Yes or No – AEK-971 Assault Rifle Weapon Review – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

Yes or No – AEK-971 Assault Rifle Weapon Review – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

Hi YouTube, Darth Here: This is Yes or No, a weapon review series
where I give a clear and concise answer as to what weapons you should be using in Battlefield
4. With Battlefield 1’s imminent release, today
we’re rounding out the series for Battlefield 4 with the AEK-971. A carryover from earlier games in the series,
the AEK-971 is the most popular CQB weapon in the game. But does its popularity carry over to actual
utility, and should you be using the AEK-971, Yes or No? Yes. The AEK-971 is one of the top five assault
rifles, including the three amigos I discussed earlier on this series, and the SCAR-H. It’s
a weapon that while sometimes hard to control, I can’t fault as when it fails I feel like
I’m to blame and not the actual weapon. Which is not something I can say of a lot
of guns on this series. But let me highlight why the AEK-971 is particularly
good. * Damage Output – The damage output of the
AEK-971 isn’t the highest in the game, but it is substantial enough to down whole squads
in a single magazine, in the blink of an eye. With a minimum time-to-kill of just 269 milliseconds,
it’s the third-fastest killing assault rifle. Only the FAMAS and Bulldog are faster up-front,
and their differences amount to generally less than a single frame of the game. * Rate of Fire – With a rate of fire of 900
rounds-per-minute, the AEK-971 is substantially easier to control than the FAMAS, but not
quite as steady as the Bulldog. That being said, this rate does become a major
asset when matched with its assault rifle damage model in CQB. Especially when you have players making radical
maneuvers in close quarters. * Magazine Size – You’re going to hear a
lot of comparisons to the FAMAS and Bulldog in this video, and it’s because the AEK
brings a lot to the table that those two guns do not. The magazine size, in particular, is somewhat
noteworthy on the AEK in comparison to those two weapons. At 30 rounds per magazine, and 1 in the chamber,
it has 5 and 10 rounds more than the FAMAS and AEK, respectively. This is a pretty distinct advantage over those
two weapons in keeping the AEK relevant in long firefights. Compared to your average assault rifle, though,
it’s pretty typical. * Reload Time – Speaking of average, the 2.3
second short reload time is nothing special. However, compared to the FAMAS and Bulldog,
it is substantially shorter. The FAMAS is 2.8 seconds in its short reload
and the Bulldog is also a fairly meaty 2.5 seconds. Even the long reload on the AEK of 3.6 seconds
is more forgiving than the FAMAS, though it is longer than the long reload of the Bulldog. Just be sure not to mag dump too frequently
and it shouldn’t bite you too hard. So why do I like the AEK-971 so much compared
to the FAMAS and the Bulldog? Well those two weapons have the AEK beat in
pure firepower, but reliability and endurance are definitely in the AEK-971’s corner. It’s not as much of a struggle to master
as the FAMAS, and it has more lasting power in CQB than the Bulldog. But let’s talk about the things that are
not so great on the AEK. * Bullet Velocity – At just 580 meters-per-second,
the AEK has one of the worst bullet velocities in the Assault Rifles of Battlefield 4. This is a definite limitation you’ll notice
when attempting to engage moving targets at medium and long range. Once you get accustomed to the weapon’s
drawback, it’s easy enough to compensate for. Additionally, you should be primarily using
the AEK-971 on CQB maps where it is more relevant, and this problem is less apparent. * First Shot Recoil Multiplier – With a first
shot recoil multiplier of 2.55 times, the AEK-971 is tied for the highest recoil multiplier
in the game. Among the assault rifles, it’s even worse
than the FAMAS and this weapon kicks like crazy on the first shot. Combined with its high upwards recoil, this
could make the weapon very unattractive for players concerned with high upwards recoil
— particularly players using controllers. * Combined Recoil – The first shot recoil
multiplier is only part of the problem, as the AEK-971 has one of the highest combined
recoils in the game. At .42 degrees up, .25 degrees left, and .45
degrees right, that combined and multiplier recoil of the AEK-971 is the third worst in
the game. Behind what you might ask? The FAMAS and Bulldog — yet another reason
why I find the AEK-971 more reliable than those two weapons. * Spread – Like the other high rate-of-fire
weapons, the AEK-971’s spread is rather atrocious. The spread increase per shot is .117 degrees,
while the spread decrease after shooting is 7.7 degrees per second. Only the FAMAS is worse among the assault
rifles. The overall message this stat conveys is that
you can’t hose with the AEK and expect to hit anything beyond your nose. Those are the main detractions of the AEK-971. There’s a lot to like about the AEK-971
in CQB in particular, and it has more aimed power than its two main competitors at longer
range. Unlike the Bulldog, I didn’t feel the need
to constantly run it suppressed as I always had enough ammo on hand for most CQB problems. In fact, the resource I ran out of the most
when playing with the AEK was health. But before we talk tactics, let’s compare
the AEK to some other weapons to see how it stacks up. In the short game, it is close to the FAMAS
and Bulldog in terms of firepower. However, it does lose to those weapons in
a straight up battle. What I prize the AEK for against these two
weapons is its other advantages. It’s not the fastest killer, but it definitely
feels like the most reliable and least headache inducing. Against longer range weapons, well the AEK-971
loses a lot of its advantages beyond twelve to fifteen meters. Like I said earlier, if you want to get the
most of the AEK, you need to use it on maps where CQB is the name of the game. Controlling the AEK-971
Like its counterparts, the AEK-971 kicks like crazy. Its naked recoil is .42 degrees up, .25 left,
and .4 right. With a first shot recoil multiplier of 2.55,
