Winnebago Micro Minnie 1706FB After 5 Years

– Well, hello everybody. For those of you new
to my YouTube channel, my name is Robert, part-time RVer here, and we travel around the country towing a Winnebago Micro
Minnie 1706FB, 2015 model here. Which, shortly after we bought it, we named, Minitini, Minitini the trailer. (upbeat music) ♪ I’m riding, riding, riding ♪ ♪ Riding in my RV, my RV ♪ ♪ Wherever I want to be ♪ ♪ Because I’m free in my RV, yeah ♪ – It turns out Minitini here is turning five years old this week. So, I wanted to give
you a quick, you know, do a quick video showing
you how it’s held up after five years of pretty
heavy use, let me tell you. We’ve driven all over the country, to almost all corners of the country, probably 60,000 miles on the road and so far, I mean,
today it’s kind of dirty which is, it’s the way it is when you are on the road, right? And let me just go around, and I’m gonna do the outside
portion right here by the way, I’m in the upper peninsula of Michigan and that’s Lake Superior
right there behind me. Anyways, here we go. At the time when we bought Minitini, it was the shortest and lightest trailer that Winnebago made and right now they have like a full lineup
of different trailers, but at the time, there
were only like five models and this was the smallest, and it came with Nitrogen filled wheels, and we’re never gonna use Nitrogen again, let’s face it, but it’s a
good gimmick that they use. Here, we have a electric
awning that comes out. The speakers are useless. The patio light, it’s not great, even after I even
upgraded to an LED light, it’s really not that great. Let’s see what else we have here. Let’s go around. Awning style windows, I’ll tell you more about
it when we are inside, and here we have an outlet
for cable and power, just in case you wanted
to put an outside TV here. Never done that, and never
gonna do it probably. Here’s a pretty sizeable storage, which I am going to show you, actually let me show you right now. And there’s probably a
little bit of a mess here, because I’ve been on the road, and you know, stuff tends to shift around, but as you can see, it’s pretty big and it goes all the way through to the other side of the trailer. So, yeah, and you can fit a
lot of stuff here, for sure. It’s one of the best features,
actually, of this trailer, the great amount of storage that it has. And, let’s come here to the front, of course, you have four Caesars tiles, stabilizer jacks, that’s pretty standard, we have an outlet here
if you want to put a, you know, a grill, an outside grill, but the one thing with that
outlet is, it’s regulated. So, if you have a grill with a regulator you would have to remove the regulator from your grill in order
to be able to use it. Here, in the front, it came standard with two 20 pound tanks of propane and it came standard with
an 80 amp hour lead acid, which since then I’ve upgraded to AGM, and it’s still kinda insufficient for what I, for the use that I need. So, eventually I am going to upgrade to something even with
more capacity than that. What else do we have here? Electric jack, it didn’t come with it, but it was the first upgrade that I did, once I saw the guy at the dealership going up and down manually, I’m like, “Eh, I’m in Florida,
I’m gonna sweat a lot, “so I’d rather have electric.” This, by the way, is a ProPride hitch, that I got as a free promotional item, and it’s really great … But, which brings me to one of the first negatives about this trailer. It being so small, it’s
also very low to the ground, very low clearance, so
that the ProPride hitch, it’s really made for a bigger trailer, larger trailer, taller, so it does have a kind of low clearance, which hasn’t been a big problem, but I tend to bottom
out sometimes, you know, when I come out of a gas station, or in rough terrain, or stuff like that. By the way, if you follow my channel, you know I have a camera
on top of the trailer, it’s that mount up there. That’s a standard GoPro mount that I use for the trailer cam. One of these days, I’m gonna give you a review of the truck, the Colorado. Anyways, here on the service
side of the trailer, really, which is the driver’s side usually, it came with an Atwood On-Demand, the OD, I think it’s called the
OD-40 model water heater, which was really awful. So, that was one of the must do upgrades that I did shortly after
we got the trailer, not shortly after, like two
years after we had the trailer. And this is what we have
