Yes or No – AS Val Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) Review – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

Yes or No – AS Val Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) Review – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

Hi YouTube, Darth Here: This is Yes or No, a weapon review series
where I give a clear and concise answer as to what weapons you should be using in Battlefield
4. Today’s requested weapon is the AS Val, an engineer-only PDW. In general, I find that
the PDWs are pretty unappreciated, but I got quite a few requests for this one. I struggled quite a bit with today’s decision,
and I’ll talk more about that afterwards. But should you be using the AS Val, Yes or
No? Yes. I like the AS Val. But at the same time, it
is very questionable just how much the AS Val brings to the fight. It occupies the same
combat range as shotguns, and becomes inferior to other automatics beyond 12 meters. It also
has some especially egregious detractions. But first, let’s look at what the AS Val
does well. Make no mistake, the AS Val shreds enemies.
At 203 milliseconds, it has the fastest time to kill thanks to its very unique damage model.
It kills enemies in four bullets or less, and the damage per round is 27 on the high
end and 15.4 on the low end. There is no automatic in the game that can kill faster than the
AS Val. The reason that damage output is so fierce,
is because the AS Val has an output of 900 rounds-per-minute, making it one of the fastest
firing weapons in the game. Did I mention that this weapon shreds enemies? If the bullets
traveled faster, there would be nearly zero reaction time for any enemy once this weapon
is drawn on them. There is practically zero time already.
With a short reload time of just 1.9 seconds, the AS Val also has the power to sustain the
firefight. However, the long reload time is a bit less forgiving at 2.8 seconds. Having
the discipline to not run the Val out of ammo is one of the key skills that has to be learned
to get the most effective use out of the weapon. The game’s not very good at conveying this
benefit, but the AS Val has a somewhat unique barrel that operates as both a suppressor
and a heavy barrel. So you get both the benefit (and detractions) that a heavy barrel and
suppressor provide. Staying off the minimap, and slightly more accurate fire. Overall, the major benefits of the AS Val
are the lightning fast time to kill and blazing fast reload speed. Combined with the ability
to do that silently. However, the AS Val does have a fair number of detractions that I’ll
go over now. The downside of the unique, silenced barrel
is that it also slows all the fire from the AS Val to a crawl. At 300 meters-per-second,
it’s actually the best among silenced PDWs. This alone would pretty well restrict the
gun to close-quarters engagements only. However, that’s not all, as the AS Val also
has a relatively high dropoff. The weapon starts dropping off at 5 meters, and by 12
meters it’s outclassed. At that range, there are 4 carbines that kill faster and 3 PDWs
that also kill faster. Most notably the ACW-R and P90. So you really have to evaluate where
you expect your engagements to occur before picking up the AS Val.
The AS Val is not an easy weapon to control. There’s a ton of upwards recoil, uneven
left-right recoil, and a huge first-shot multiplier at 2.55 times. At 900 rounds-per-minute, that
recoil gets away from you pretty quickly, so unless you’re accustomed to the AS Val
or other high recoil, high rpm weapons, you might want to steer clear or prepare for a
bumpy ride. One of the other detriments of the fast rpm
is that the AS Val has a very small magazine capacity. Which it runs out exceedingly quickly.
With only twenty rounds per magazine, plus one in the chamber, the weapon can fire at
most 21 bullets before incurring the long reload. Very disciplined players can probably
work around this detriment, but more than not, you’ll probably find yourself reloading
very frequently with the AS Val. Something that’s difficult to get away from
is the AS Val’s highest-in-class spread-increase-per-shot. At .117 degrees per round, the AS Val balloons
very quickly at 900 rounds per minute. There aren’t a lot of rounds in the Val, so the
effects don’t last long, but in combination with the recoil, it makes the Val’s rounds
exceptionally difficult to land at long distance. That’s it for the detractions of the AS
Val. You might notice that there are an exceptional number of things that aren’t good about
this weapon. Honestly, if the Val didn’t have literally the best time-to-kill among
automatics, it would be an easy weapon to dismiss. It performs poorly at range, there
isn’t a lot of sticking power in drawn-out firefights, and the skill requirements of
the weapon are pretty high. There’s one more aspect I didn’t mention
directly. Shotguns completely outclass the AS Val at its best range. The time-to-kill
of buckshot is essentially just the flight time of the buckshot. And shotguns with the
full choke are first-shot lethal out to twenty meters and sometimes beyond. So why wouldn’t
you want to use the shotguns over the AS Val? Two reasons: staying off the minimap, and
sometimes servers have no shotguns allowed. Keep in mind that commanders spamming UAVs
make staying off the minimap useless. As does playing in hardcore. But other than that, the AS Val is a competent
shredder that, controlled well, can deliver a ton of damage in a miniscule amount of time. The AS Val, thanks to its high RPM and high
first-shot recoil multiplier is one of the more difficult weapons to control in Battlefield
4. However, it’s not totally unpredictable. With its upwards recoil of .33, left recoil
of .3, and right recoil of .4, the firing pattern of the AS Val is going to take its
trajectory roughly up and to the right. Also, the longer you fire, the more this weapon
is going to balloon thanks to the high spread increase. So first, we have to get that recoil under
control. To do that on PC, you’ll want to pull your mouse down and to the right. This
