Yes or No – AK 5C Carbine Weapon Review – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

Yes or No – AK 5C Carbine Weapon Review – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

Hi YouTube, Darth Here: This is Yes or No, a weapon review series
where I give a clear and concise answer as to what weapons you should be using in Battlefield. Today I’m returning to Battlefield 4 to
answer some of the requests I had piled up about two years ago and continue the list. At the top of the list was the AK 5C carbine,
which is one of my most used weapons in Battlefield 4. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? So let’s ask: should you be using the AK
5C, Yes or No? Uh… maybe? Ah, I’m going to have to throw a big question
mark on this one. It’s not as cut and dry as I thought coming
into this. So I’m going to talk my way through this
video and come to a conclusion towards the end. The AK 5C is probably my favorite go-to particularly
when I’m playing Engineer. Or, when I need something reliable that isn’t
a close quarters blaster. Let’s talk about what this weapon excels
at first. With a .2 left/right deviation, the weapon
is perfectly balanced — as all things should be. At least from the standpoint of deviation. It makes the weapon very predictable and easy
to control — you just have to pull down against the recoil. It also has middle-of-the-road upwards recoil
at .32 degrees per shot, and its spread per shot is a pretty decent 0.091 degrees. Overall, these stats make it extremely easy
to control, even on a console controller. The first shot recoil multiplier on the AK
5C is just 1.65. This is the lowest among the carbines, and
with the exception of the LMGs, one of the lowest in Battlefield 4 — period. This is just another contributing factor to
the high degree of accuracy this weapon has. Clocking in at a blazing fast 1.95 seconds
to reload (with a round in the magazine), the AK 5C is one of the fastest reloading
automatics in the game. In the carbines, it’s only beaten by the
ACW-R and M4 in reload speed. It’s empty reload is not much worse at 2.4
seconds, again one of the best times in the game for an empty. At 620 meters-per-second, the bullet velocity
of the AK 5C is best-in-class. It even rivals some of the assault weapons
in this respect. Combined with the exceptional accuracy, it
means where you shoot with this weapon is pretty much exactly where your bullets are
going to land. So yeah, you shoot this thing downrange and
it’s pretty much guaranteed hits — at least for the first three or so bullets. This might be especially useful if you consider
yourself a headshot pro. But there are some detractors to the AK 5C
that weigh it down. The AK 5C has one of the worst times-to-kill
among the carbines — and it’s quite bad compared to most automatics. At a minimum time to kill of 345 milliseconds,
it pays for its accuracy by being a very slow killer. You’ll find yourself losing every heads-up
if you didn’t get the initiative. If you can get that first bullet in — you’re
probably going to win through sheer volume of accurate fire. Which probably explains why so many top AK
5C players feel the need to use the silencer on this weapon. At 700 rounds-per-minute, the AK 5C is on
the slower end of the carbine fire rates. It sits in this weird spot where it’s a
little fast to be as controllable as the G36C or Type-95B-1. But it’s also not as fast as the M4 or ACE
21 — which both kill much faster with about the same level of accuracy. It also makes pairing an attachment to the
AK 5C oddly open ended — so you’re not going to get much help there either. This gun isn’t overloaded with detractions,
it just doesn’t really stand out in its class as a must have. Let’s compare this to some of its counterparts,
and one of the more accurate assault rifles, the SAR21. Taking a look at some stat breakouts we can
see that the SAR21 is a far more attractive option for long-range shots as an assault. But even the two competing carbines in the
ACE 21 and M4 are slightly better options up to the 30 meter mark. The M4 remains competitive out to all ranges
and has generally better performance even in short distances. I had to look at these charts several times
and verified my numbers to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. But the AK 5C does lose the long game to the
M4, and the short game to both the M4 and ACE 21. If you need an all-rounder weapon with good
range that isn’t a burst weapon, maybe the AK 5C is your go-to. However, since most engagements in Battlefield
are going to occur at less than 35 meters, you’re probably going to have a lot of other
better choices. But let’s talk about what it’s like to
control the AK 5C… something that it excels at. The AK 5C is probably one of the most gentle
weapons in the game. Its naked recoil is .32 degrees up, .2 left,
and .2 right. With a first shot recoil multiplier of just
1.65, it’s going to be a light kick on the first shot and a slight upwards trend. Controlling the recoil is going to be as easy
as pulling down on your mouse or stick. This is about as exciting as all the weapons
in Battlefield 1 were at launch and it makes this weapon really easy to control, even for
a novice. As long as you’re not moving side-to-side
too much, your bullets are pretty much going to go exactly where you’re shooting. As for bursting this weapon, keep in mind
it’s a minimum of five shots to kill a target even at close range. So you might find that to be your ideal burst
pattern. The spread increase per shot is just 0.091
degrees, so it’s not going to bloom too much even in a full burst. If you’re going for headshots specifically,
you might want to attempt three-round bursts instead. That volley of headshots will remain lethal