now, is a Truma AquaGo, and I wish I would’ve
gotten the comfort model, this is the basic model, but still, it’s day and night compared to that awful Atwood On-Demand heater that came with Minitini the trailer. This is, of course, the
back of the refrigerator. The back of our onboard furnace, I believe it is 15,000
BTU, but I could be wrong. Here’s our power inlets. Our gravity fill and our
city water connection, cable and satellite hookups, that I’ve never used
and probably never will. Here’s the emergency hatch here. This is a part of the,
the kitchen, you know, the hood, the hood of the kitchen. Here’s an outdoor shower that
we don’t use all that often, but I’ve used it a couple of times. Black tank flush, which not every RV comes with a black tank flush and I think that’s a very good feature. Coming back here to our
sewer and gray water. As you can see, it’s
very low to the ground, as has been the general
theme of this trailer, it’s a very low clearance trailer. We might change that in the future. But that is a problem sometimes, because sometimes you
are even dumping uphill. Maybe because there’s not enough slope for gravity to do its thing sometimes. Here, we have this
bumper, which you can put the sewer hose in there,
but I opted not to do it. A full size spare tire. My ever growing sticker collection here. And we have a ladder to go up to the roof. Some of the lighting outside
is LED, but not this, these two are regular incandescent. This is a hitch that I added
in order to put a bike rack, but I haven’t really used the bike rack, I need to reinforce the
welding on that rear bumper, because it’s not supposed to be able to hold a lot of weight. By the way, this here
is very easy to set up, just one, one step ladder, which if I ever decide
to raise the trailer, we might have to change that; we’ll do that when the moment comes. Here, I have, of course, the TPMS system, very important to have a Tire
Pressure Monitoring System. And this is a TST system that I have. And I’m trying to think what else to show you here on the outside. Let’s go up to the roof,
and let me show you what I’ve done in terms
of upgrades in the roof. And here, we have not a whole lot of real estate left here on the roof. Of course, as you can see,
I’ve added three solar panels. That one came first, a 100 watter, and then I added 200 watts more because I thought that was gonna
solve all my power issues, but obviously, I need
more battery storage, because what happens at night? You don’t get storage
and you don’t get solar, and then you deplete your batteries. I have not one, but two, one
and two, Fan-Tastic Vents. And that’s been a great upgrade. This one came with a regular, you know, non-fan vent, here on the first one. And this one was, you know,
one of those cheap ones that come, that you
know, RV bathrooms have, with a tiny little fan. And when I was installing
this solar panel, I broke it, so that was a good excuse to get me a second Fan-Tastic fan. Here’s the antenna for
the TV that we never use, but what I did, in where the antenna, right on the antenna I put the antenna for our weBoost system,
which is a cellular booster, which I don’t use as much anymore. Nor do I use as much
anymore the Wi-Fi ranger, because the latest upgrade is
this, the ToGo Roadlink system with a Winegard antenna
powered by Winegard. And it is a prepaid, unlimited
AT&T data plan that I got with it and it’s probably one
of the most inexpensive ways to get unlimited internet
right now on the road. And that was a $400 upfront cost, but then it is $360 for the
whole year of unlimited AT&T. I think it was a pretty decent deal. Here’s our 13,500 BTU air conditoner, which I equipped with a soft start system, an EasyStart by Micro-Air. By the way, whenever one of
this was a promotional item, like the Micro-Air EasyStart,
I’m gonna put a link, and of course, if you
use the promo code MYRV, you get a discount, I get a
commission, and we’re all happy. Right here, this is the refrigerator vent. And here is where I … You know, I didn’t wanna
open any more holes in my roof, so all the wiring coming from the roof goes down through there. This is, of course, the solar. This is the antenna. And this is a waterproof
USB that originally I was hoping would power
the GoPro camera there on the front, but GoPro
7s are very finicky, and they would make the
camera crash, so I opted for, and this is the final
solution, an Anker power bank. That is the brand that has worked best for me so that’s amazing. (sighs) What else do we have up here? Anyways, I’m doing this
