Yes or No – M416 Assault Rifle Weapon Review – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

Yes or No – M416 Assault Rifle Weapon Review – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

Hi YouTube, Darth Here: This is Yes or No, a weapon review series
where I give a clear and concise answer as to what weapons you should be using in Battlefield
4. Today’s weapon is the M416, yet another
H&K weapon for the assault class. It’s one of what I like to call the “three
amigos,” including the ACE 23 and L85A2. These “three amigos” are very accurate
rifles with middling rates of fire that are designed as all-rounders. But how does the M416 fare against those other
choices? Should you be using the M416, yes or no? Yes. A very BIG yes. If you’ve spent any amount of time with
the M416, you’ll understand that it’s not only a great weapon, but it’s a probable
contender for the best weapon in Battlefield 4. I say “probable” because there are benefits
and detractions to this weapon, like any other, and places where it works best. So let’s talk about the great things now. At 750 rounds-per-minute, it lives in the
middle-of-the-road rate of fire that provides a good combination of output and ease of control. It follows the typical 5.56 damage model,
so it’s not the most amazing damage output ever, but it can hang in both short and long
engagements quite readily. Oh my, if you are a whore for reload times
like I am, you’ll be really pleased with the 1.85 second round-in-chamber reload time. The longer empty reload is a little over a
half second longer at 2.4 seconds. In reality, this blazing fast time lets you
finish off a group of enemies, reload, and continue firing. This gives the M416 a lot of power to hang
in CQB situations when other guns might run dry and have prohibitive reloading times. The M416 has the lowest combined recoil of
the “Three Amigos,” at just .32 degrees up, .12 left, and .28 right. It is a bit less predictable than the L85A2,
and the M416’s first shot recoil multiplier can be a bit punitive at a 2.2 times multiplier. Overall, with the gun’s middling time-to-kill,
this translates into superior performance at 15 meters and beyond. Like the ACE 23 and L85A2, the M416 has its
share of good features, most of which help to accentuate the very middle-of-the-road
nature of this weapon. Most of its other attributes are pretty average
for an assault rifle. It’s not the best in CQB, it’s not the
best at long range. But at its sweet spot, it dominates. Before I talk about that more, I’m gonna
talk about what’s not so sweet about the M416. At only 600 meters-per-second, the M416 certainly
isn’t the slowest weapon when it comes to putting bullets down range, but it is in the
back half of the pack for the assault rifles. It’s a detraction that can be overcome easily
enough, you just have to lead your targets slightly more than other assault rifles. You’ll really only notice it from time-to-time
as 600 meters-per-second is still pretty good for a weapon in Battlefield 4. The M416 gets beat routinely by faster-firing
weapons in CQB. With a minimum-time-to-kill of 322 milliseconds,
it’s only about average for an Assault Rifle. There are tons of other rifles, carbines,
PDWs, and shotguns that are going to beat it close up. Again, this detraction can be alleviated somewhat
with careful use of hip-fire versus enemies. At a 2.2 times multiplier, the first shot
recoil multiplier on the M416 is on the higher side. It’s not a huge detraction, but it is something
to be aware of that your gun is going to hop quite a bit on the first shot when compared
to others, and can make short micro bursts more difficult to control. It also lends itself to running with an angled
grip when initially playing with the M416. Keep in mind that you’ll want to graduate
from that setup once you get accustomed to the M416. So that does it for the negatives. All around, the M416 is a really powerful
mid-range weapon that excels across a variety of engagement ranges and can be made to work
in others. It’s not the best at CQB, it’s not the
best at range. Among the “three amigos,” it brings a
reload and aimed advantage in endurance fights. The ACE 23 carries more ammo, is a frame better
at CQB, and excels at landing headshots with the first two bullets, while the L85A2 is
better on the move than either the M416 or ACE 23. Which weapon you prefer really depends on
your playstyle. Taking a look at the numbers, I ran the chance
to hit of the M416 against the ACE 23, L85A2, and the AEK. They’re all pretty even close up, and the
AEK becomes a big loser at range, while the M416 takes over. For the sake of keeping it interesting, I
also ran the three amigos against the SCAR-H. This time, the SCAR-H wins on aimed fire. This is provided you can control upwards recoil
perfectly over the duration of a killshot. How does that translate into damage done? Well the AEK is going to win at 10 meters
or less. The M416 becomes the most efficient killer
in about the 20 to 25 meter range and hangs on for the rest of the universe. However, with the SCAR-H in the mix, the SCAR-H
takes over completely. Translation: the SCAR-H is probably going
to beat the three amigos at body shots by a couple of frames at almost every range. But the upwards recoil of the SCAR-H is far
less forgiving than the M416. So these five guns are probably the best fully
automatic assault rifles in Battlefield 4. What you want, characteristics wise, is going
to determine which you prefer. Myself, I love fast reload times and consistency
combined with ease of use, and the M416 is my favorite among them. Let’s talk about controlling it. The M416’s recoil pattern is pretty mild,
at .32 degrees up, .12 left, and .28 right. It’s first shot recoil multiplier is fairly
hefty at a 2.2 times multiplier for the first bullet that leaves the weapon. This means a recoil pattern that is going
to carry the weapon up and to the right. To counter this recoil, you’ll simply pull
