Xenophobic Senator MELTS DOWN on Fox News

Xenophobic Senator MELTS DOWN on Fox News

that we have a clear understanding of what the migrant detention centers look like, and
keep in mind that two dozen migrants have died in US custody. We have Lindsey Graham, essentially saying
that he does not care about the rule of law, and he certainly doesn’t care about the conditions
in which these migrants are held in. Take a look.>>What I saw is a bunch of people who have
been here before, broke the law before, and we’re not gonna let them go. I don’t care if they have to stay in these
facilities for 400 days, we’re not gonna let those men go that I saw, it would be dangerous.>>He’s referencing men that he saw, right?>>Right.>>So here’s what he’s talking about. He actually accompanied Vice President Mike
Pence to two detention facilities in Texas. And this video actually got a lot of negative
attention. Well, just watch the video, keep an eye on
the conditions in which these men are kept in. So you have men in an overcrowded cage, essentially. They’re talking about how they haven’t been
given a shower, they’re begging for showers. And you might not be able to hear clearly,
but in that same video, you hear someone say three tacos a day, meaning that’s all they
get to eat. And so they’re hungry.>>Mm-hm.>>They’re kept in these terrible conditions,
it’s overcrowded, they can’t sleep. And you have Lindsey Graham saying, I don’t
care if they have to stay there for 400 days. And by the way, one other video that went
viral, and we could toss to this now but keep my mic up, featured Pence essentially examining
these men in the cages, as if he’s looking or keeping an eye on cattle, it’s just sick.>>It’s an overseeing look over subhuman conditions,
honestly.>>Mm-hm.>>Or as you said, it does look like there’s
animals behind cages, and he’s making sure they’re staying there. Now, what he’s trying to do is look like he’s
taking this seriously, and he’s being told some conditions that he’s being updated on
by this. I’m not sure which level of officer this is
that’s giving him the tour. Also reporters were in there with him, they
stayed for like one minute and a half, and they got a chance to really survey the conditions. Now, when Trump a few or maybe even last week
said, I want the media to come in and check out these facilities, I want them to come. I’m now thinking yeah, but how soon? Which ones? And are you going to make sure they’re gonna
be camera ready.>>Mm-hm.>>I overestimated even what they would do
then. So you have the cameras come in, you have
the Vice President go in, and they look like this?>>Yep.>>This is what you wanted to portray when
you’re setting it up?>>You know why? Because we all see it, it’s just right there
in plain sight.>>What are those blankets, why?>>That’s what they get, they get foiled blankets.>>Those are like the solar blankets, or whatever
they’re called. And then-
>>So following this video going viral, Pence started complaining about the media’s portrayal
of the detention facilities.>>Look at that.>>We see it right there, it’s in front of
us. And he tried to spin it as if the conditions
are great, and they’re kept in sanitary and safe spaces. No, but they’re not. But the reason why I bring that up, the reason
why they didn’t really prepare and get this place media-ready, it’s because they can just
turn around and twist things, and spin things in any way they want. Again, the Trump administration, Trump specifically
has a 90% approval rating from Republican voters. He can do anything and get away with it. And what we just saw might upset us, but apparently
Republican voters love it.>>This is what happens when you can start
your presidential campaign and say they’re rapists, they’re drug dealers, they’re killers
that come in for your family, look out for them, and then from then on, continues. By the way, that type of rhetoric didn’t start
with Donald Trump, we know that.>>Mm-hm.>>It’s one of the things that’s happened
throughout history with anyone that we’ve oppressed, that we’ve mistreated, that we’ve
killed. They’re not really human. So then therefore, once we treat them like
they’re not really human, and you’ve been brainwashed enough with this, you can say,
well, who cares? They’re not really human. If you got cattle behind a fence, that’s okay,
and they’re supposed to be there, what if they run off? So you have this mindset already set in place,
so they can do this and carry it on, no matter what happens, no matter what else they do
to people. And then after all lying I see it and we complain
about it, then they go, what are you guys so mad about?>>Mm-hm.>>They’re illegals is what they call them,
these terms that they put on us. It’s very subtle things, actually it’s not
that subtle, but they put these terms on people, and next you know, you don’t care about them
anymore.>>Right, and they’re trying to normalize
what we saw. What we just saw were a bunch of men with
aluminum foil blankets.>>Mm-hm.>>And standing all together, you couldn’t
lay down or sit down if you wanted to. You’d be in fear of being trampled, and this
is supposed to be a good thing. Also they’re all in long sleeves and hoodies,
when we know it’s 190 degrees outside. Which makes me worried about how, ridiculously
cold and uncomfortable it is in there, while they only have what we saw as blankets. That video right there that they’re proud
of, and that’s supposed to prove that all of these other people are lying. That looks terrible.>>I know.>>And both of you are right, that rhetoric