unscripted, by the way, I haven’t even written any
notes or anything like that, so I’m sure I’m going to forget something, and maybe I’ll do an addendum at the end. Let me try to get down
here from the roof without, hoo, without breaking anything. In any case, that’s Minitini
the trailer, the outside, and as soon as we get to the campground, and I get settled in, or I don’t know, I’ll probably boondock tonight actually. I wanna show you the inside. So, right now, actually,
let’s fly the drone. (rising tonal music) Okay, before we go inside,
it’s a different day and I’m wearing different
clothes and everything, but I just thought of this, somethings that are
not holding up as well, and this is besides the fact
that the Minitini is dirty. This is not dirt, this is some kind of discoloration or oxidization there. So, that’s not holding up too well. You know, this is starting to wear out, I mean, it’s been five years
in the south Florida sun, and exposed to the
elements and the road, so. And the other one, the RV lock, look at this, it’s kind of falling apart. It’s been getting progressively worse, and at some point I’m not gonna
be able to use it anymore. But for now, it’s all right. This I’ve had to change twice. This I’ve had to change once, because, you know, all this plastic and stuff, disintegrates in the heat. My jacks are good. My hitch, it’s starting to get rusty, here and there, you know how it is. Oh, this! This is relatively new. I guess with the bouncing of the road, it’s starting to … There’s some flex on that tongue. And what else, you know? This got erased so I have no idea anymore what my gross weight
is, anything like that. And this of course, I’ve had to change, because they do get disintegrated
in the south Florida heat. This, I’ve had to change too. And this, this I’ve broken
off two or three times, so this is like the fourth one. And this I lost once
in the Arizona desert, so this is an after market one. And I’ll keep telling you things that are wearing out with time, and more inside, there is a lot of stuff
inside that I can show you. And now for the final
portion of this video, let me show you inside our
Winnebago Micro Minnie 1706FB, 2015 model, Minitini the trailer here. Let me show exactly what’s
held up and what hasn’t, and all the upgrades that we’ve done. One of the upgrades is this outer lock, that now, I need to put WD-40 on it. Although, even though sometimes even after a couple of days, it’ll
start getting jammed again. Anyways, but let me start by saying, for what it is, you know, a
relatively inexpensive trailer, which is not really
meant for long term use, or for full time use for that matter, I think the Minitini has held up amazingly well in the past five years. And I don’t recall exactly
how many miles I’ve put on it, I need to upgrade my Excel file, but it’s been like 50, 60,000 miles. It’s been a lot. And you know, this thing
has been bouncing up and down on the highway,
so it’s like an earthquake in here so sometimes I’m surprised things have held up as well as they have. This is our stereo, Jensen, you know, it’s the kind of run of the mill, what Winnebago puts in most of their RVs. And you know, there’s DVD, no Blu-Ray, that’s the one thing that, you know, it’s kind of a bummer, but anyway, we don’t have a TV anymore so who cares? But it works well. You know, it has Bluetooth. I did upgrade the speakers. The speakers that came with this trailer were really, really, not as
bad as the outdoor speakers, but still, they were pretty bad. So I upgraded to these speakers … Rockford Fosgate, I think they are. And they sound much better, still not great, but they sound better. Now here we have our control panel. And this is our patio
light, the light here, this light I changed too, I’ll tell you in a few minutes why I changed it. This is our awning power, and the awning, of course, is a power awning. (awning whirs) We don’t use it as much as we thought we were going to use it. I use it a lot actually when it rains. So, you know, I can go
outside and not get wet. But I don’t use it as
much, and I’m terrified that a gust of wind is
gonna come and blow it, so, you know, and break it,
so I don’t use it as much. Here’s our control panel, do
the water pump and the heater. And the water pump, I
have it on right now, because this campground, oddly
enough, is only electric. We don’t have a water to your site, but there’s potable water
