Word: Mail Merge

Word: Mail Merge

Mail Merge is a great time saver if
you need to create multiple documents that are mostly the same but unique in
some way, such as names tags for an event or envelopes printed with each person’s
name and address. The document I have here is a letter
offering customers a discount on their next order. I want to personalize it by addressing
each copy of the letter to the customer using some information I have stored in
a spreadsheet. To begin go to the Mailings tab, then
click Mail Merge and select Step-by-Step Mail Merge Wizard. This will walk you through the process
one step at a time using this pane on the right. The type of document I’m working with is
a letter so I’m going to go ahead and click Next. I also plan to stick with my current document instead of using something else, like a template. Now I need an address list so Word can
create a copy of each letter for each customer. To start from scratch, you can Type a
new list then click Create to enter your
recipients individually. Alternatively, if you do a file with the information you need, like an
Excel workbook in my case, select Use an existing list, then Browse to find it. Now click Open and select the worksheet that contains the list. I know mine is in sheet 1. You can uncheck any recipients that you don’t want to include. I want to include everybody though so
I’m going to go ahead and click OK, and now it shows that workbook as my
recipient list. So now it’s time to write my letter. You can add something unique for each
recipient including their address, a personal greeting, and more. I’d like to add an address block first.
Just place your cursor where you want to go, then click the item. Here’s a preview of what it’s going to look
like and a few alternative formats to choose from for the recipient’s name. Click OK and a placeholder will appear in your document. This is where the address will go later on. The other thing I’d like to add is a greeting. Again you have the ability to change some of the formatting if you’d like. Let’s move on to the next step: previewing the finished product. I just want make sure that the information from my list appears the
way it should. You can take a look at each recipient’s
copy by clicking the arrows here. Everything looks great so let’s complete
the merge. if you click the Print command, Mail
Merge will ask which pages you want to print before sending you to the final
step. I went to print every document my
recipient list so I’m just going to keep all. Now all you have to do is adjust the
settings if you need to, then click OK Knowing how to use mail merge is a must for creating multiple letters, labels, envelopes, and more. The possibilities, along with the time
and energy you’ll save, are practically endless.

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  1. How do you Replace the bracketed Address Block with the Address block field, using the default settings & replace the bracketed Journal Name with data from the Journal Name field.

  2. I use to be able to send a document as a pdf attachment with word. Just reinstalled windows 10 and now it says no mail associated with word. I do have an outlook set up and a pop3 which is the one that it use to use. Any help would be great.

  3. Does anyone know if it's possible to use mail merge AND the 'direct replies to' feature? I only want replies for the specific email I am sending out via mail merge to have the 'direct replies to' on. I do not wish have all of my regular mail sent to another email address.

  4. The mail merge helps company send letters to keep everything organized so it is ready to send out to to the people it needs to go to.

  5. Thanks…You saved me from over 1000 personalised letters to our clients.
    Such task is now done in seconds instead of days

  6. I was holding off a work mail merge for weeks because I have never done it before. I just reviewed this tutorial and getting the main core of the mail merge. I was able to complete it!!! Yay!! Thanks for your video!!!

  7. Make sure your initial list is clean and void of errors. I had a running list with multiple headers to highlight who entered the information within and it kept giving me an error (I didn't make this list). I just created another column for entries

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