it’s going to kick hard on the first shot and go roughly up and to the right. Controlling the recoil — at least on PC — is
as simple as pulling your mouse down and to the left. Guns like this are why I like playing on PC
with a mouse — I am pretty atrocious with a controller’s analog stick and I can’t
imagine doing this while moving and shooting on a console. Countering the recoil of the AEK-971 is only
half the challenge of this weapon though. To counteract that pretty vicious spread,
you’ll have to fire this weapon in five to six round bursts. That’ll give you your kill shot, but at
longer range you’ll find that this burst pattern is unreliable. For those situations, I’d recommend switching
the AEK-971 to burst fire mode. This has the advantage of moving that ruinous
2.55 first shot multiplier to the third shot, giving you time to line up your shots a bit
better. Tactics for the AEK-971
As I just said, running the AEK-971 in burst mode is a good way to learn the ropes of this
weapon. It transfers the worst part of the recoil
to the third shot, and it lets you get a good feel of bursting the AEK. If you’re new to the AEK-971, I’d recommend
starting that way. Once you’ve got the hang of the discipline
you need, you can go full auto. Switching between burst and auto is still
a good way to hit long range targets, just be sure you don’t forget which mode you’re
on and get caught. Additionally, burst fire is a pretty good
idea on hardcore, as you only need three bullets to kill at ranges of 45 meters or less. Otherwise the AEK-971 is pretty simple: as
long as you can keep this beast on your target, you’re going to win almost all engagements,
heads up or otherwise. At least at close quarters. And that’s why you need to keep this weapon
in its sweet spot. Remember, that’s less than fifteen meters. For me, that meant running smoke as a way
to get between cover when I was in the wide open. In general though, I’d recommend sticking
to CQB maps and CQB portions of larger maps if you’re going to run this weapon. In combat, I discovered that aimed fire tended
to always be best for the AEK-971. The hip-fire isn’t particularly good because
of the bullet spread and the high recoil of the weapon. Generally I’d only hip-fire enemies if they
were closer than five to ten meters, or essentially just outside slapping distance. This is about half the normal distance I choose
to hipfire on other weapons. Attachments for the AEK-971
In checking out the top users for the AEK-971, I was somewhat disappointed, but I could see
the reasoning for why they chose the way they did. Cross-refencing these players from
with their Battlelog loadouts, I found that they typicall preferred a mix of either the
stubby and nothing, or the stubby and the muzzle break. Well I’m never going to favor the muzzle
break on PC as I feel that upwards recoil can always be controlled by the player. However, that side-to-side of the AEK is a
different story. So what did I favor for my setup? For my optic, I ran with the Kobra sight. You might prefer the Coyote, but the Russian
Kobra feels at home on the Russian AEK. Easily my second favorite sight, I also think
I like the Kobra on this weapon because of its strong upwards recoil feeling a bit more
correct looking between tick marks on the Kobra sight. As for my accessory, I used the laser sight. No surprise here, this is a staple of almost
every weapon I run. You could probably get away with using nothing
on the AEK-971, but given the CQB nature of this gun, I find that the laser is quite handy
in almost every engagement the AEK-971 is good at. For my barrel, I ran with the compensator. Given the high rate-of-fire on the AEK-971
and its strong left-right pull, the compensator just makes sense. It makes nearly every shot out to ten meters
pretty much dead-on, and it has the best performance against other attachments out to pretty much
all ranges. Not that it’s going to make the AEK-971
good at 60 meters, but it is going to let you hit far more shots at close-to-medium
range. It’s particularly effective if you’re
in the business of landing headshots. Finally, for the grip, I chose the stubby
grip. This was the one thing that all the top users
managed to agree on. On a weapon with such high spread, the stubby
is pretty much indispensable. Combined with the compensator on a high rate-of-fire
weapon, it’s a match made in heaven. Or at least a match guaranteed to give you
a higher degree of likelihood when actually trying to hit targets. I did try running the AEK-971 with a suppressor,
but I found that to be relatively unnecessary on a weapon with such fast killing potential. Particularly when it has a better reload time
and ammo load than its two counterparts in the FAMAS and Bulldog. Wrapping it Up
The AEK-971 is probably the most versatile close quarters assault rifle. It gets beat by fractional differences from
the FAMAS and Bulldog, but it makes up for those deficiencies by just being more reliable. It’s a solid yes, as I believe it to be
one of the top five assault rifles in Battlefield 4. If you want a weapon that is a bit more reliable
at range, you’ll definitely want to take a look at the M416. Being my favorite weapon in the game, I have
a definite affinity for its fast reloads and versatile time-to-kill at most ranges. If you absolutely must win the time-to-kill
war, then look no further than the DBV-12. A semi-automatic shotgun, if the first shot
doesn’t put down your target, the second isn’t much further away. That’s it for this episode of Yes or No. If there’s something you think I missed,
or if you have a particularly different take on the AEK-971, please let me know in the
comments below. This will probably be my last weekly Battlefield
4 weapon review, at least while Battlefield 1 is a hot commodity. If that game falls on its face like Battlefront
and Hardline, we shall see what comes next. But expect my next Yes or No to be a Battlefield
1 weapon. So feel free to get ahead of the game and
recommend one below. If you like what you saw, please be sure to
force choke that like button. As always, thanks for watching, and I’ll
see you next time, YouTube.

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