at the dump station. Battery fresh water,
which is at one third, I’ve used more than I thought I had. Our black and gray, they almost always say full because the sensors. And I know there are some
compounds that you can use, you know, some chemicals that
you can put in the water tank and supposedly they clean
the sensors, but I’m not, you know, they’re gonna get clogged again. Pretty much, I bought it, I mean, we have very large water tanks
for a trailer of this size, and that’s something I didn’t mention when I did the outside review, but we have 43 gallons of fresh water, and then the black and
gray are both 25 gallons, and, especially the
black, that’s quite a bit. I don’t ever worry about the black, I mean, 25 gallons of
poop, that’s a lot of poop. But the gray? Yeah, if you take a daily shower, and you, especially, if you do dishes, those 25 gallons can go pretty quickly. And I have a fly in here. So there you go. Here, I have some more stuff. I have my first aid kit, and some movies, and some stuff that I thought, like books, that I thought I was gonna read, and I haven’t had time for any of that. This is our wardrobe closet. The trailer did not … This is actually one of my
favorite upgrades we’ve done. We used to have a TV here. Actually, we used to have a TV, backer board, and some outputs, because Minitini didn’t come
with a TV, I added the TV. It came TV ready, but
we never watched the TV, so I decided to convert
it into a wardrobe closet, which is a much more useful space here. And here’s where I have the WeBoost, which since I got the ToGo Roadlink, I don’t use as much anymore, but there’s certain
circumstances where I’ve used it, like the ToGo works great for internet, but what if I had to make a call? In that case, if I’m in one of
those marginal signal areas, I’ve used the WeBoost and it
works really, really well. Here’s our very cozy, but
very functional, bathroom. In fact, we hardly ever use
campground bathroom facilities, because it is a dry bath,
it has everything we need. You know, it’s relatively comfortable. The shower is smallish, it’s cozy, but it’s large enough that you can get a relatively good shower, you know? It’s all right, I mean, it’s high enough that I don’t bump into anything. And I did add this second
shower head holder. And well, the main upgrade is
this, and this is something that I think is one of
those must upgrades. It’s an Oxygenics shower head, and this thing really
does make a difference with water pressure when I take a shower. Our toilet, yeah, it’s fine. You know, it’s as I said,
it’s cozy, but it works well. It’s a tiny faucet, and
the same faucet works for the shower and if
you wanna use the shower, you lift it up, and if
you wanna use the faucet, you push it down, and sometimes, you know, it can be finicky, but it’s fine. Here’s our medicine cabinet with a mirror, and, you know, it’s
nice, it has a nice size. The only thing, this mirror
is a little high for Ileana, my wife, so I decided to
add a second mirror here, which is not the best
quality mirror in the world, but it reflects, and that’s
the most important part. What else did I add here? Well, I added this hook, because you can never have enough hooks. Of course, that’s the Fan-Tastic vent, that used to be one of those, as I said, one of those, the ones that had the tiny, little, you know, the little fan. And, what else? I don’t think, ah! This, this is a shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel dispenser, which right now, the conditoner, I’m using it for hand soap because we don’t use conditioner as much, and that conditioner was getting old there and it was like, it was kinda gross. Here’s the controller
for this Fan-Tastic Vent. And down here you can
turn on and off the light. This hook did actually come with Minitini. Moving right along. Here’s the thermostat for our furnace. It is a very basic thermostat. You cannot even set
exactly what temperature do you want, but you can eyeball it. This here is a holder. This was originally gonna
go in the shower curtain, by the way, the shower
curtain, let me show you, has seen better days,
you know, it’s aging. I need to replace it at some point. And I forgot to show
you one major upgrade. And this has been great,
I put some Velcro here so it stays attached to this wall, because we used to get
water leaks all over. You know, water would leak out and into the RV and it was a mess. Okay, told you about this. This is the other Fan-Tastic
Vent, which is up here. Don’t look at the