out to 48 meters. When it comes to tactics… let’s face it:
the AK 5C is not a good CQB weapon at all. You can win engagements in CQB, but only if
you get the drop on your opponent and have great aim. Which is generally true of any weapon. It’s a decent go-to weapon if you’re on
a humongous map and find yourself needing to engage against things at long range and
mid-range. Otherwise this thing is going to be a slight
disappointment. If you find yourself in CQB, I suppose you
can try going for headshots and make use of the good accuracy that this weapon has. I find that carefully aimed shots generally
requires not being surprised, so a TUGS would definitely help out in that department. You’ll also want to take advantage of the
hipfire bonuses of carbines and try to hipfire in surprise engagements… unfortunately that
means giving up on accuracy for time which is not always an easy call to make. Your best bet with the AK 5C is to reserve
it only for large conquest maps like Giants of Karelia, Caspian Border, and Whiteout. Maps with lots of long and open lines of sight
that don’t favor short ranged weapons. Particularly maps without easy cover for enemies
to get into — as the bullets to kill jumps up to 7 at long range on the AK 5C and you’re
not likely to get those kills given the inaccuracy and time requirements of long bursts. As for attachments, the AK 5C lives in a weird
attachment space. There’s really no “best” attachment
for the AK 5C as it’s very controllable, its base accuracy stats don’t receive huge
benefits from any one attachment, and even the top players are all over the place on
this one. The top contenders from Battlelog preferred
either the silencer or the heavy barrel, and most gravitate around the potato grip or angled
grip. So what’s my favorite loadout? For my optic, I usually run with either the
Kobra sight or the HD-33. You can leave this one up to personal preference
with this weapon, but I think the HD-33 is going to give you a better idea of the effective
ranges of the AK 5C. There’s not a lot to work with in terms
of CQB styling on this gun, and you’ll get a slightly better visual of the target in
its ideal range with the HD-33. For my accessory, I switched between running
the target designator and the laser sight. Again, this can come down to some personal
preference but I find the designator especially useful on large maps for finding targets at
range. If you absolutely need to gain some additional
CQB blasting power, the laser sight is a good backup. For the barrel, I prefer the heavy barrel
just slightly more than the compensator. The heavy barrel will help reduce that spread-per-shot
to dial in the accuracy of this weapon even more. I find that in concert with my grip choice,
that it’s an excellent way to make the AK 5C one of the most reliable weapons in the
game. Finally, for the grip, I chose the angled
grip. Now, usually I might not throw the angled
on a weapon that already has such a great first shot recoil multiplier. But I feel like something magical happens
when I pair this with the heavy barrel on the AK 5C. Maybe it just makes that second headshot that
much easier to pull off — I can’t quite put my finger on it. But the heavy barrel/angled combination is
pretty much what I ended up running with for 90% of my three dozen service stars with the
AK 5C. The AK 5C is pretty adaptive, so feel free
to throw on whatever you like. If you find something that feels more effective
than what I’ve listed here — by all means play with that. While recording footage for this video, I
even found that stubby/compensator is surprisingly effective for a weapon with little side-to-side
recoil and low rounds-per-minute. So this might just be the most adaptive weapon
in the game. I’ve talked about the good, I’ve talked
about the bad. The AK 5C is one of the most reliable weapons
in the game, but it’s also going to be outclassed by its counterparts. But for the purpose of this video we’re
going to need a verdict here. Should you be using the AK 5C, Yes or No? This pains me to do this, but I’m going
to call this a No. Even I can’t believe it. I have played tens of hours with this weapon. I feel like it’s a super solid go-to, and
I’m not wrong to as it’s one of the more accurate automatics in the game. But I think it’s a good starting weapon,
and once you learn how to control recoil it should be abandoned for weapons with much
better time-to-kill. Because unfortunately in a game this mature
in its lifecycle, you’re going to be finding yourself losing to a lot of faster killing
weapons. If you want a carbine that is reliable at
range and good in the short game, I highly recommend the M4. It reloads fast, has good hipfire, and the
3-round burst naturally lends itself to headshot kills. It takes some adjustment as it is a burst
weapon and can fail you in surprising ways. Check out my Yes or No video on that weapon
for more pointers on the M4. If the M4 is too spooky for you, you can definitely
go with the ACE 21 CQB. With 36 rounds to play with, you can load
the ACE 21 on CTE Sunday and fire it all week. It brings plenty of accuracy and decent enough
CQB performance to hang in there with most weapons. That’s it for this episode of Yes or No. If there’s something you think I missed,
or if you have a particularly different take on the AK 5C, please let me know in the comments
below. Turns out I might be doing a few more of these
before Battlefield V lands, so if you have a weapon you want me to review for Battlefield
4 or maybe even Battlefield 1, let me know below. If you like what you saw, be sure to force
choke that like button and consider sticking around with a subscribe. And as always, thanks for watching, and I’ll
see you next time YouTube.

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