X-Treme Stainless Steel Cleaner

Do you have corrosion or heavy grease build-up
on your stainless steel? It’s time to go extreme and remove those issues and more with Flitz
X-treme Stainless Steel Cleaner. Quickly and easily remove dried-on food, mold,
rust, calcium, lime, corrosion, water spots, heat marks and more. Spray on the surface and wait up to a minute
and rinse with water. It’s just that easy. The environmentally friendly stainless steel
cleaner is non-flammable and is also recommended for chrome, aluminum, brass and copper. So clean up
those unsightly spots and stains today with the Flitz X-treme Stainless Steel Cleaner. To find out more information on this product,
or a dealer near you, link on the link below.

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