screen, it’s kinda dirty. What do we have here? Oh, another addition, and
I’m gonna have to go back into the bathroom because
I forgot to show you, we added these paper towel dispensers, that and this. And yet, another thing about the bathroom, and this is one of the things
that has not aged well, let’s put it that way,
and it is something that, I guess Winnebago, in order to save money and to save in weight, because
this is a light weight unit, you know, cheapened out a
little bit on this part. And let me show you this. You see how this piece of
wood here is like warping up? This is particle board, particle board and water are not a good combination. And this is right next to the shower, so this will always get wet and that’s why it’s warping up like that. And eventually I’m gonna
have to change this and change it into a Corian countertop or something like that, we’ll see. When the time, when it finally, you know, gets finally destroyed, we will do that. Another thing, and you’ll see we just lost another piece today as I was cleaning. Look at this. And this is, of course,
this part usually gets wet, especially when, you know, you get water spilling out from the shower. And yeah … This material it’s like,
it’s like a step up from cardboard, and not a very big step. Okay, onto nicer things. You see this is kind of
warping up a little bit too. This is our sink here, very nice. It’s a double sink, you
get this thing here, the faucet that, you
know, it’s very handy, because sometimes you
need to move it around. This spice rack I added. I bought it on Amazon, it’s very nice, because, you know, they
don’t occupy any space and you have all your spices handy there. Up here I have more stuff. I have my coffee, and
sugar, and some of my oil, and salt, and pepper, and some condiments. That stuff. Our Atwood three burner range. This is standard, most RVs
have this same type of range. You know, it works
well, it doesn’t heat up as much as a domestic
range, but it is what it is. It is an RV so you have to
get used to those things. Down here we have our pots and pans. And down here, this is another
addition, I added this … Hello, Robert? Trashcan! (chuckles) Guys, I’m tired, I’ve been
touring Mackinac Island all day, so yeah, that’s where I am in real time. I added that and down
here we have all kinds of junk and some cleaning
supplies and stuff like that. Pots and pans. More cleaning stuff and other supplies. Here’s our three way Dometic refrigerator. It’s automatic so whenever
I turn off the electricity, it goes automatically
to gas, and if you want to force it to go on
DC you can do that too. It’s on the coldest setting. And it’s works well, as
you can see right now, especially when it with
the AC, it works great. When it is on propane
and you are on the road, especially if it is warm weather, it tends not to cool as
much, but it is sufficient. This up here was just a useless hole. So we found this cargo net, which I forget where we bought it, but
I might put a link to it, and we made it into our pantry. But not only our pantry, I’m
not gonna do it right now, but I’m gonna empty it
out, and do a shot of this, because back there I
have my solar controller, I have the Wi-Fi ranger, I have the switch for the ToGo Roadlink, and you know, I’ve kind of utilized this
space as well as possible. Down here is our furnace. An outlet and our electrical box. You know, the breaker box? And the furnace does
have another outlet here, but it doesn’t really blow
much from that outlet, so it’s almost just for show. If we really want the
bathroom to get warm, we have to open the bathroom
door and leave it open. Okay, this is our bed. Oddly enough, very comfortable. I kind of almost sleep better here than in my Sealey Posturepedic
pillow top that I have at home in Miami, so yeah, very nice. And I figured that I could store things, like in all these edges, like
down here I have my piano. And here, this is like a nightstand. I don’t have anything here right now, but you could put like books
and maps, and stuff like that. Up here, I’m not even gonna show you. There’s so much stuff up here,
it’s like a kitchen sink, whatever didn’t fit anywhere else. But this whole thing, this whole storage compartment is full of stuff. So, what else? Up here, more storage. This is kinda empty, this is
where I store water bottles and stuff, and those are extra towels. And up here is our dirty laundry and laundry detergent,