down and to the left. The M416 doesn’t fight very hard after the
first bullet, and the spread isn’t too terrible at .098 degrees per shot. If you try to hose, this will still get out
of control, so as per usual you’re going to need to burst the weapon. As the M416 kills in two bullets to the head,
or five to six body shots, I typically shoot in five to six round bursts. Don’t try to micro-burst, as the M416’s
first shot recoil multiplier will really make this weapon kick quite a bit. The best performance of the M416 is in the
mid-range, and you’ll have slightly more difficult time keeping your shots on target
if your reticule is constantly bouncing around. It’s always a bit interesting to try and
write tactics for a weapon that’s quite good at most every range. Let’s keep two things in mind though: the
M416 is not great at CQB, and it has some disadvantages against moving targets because
of the somewhat lower bullet velocity. Firstly, in CQB you’ll need to make one
of two decisions. You can either stick to your primary or swap
to a secondary. If you’re going to stick to the M416, hipfire
is going to be your best bet. It’s fairly typical for an assault rifle,
having okay hipfire that is best suited for ranges of closer than 10-to-15 meters. If your enemy is further than that, and ideally
they will be, you’ll want to keep your sights trained on them and your feet firmly planted
in the ground. Strafing will really hurt your aimed fire. Secondly, If you’re not about sticking to
your primary or you’re out of ammo, that’s when you’re going to need to pick up a solid
secondary. This will ideally be a secondary best suited
for close quarters like the shorty or the G18. As for bullet velocity, you’re just going
to have to play with the weapon and get a feel for its performance at range. Hitting targets beyond 50-to-60 meters can
be tricky if they’re on the move. Ideally you’re planting your feet for the
best spread performance, and leading your target by a reasonable amount. It’ll take some getting used to. Once you get really accustomed to the performance
of the M416, you’ll be cutting through swaths of enemies at pretty much every range. One problem I still struggle with though,
is pulling away from enemies too soon before they die. You may wish to set up your HUD to give yourself
clear indicators when an enemy has died so you don’t end up killed by an enemy you
thought was already dead. As always, I like to cross-reference the top
users of a weapon on’s leaderboards with their respective battle-logs. This time I found that with the M416, players
tended to prefer a near universal setup. Since it’s my own setup for this weapon,
I’ll just jump into what I ran with as well. For the optic on the M416, I went with the
Coyote. I think this is a pretty typical choice for
me, and just about every other player. It’s wide and open, and although you can
sometimes lose your dot in close quarters chaos, it seems to get the job done better
than the RDS or the Kobra at those ranges. I wouldn’t recommend going much higher in
optic magnification, as the first shot recoil multiplier of the M416 makes aimed fire through
very high magnification very difficult. Now for my attachment, I bet this will shock
you, but I ran with the laser sight. This feels like a necessity on the M416, particularly
because it has a disadvantage in close quarters. Proper laser management, as always is going
to be required. There’s no reason to keep it on when you’re
blasting at mid-range, but you’re definitely going to want it on when you’re running
and gunning in close quarters. The barrel is going to be a pretty standard
pick across the medium rate of fire weapons, and in this case I went with the heavy barrel. It’s hard to resist that increased accuracy
on a weapon that is all about midrange accuracy. The bonus to aimed fired and on-the-move fire
is also certainly quite nice. For my grip, I evolved a bit on this one. I had initially started and played with the
angled grip on the M416 for years, and only recently switched to the stubby grip. I’d recommend playing with whichever you
feel the most comfortable, but you should eventually switch to the stubby. The combination of stubby grip – heavy barrel
is a hard one to beat for these medium rate of fire weapons, and once you get accustomed
to the upwards recoil, works amazingly well on the M416. Now, you can make the M416 work with a lot
of options, suppressors come to mind, and I’m sure I’ve even thrown a vertical grip
on here before. But where the weapon really shines is in that
tuned mid-range as an accurate rifle with plenty of ammo in the magazine to down whole
squads. The M416 is definitely my favorite weapon
in Battlefield 4. It was a yes even before I did all the research
to put this video together. But the M416 definitely has close competition
with the SCAR-H for my top pick in Battlefield 4. I highly encourage you to consider using the
M416 if you’re like me, where you have a preference for taking body shots and love
fast reloads. If you’re some kind of contrarian, you could
use the L85A2 for slightly better on-the-move and CQB performance. It’s bullpup design makes it better at moving
and shooting, but beware of the long reload times. If you are the kind of person that needs something
that will give better headshot performance, the ACE 23 certainly lands its first two bullets
more reliably. And in general, the ACE 23 has better CQB
performance than the M416 in addition to a huge ammo capacity. That’s it for this episode of Yes or No. If there’s something you think I missed,
or if you have a particularly different take on the M416, please let me know in the comments
below. If there’s a weapon you’d like to see
reviewed on this series, leave a comment indicating which weapon. And since people always ask, yes, I will be
continuing this series in Battlefield 1. As always, thanks for watching, and I’ll
see you next time, YouTube.

