Xiaomi Viomi Stainless Vacuum Cup II Мой любимый термос …

Good afternoon dear friends. Today I will tell you about the thermos of the cup of the Viomi Viomi Stainless Vacuum Cup.
While I unpack it, I’ll try to tell you why it is at a volume of only 300 ml, although there is a mug in 460 ml. Three different colors – black white gold, and two different volumes of 300 and 460 ml.
Packaging in the style of minimalism, as Xiaomi likes – the usual plain cardboard box, instruction in Chinese and the very thermos-mug of the Viomi Stainless Vacuum Cup, which, after opening, can also reveal a moisture absorber on the bottom. To produce the flask, 316 stainless steel is used, which is indicated by embossing on the bottom inside.
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Briefly, 316 stainless steel grade has acid-fast and alkali-resistant characteristics, due to the addition of molybdenum it becomes particularly resistant to corrosion, high temperature values ​​and aggressive environments. Most often it is used for the production of chemical equipment, bijouterie, as well as products whose use is planned in an aggressive environment, for example – cold sea water
For its money, Viomi Stainless Vacuum Cup can be considered an ideal thermos-mug for every day, made in a modern style using advanced materials and technologies, uniquely the buyer of this accessory will be satisfied.
Highest quality. So everything is convenient and thought out, done, that there are no words. To drink conveniently, there is a lid opening lock. The temperature keeps well, at 8 am he poured coffee from the coffee machine, at 15:00 the coffee was hot.
The vacuum housing is made so that the temperature of the liquid inside does not affect the housing. Even filled with ice or boiling water, the bottle never sweats or warms to touch! Weighs only …. Gram.
Briefly on the characteristics – water 95 degrees Celsius in 6 hours will be 71 degrees, after 24 hours 37.
Ice water at 0 degrees after 6 hours will become a temperature of 3 degrees, after 24 hours 5 degrees. real it is convenient that you can open it with one hand. The mechanism is very thought out. The first impression was that he was not worth it, it’s still quite expensive. But after a week of use, I officially declare that this thermos is necessary for you. An ideal friend and companion both in the office and in sports. Subscribe) on the channel a lot of interesting. And good luck to you, to new meetings dear friends.

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