didn’t start with Trump, but people are happy that they have someone speaking for him. Nobody’s learning from him, it’s just nice
for a lot of terrible people to have someone to feel comfortable saying out loud how they
treat people behind the scenes, and sometimes right in front. But they have a leader who gets to stand on
a global platform, and speak like them.>>Absolutely.>>Yeah.>>And for Trump, this is part of his campaign,
this is part of his re-election campaign. Again, about 30% of voters look at that and
they think, yep, we gonna vote in favor of re-election.>>Yeah.>>So again, we look at that and we’re disgusted
by it because we see those people as people. Whereas a portion of this country does not
see them as people, these migrants have been dehumanized by politicians in this country
for a very long time.>>Yeah, and what he said, I saw people who
should never be let free in this country, I just saw brown people.>>Mm-hm.>>I didn’t see anybody wielding a machete,
and if you saw someone who was just such a wild danger by just on appearance, you know
that they cannot be in this country, and it’s not because of your racism
>>Yeah>>Why are they in there with all of the other
people? Why are they not a danger to all of the other
people, they’re still humans, and you claim to care about humans, it’s just the law that
you’re focused on. So why would those people that you see, why
are you standing so close to them? Why would that scary awful person that you
see that just cannot set foot free in America, what did you see? We know what he saw, but-
>>Let me just quickly note something, because Thomas Homan who is the former acting ICE
director, apparently in 2017 sends some interesting things about migrants. While the right wing demigods and fearmongers
about how these are dangerous criminals that we need to look out for them. Homan was on the record saying the following
to reporters Did I say aliens commit more crimes than US citizens? I didn’t say that, I’m saying, number one,
they’re in the country illegally. They already committed one crime by entering
the country illegally. But when they commit a crime against a citizen
of this country, they draw our attention. Jim Acosta also spoke to him off camera later
and said, at off-cam White House briefing acting ICE director Homan, concedes undocumented
immigrants do not commit more crimes than native born Americans. Look, they do this for political gain, fearmongering
in politics has been a very successful strategy. We saw that during the Bush administration,
where Americans very willingly gave up their civil liberties because they were afraid of
terrorists. And so our privacy, things that we should
value as Americans were just given away because we were afraid. And the same thing is happening now when it
comes to fearmongering in regard to undocumented immigrants.>>So we can, and this-
>>And asylum seekers by the way, asylum seekers.>>The legal means in which you become a citizen,
or get granted entry in the United States.>>We’re gonna talk about the asylum stuff
in a bit later on, but it’s sort of as if it’s all mixed together, right? And you can even look at those conditions
and say, wow, there’s these many people that are trying to cross or have crossed our border,
and have many recent years and months and days and all that. And you can be alarmed by that. It’s okay to still be alarmed by that and
go man, this is an issue because it’s a cost because obviously facilities cost something
to build or create or make humane, that’s a cost that’s put in place, right? And that’s one of the things that Pence was
talking about. We need this 4.6 billion or something like
that, I forget how much the exact number is. We need that 4.6 which by the way they were
given without any guidelines->>No strings attached.>>On how they’re gonna treat people there. Let’s just get this money and give it to us
and we’ll figure it out, the money was given to you, why hasn’t it been figured out yet? Number one. Number two, if everyone can’t agree that there’s
an issue at the border, what are we gonna do about the issue?>>Yes.>>Why is it happening?>>Yes.>>The thought process past one layer, is
they’re bad people. That’s what the American government’s policy
and position is. There’s they’re bad people that have come,
and we have to stop them. Why are they coming? What have we done to create a situation where
they’re coming? And then we didn’t expect it? We’ve never expected immigration? Cuz it’s happening all the time, we’re not
prepared for it, we’re not prepared to do anything about the process. Cuz we let a 100 people in and we go, we cannot
have the facilities to do so, we don’t have the government officials to do this work. Make it happen.>>Mm-hm.>>Right.>>How is it you’re not ready for that yet?>>Well, I mean they don’t care to be ready. And while Trump had no problem declaring a
national emergency to fund his border wall, which by the way, what are the updates on
the construction of that border wall, right? Billions of dollars were diverted from disaster
relief funds for that ridiculous, nonsensical, and counterproductive border wall. But at the same time, Trump has exacerbated
the crisis at the border. Because he’s pulled away funding, to the tune
of hundreds of millions of dollars, from the very countries that we should be working with
to improve the conditions there, so people don’t seek to flee, and seek asylum here in the U.S.

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