100 thoughts on “Yes or No – M416 Assault Rifle Weapon Review – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

  1. I was going to request the AR160 but then I looked it up and realized you did it as your first Yes or No over two years ago. Maybe do it as a legacy or to come full circle before you move on to BF1 😀

  2. I used it, and it kind of felt like I was shooting marshmallows at the enemy… maybe it was that or i just chose a horrible optic ?. Anyways, what is the gun that comes before or after the SG43 or whatever it's name is? The AEK I think? I've recently used it and think that it's a solid gun, I just don't know how I should play, and what attachments I should use

  3. Thanks very much Darth. As a support player with an embarrassingly high number of hours in the game I've just, recently, "discovered" the assault class. Keep it up sir!

  4. I like it but… I'm more towards L85A2 due to it's 1.7X 1st shot recoil. It's important for me cause I like using ACOG on low to medium RPM AR/carbines. And M416's got some kick of it's own. It still worked OK but L85A2 was better with the ACOG

  5. Wasn't the comment about the ACE23 (bout landing the first 2 bullets) for the L85? Pretty sure the ACE23 has worse initial recoil than the 416.

    Anyway, on the point with this one. The 416 is definetely the weapon to use when in prolonged firefights (though this is a bit niche, the fast reloadtime is always great) trading in headshot capability. Perhaps a comp+stubby if you wanna get rid of headglitchers a tad easier, but otherwise I'd say go Angled + Hbar, otherwise you'll really start to feel the recoil at range (when running with stubby), and shooting people in the head is gonna be overly tedious, and generally you'll hit less.

    Have a good one.

  6. i run the m416 with a jmg 3.4 zoom sight, compensator, angled grip and the tri beam laser…. it may sound odd but realy, give it a try! i usualy go about 30 to 40 kills in a rush game and im not even a good player xD

  7. Since the introduction of the M416 in BC2 this weapon has been my GO-TO weapon in any BF game. It is one of the most well rounded up weapons and for me the best looking gun in the game. Shooting that thing is just so much fun and it never lets you down (looking at you M16A4!).

  8. If you want to use the most reliable out of it, you ise Comp/Stubby, once you master its reacoil, you can get the Best out of it with the Heavy Barrel/Stubby Grip

  9. Maybe you could do a review/comparison vid for the other Three Amigos: CZ 805, AR160, and AUG A3. Since they start to forte into longer range, i 2shot tested them with hbar/angle and they all have a very tight spread.

    Or the SAR 21, U100, AN94…

  10. Just an FYI, Scar-H has better reload speed and vertical recoil is easy to control as it's low first shot multi is not as high as M416s. That being said, M416 is a beast!

  11. Yes Or No for PDW-R next? (Or at least one of the lesser used weapons in BF4.) I genuinely love your format for weapon reviews, but I'm feeling like it's sort of a waste/bust when you do a Yes/No on a gun that is already universally considered a Yes by the community. Your detailed yet concise format could be better used to help highlight other choices and even why they aren't as frequently fielded as the more popular options. (Especially considering the Assault Rifle category when weighed against the Three Amigos.)

  12. M416 is a decent weapon, its hard to go wrong with this gun, its either you are out-gunned by shotguns or AEK at close, or you try to use M416 against good recon players. M416 is constantly being the top tier gun in recent BF games, BFBC2, BF3, BF4 and even Hardline.

  13. I have a hard time with the recoil using a consol controller. Remembering to pull down, while bursting in 6 shots, while trying to pull left or right to stay on target is a lot for decent gun to do well….

  14. he says the scar outdamages the three at almost every range, then at what ranges do either of the three out damage the scar??