will get the general direction of your bullets where you want them, but that spread increase
is still going to cause a pretty significant balloon. Next, like just about every weapon, you’ll
want to burst the AS Val. Before last year’s major rebalance, I was a pretty big fan of
micro-bursting weapons, or firing one to three rounds at a time. However, with the AS Val
you’ll find that because of the high first-shot recoil multiplier, that tends to make the
gun fire pretty messy. Instead, let loose a few more rounds and concentrate on keeping
the aim where it needs to be. You’ll definitely want to practice the burst
with this weapon, as it’s key to getting shots in at medium ranges and keeping your
magazine ammo in check. Tactics are pretty simple for the AS Val.
It’s really only going to be effective at close ranges of less than 12 meters. But don’t
let that scare you; it’s definitely serviceable out to 35 meters. That means that you’re going to have to
get close to your enemies to get the most out of the AS Val. It’s perfect for small
CQB game modes like TDM and Domination, or CQB conquest maps like Pearl Market. If you’re
using the AS Val in wide-open areas, you’re probably using the wrong weapon. But even
then, you can mix it up a bit if the map has a varied set of areas where some are CQB and
others are not. I like to carry with me a fast rocket launcher
like the SMAW for those cases. I can use the Val when I’m up close, and the SMAW when
targets are outside my effective envelope. If there’s a lot of armor on a map, I find
that the RPG might be a better choice. In any case, the AS Val does best in CQB.
So how do you get there? I find taking less-traveled routes, avoiding the enemy, and then springing
up as close to them as possible to be the best way to put up big numbers. Now, on normal,
those enemies you killed are going to come looking for you, so if you have the Final
Stand expansion, the DS-3 decoy is a nice way to make them think that they’ve found
you, and then take their life from them. If you find yourself with no rockets, and
no other long-range capability, tap-firing the AS Val is going to be the best way to
make the AS Val work at range. You can certainly try to kill a target with single-fire mode
at long range, but because each slow-traveling bullet does only 15.4 damage beyond 44 meters,
you’re probably not going to be killing much with your slow marshmallow bullets. The AS Val as I mentioned before has a somewhat
unique setup where the barrel is already decided for you. The suppressor acts as both a suppressor
and and heavy barrel. But with my usual due diligence, I checked out what the community
was using on the AS Val. I found choices to be somewhat random on a few characteristics.
It probably comes down to what you want to do with the weapon, or what features you want
to accentuate. So what did I end up preferring? For my optic, I went with the Kobra sight.
I mean come on, this is a Russian weapon, show some respect. My choice just happens
to be my preference from Battlefield 3, where the AS Val was also featured. But in reality,
you can pretty much slap on any CQB-style sight with the AS Val. The Coyote would do
perfectly well as its a wide-open sight, but I think the Reflex RDS might be a bit too
restrictive. On the accessory slot, surprise surprise,
I slapped on the laser sight. CQB weapon plus accessory that makes hipfire better seems
like a no-brainer. I’ve seen a couple of people rocking tac-lights on the AS Val, but
in reality that just doesn’t provide very much blinding power or tangible benefit. Though
because the AS Val is such a fast killer, the temporary pause in a player’s brain
might just be enough to surprise them. Finally, for the underbarrel, I tried a couple
of combinations. Ultimately, I settled on the Folding Grip. If you prefer, you can also
use the angled grip as they both have the function of reducing the first-shot-multiplier.
This doesn’t come into play so much at close range as it does in the mid-field. Despite
the AS Val being a fast-shooter, I found that the stubby grip just didn’t cut it for when
I needed a slightly more versatile weapon. The folding grip provided an immediately noticeable
benefit, and gave me much more capability to hit shots in the 20-to-40 meter range.
Anything further and I brought out the rocket launcher. The AS Val lives in a strange place where
it has a lot of detractions, but is also an extremely potent weapon in very specific circumstances.
I suspect this weapon draws quite a cult following because of that. For me personally, I think
I might skip on the AS Val for a shotgun if I don’t mind being on the minimap. If the
minimap becomes an issue, then very much a Yes on the AS Val, as its characteristics
make it an interesting little shredder. If a bit niche. If you like the AS Val, you should definitely
try out some other PDWs, as they generally have great advantages in the under-35 meter
game. I happen to rather like the P90, which can really make up for sloppy shots and lots
of enemies with its 50-round magazine. Or, if you prefer something a bit faster, you
can go with the CZ-3A1, which is the second best PDW time-to-kill, and is slightly better
at range than the AS Val. That’s it for this episode of Yes or No.
If there’s something you think I missed, or if you have a particularly different take
on the AS Val, please let me know in the comments below. If there’s a weapon you’d like
to see reviewed on this series, leave a comment indicating which weapon. As always, thanks
for watching, and I’ll see you next time, YouTube.

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  1. Just FYI Darth, in the Controlling Recoil section of this AS-VAL video you said to pull the mouse right after displaying it's greater right ward recoil.

  2. Thanks, great videos. My buddy got me back into BF4, I need this science primer to help me get going again. Got rid of my Defensive Field Upgrade and showing my PKP some love thanks to your videos. Russian Hardware, Best Hardware 😉 Thanks, OGUncleBoom

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