silencer because
it fits my aggressive style. But the bullet velocity on the MPX drops to 180 meters-per-second
when you silence it, meaning you could almost walk your bullets to your target in the same
amount of time. Plus, you’ve got what is already a pretty good weapon at close range, so if
enemies come looking for you, it’s not really a problem since you can usually draw on them
faster because of the hipfire. Finally, the underbarrel attachment switched
while I was using this weapon. I started off with the ergo grip, and transitioned to the
angled grip. And it really depends on what you want to do with this gun, but the angled
grip gives the MPX that great all-around ability to deal with enemies. You’ve already got good
hipfire modified to great hipfire with a laser, putting on an ergo grip just seems like overkill.
The angled grip, since it decreases that first shot recoil modifier, when combined with microbursting
the MPX, makes it a real threat at medium range. Playing with the MPX like this reminds
me a lot of the AEK-971 with the angled grip. It just feels right, and I was very comfortable
with the transition to this weapon. So there’s definitely two play-styles out
there that you can focus on with this weapon. I’ve decided to make it a better weapon for
all situations with my layout. However, if you want to do nothing but stay CQB and hipfire
this weapon, then maybe the RDS, laser, ergo, supressor combination is the one for you.
But I found this weapon to be much more capable with that angled grip setup. So it really depends on what you want to do
with the weapon, but the MPX is a great close-to-medium range weapon. You should definitely try out
this weapon if you’re interested in using a PDW for the Engineer class. It’s one of
the few PDWs I would ever consider using instead of a carbine, and it has some great positives
in its corner. The MPX suits an aggressive style of play,
as its not the best medium range weapon, and it falls apart at long range. So if you’re
an aggressive engineer, this will probably suit you nicely. If you love hipfire, there
are modifications you can make to this weapon to turn it into one of the best hipfire weapons
in the game. If you find yourself liking the MPX, and think
you can control even faster weapons, you might want to try other PDWs like the CZ3A1, or
even the AS VAL. If you’re not a big fan of the MPX, or the aggressive play-style, you
might want to try a PDW suited for more midrange play like the PP-2000. But a definite Yes
on trying out the MPX, as it’s easily my favorite PDW to date.
That’s it for this episode of Yes or No. If you found this video helpful or insightful,
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you next time.

55 thoughts on “Yes or No: MPX Weapon Review – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

  1. LoL… "SRAW in your mouth…???" I just loved it… 🙂 🙂 🙂

    MPX… Definitely YES… At the moment is my PDW of choice since I've unlock it and I'm loving it… especially on those close combats situations… 

    Best Weapon review I've seen so far… Please, please keep up with all that good work… 🙂 

  2. Yup, you've covered everything.  My only gripe is the 25 round mag and that I find myself switching to the secondary a little more often.  Otherwise, it's a winner.

  3. I think if you'd chosen NO, people would have removed their subscription 😛
    Good vid tho, keep it up 😉

  4. Great video Darth, and for the most part I agree with your analysis (as usual).

    What I found striking is that you seem to have the opposite opinion about the roles of the coyote and kobra that I do. I actually like the coyote more for long-range, and the kobra for closer situations. 

    The coyote's openness is nice up close, but the kobra is also pretty good.  I find the coyote's small reticle obscures less of the small, far-off targets, and the kobra's larger sights are nice for quick acquisition in close-range situations.  Plus, close-quarters fights tend to get pretty spammy with the explosives.  In those situations, it's nice to have the extra visibility of a larger reticle.

  5. Oh my good lord I literally lost it at 4:39 in the chat. Thank you for making my day (which was already made by your video) so much better!

  6. The MPX is a great gun. I found that Angled Foregrip with a Surpressor makes it a silenced death laser. Really the Angled foregrip is a surprising and great attachment. I also found some odd luck using the heavy barrel, so give that a try with the angled foregrip or stubby if you're curious.

    My alternative PDW of choice to the MPX is the MP7. Something about the design of both weapons are cool as hell.

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  11. I hate PDWs! But decided it was long overdue I started closing the PDW assignments. I started out with the MX4, didn't like it, then I switched to the AS VAL, learned to control it, but was only good at very close range because of the recoil. I have just started using the MPX and only have a couple of accessories unlocked. Once you get past the iron site which is a pain as it takes up so much of your view – you actually lose sight of your enemy while shooting, and pray you actually hit them. So the first 10 kills are murder. Now that I at least have the reflex lens, I do not have to use iron sites (the only time you will ever hear me brag up RDS). I find the gun is laser accurate and can take down targets at close to mid range. I tried the CZ 3A1. A friend recommend I try it. Yes. it is laser accurate, but all I got was hit markers and no kills. So much for that gun. Think I am going to stay with the MPX. Thanks for the video!

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