  15. I like the way you give example situations in your video, like trying to hit a moving enemy and failing while talking about it's mediocre velocity. Also your weapon choices seem to be pretty similar to mine ?

  16. … I like your voice.
    BTW when was actually the last patch of the game released and when did you made your first yes or no video?
    I would like to know, whether every yes or no video is up to date.

    My M416 Loadout (if it helps anybody):

    – RDS (because it fits better to a magnifier than other sights imo)
    – Magnifier
    – Muzzle Brake
    – Angled Grip
    Crimson Woodland camo

    Actually i would use an ACOG because I think the M416 is a good ranged AR and the laser sight is for CQC of course. I mean, it is not really easy to aim with a 4X-Scope on an enemy, that is about 5 metres away from you.
    But that is more practical on for example Conquest (Large) and Chain Link. I'm mainly playing TDM (rarely Domination too), that's why I prefer using an adjustable sight to kill (more or less) ranged enemies and still manage to win in CQC.

  17. I use 3.4x with heavy barrel & angled grip and i feel work great than 1x so I don't agree with you with that but 4x makes it difficult to aim and control.

  18. The "three amigos" seem to kill me the most but I never want to use them. Just seem too easy. I'd rather use guns like the AS VAL and Famas. Shred in CQC and provides a challenge at long range

  19. if I could have any ar15 in the world it would probably be this hk416 something about it. also they are pretty much impossible to get since he doesn't really source to civilians

  20. DARTH! about the ace 23
    you: "First two rounds have the highest likelihood of striking the target out to 35 meters"
    you again: "The hit rater tests I've seen show that the ACE 23 lands the first two more reliably than even the L85A2."

    do you mean first 2 shots hitting the head, body , or head and/or body and with any attachments on the three? is the scar included?
    and…….from what starting point (meters)? 0?
    thank you so much!!!!!! this and the 20 rpm difference might explain why most pros use the ace over m416 while big youtubers (levelcap, marbleduck, darthveda etc.) say the m416 is superior and prefer it. please explain.

  21. You mention not to microburst often with the HK416? Would that apply to the SCAR-H as well considering its first shot recoil being a bit high if not higher than the HK416's? I know people have mentioned that you can microburst with the weapon but it doesn't seem to work out for me. I play on console so it is a bit tricky at least for me.

  22. This video is so expiring every time I see this video it expires me to play bf4 and my favorite gun is the m416 but I don't watch this all the time like when I don't want to play bf4 but for some reason a do I watch this video and it expires me to play bf4 because I want to see if I can do that good

  23. You don't put heavy barrel on guns that are already accurate and have relatively high first shot recoil. Also you don't put stubby on guns that have low spread. M416 is best without these attachments.

  24. i get 40 ping but as soon as i load up bf4 it goes to 500? can anyone tell me why my ping is so bad only on bf4?

  25. What Happened to the m416 it has a lot of recoil now btw I use a coyote sight with a stubby grip pls help me edit: and a muzzle brake

  26. idk if anyone will read this but idk where else to post. most bf4 vids are old as fuck. anyways, does anyone else feel like the m416 is weak as heck now? i’m a mediocre player at best, but it seems like i get six to seven hit markers from any range before i kill an enemy, it just seems like a marshmellow cannon. i was jw if i was the only one that felt this way.

  27. This is my favourite weapon, but I don’t know why are there so many people crying about the relative high first shot recoil. There is no perfect weapon in this game but this one is soooo easy to control, that you’re a freaking noob if you cant handle this one and you should stop playing shooters then. Angled grip, and that’s all. It’s so accurate , that I don’t use any barrel attachements, because why should I? The recoil is very easy to control and the accuracy is high. I don’t need the heavy barrell for more accuracy but worse control, and I also dont need any compensators for lower accuracy

  28. My favorite weapon for the Assault class is the HK416 because it fires alot faster and it is better in close quarter combat than the M16A4 and L85A2.

  29. Did they like, nerf this gun again? I love the M416, but fuck it feels like i’m shooting pellets at people. And I can’t get the bullets to hit people and medium range, despite my reticle being directly on there chest.

  30. HK M4 : *born

    colt manufacture : No no no… don't use M4 name. it's ours. use another name!

    HK416 : *had it's fan increased

    colt manufacture : hey how about M416? you belongs to our kind now

    HK416 : -_-

  31. I find this weapon to feel underwhelming. It is outclassed by most in CQ, outclassed long distance and really only shines in mid engagements where I’d prefer something else anyways and hate the extra lead needed. Don’t get me wrong, overall it’s a great weapon, but on console, I am always being outgunned. I also find using the PK-A helps with the lead and cashing in on the accuracy even in CQ, but that’s just me and my preference.

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