and all that good stuff. This is the camera that I use when I want to record a cooking show. This, what is this you might ask? Well, the Minitini came with
a standard dinette table, which wasn’t very comfortable, I mean, it was functional, it was
comfortable for certain things, but, of course, these are
recreational vehicles. They are made for recreation,
so they never make them with the nomadic worker in mind. And right now we’re in
full production mode here as you can see, because I’m going to record the podcast later. I’m going to edit this video later today, so I needed a lot of desk
space, and that’s why I did this double desk system,
with two office chairs. Because the idea is for Ile and I both to be able to work together from the road. At some point when we start full timing, or at the very least, part timing, so we are both gonna need
to work from the road. And this is version 1.0 of course, version 2.0 I want, you
know, this is a folding desk from Ikea, and it folds here. Ideally, I would like it to fold halfway, so we have one permanent part and then the other leaf we lift it whenever needed. You know, that’ll come later. Down here, I added a invertor, by the way, this is an invertor
power plug that I have. Of course, right now, I
don’t have the battery power; my battery’s kind of shot so
I don’t have the battery power to use the invertor as much
as I would like to, but. Okay, our air conditioner,
13,500 BTU I believe it is. It’s nice. (air conditioner hums) It’s loud, but they are all loud, and of course, I have it equipped with that Micro-Air EasyStart, which makes it possible for it work with less power, with less initial power. I’m sure there’s other stuff
that I need to show you. Our fire alarm. This is the crank up antenna. I crank it up sometimes when I need to, because the WeBoost
antenna is on this antenna, so whenever I, you know,
if it gets a little higher. What else do we have here? USB, this is the internal
antenna for the WeBoost, so when you use the
WeBoost, whatever device you want to boost, you
place it close to this. And I’m trying to think what else. Oh, I wanted to talk about this window. And at some point I would
like to get black out shades, like the MCD shades or
something like that, because, you know, when you’re parked at a Wal-Mart and it’s bright outside, these are not blackout shades at all. And then let me talk about these windows, because they are a very dark tint, so even during the day, I mean, right now we are, what, less than an hour away from sunset, so it’s
not very bright outside, but even if it is bright outside, you don’t ever feel like
the windows are open, you need to turn on the
lights in here all the time. And, yeah, then they are
this awning style windows. Yeah, they’re fine, and
they’re good in the sense that they can be open
even if it’s raining, but other than that, I
never really feel like, it’s a little … It’s not the right word, but it can get a little claustrophobic in
here, particularly being such a small trailer, such a cozy trailer. I would like to see more
window, more larger windows, and non-tinted windows
so we can see outisde and get a sense, you
know, for the outdoors. Five years ago I said I was gonna change these valences and I haven’t done it yet, but one of these days I will. Here’s the other, the kitchen window. It’s kind of tiny. And then you have the bedroom window there, which is pretty nice. I think it’s the same size,
almost, as the living room and that’s the emergency exit right there. Here’s our map. You haven’t seen our
map filled up yet, yeah? Gaping hole here for North Dakota. And then Vermont and New Hampshire, and Maryland, and Delaware, because we haven’t really
done nothing in those states. I’m gonna try to do
Maryland and Delaware now on my way south from this road trip. And then we’ll do these two and North Dakota in the spring, I guess. Okay, I’m gonna pause here and try to think of something
else to tell you guys, because pretty much everything
else has held up really, really, really well, here
in Minitini the trailer. I mean, I didn’t mention the microwave. It’s just a standard microwave, no convection, nothing crazy like that. This hood has a fan,
doesn’t really do much, has a light, which
doesn’t really light much, as you can see (chuckles). Oh, those drawers, I have
two more drawers there, and I’m not even gonna open them, because one of them is
the underwear drawer, which has become a second
drawer of mysteries. The original drawer of
mysteries was this one, where I have all kinds
of stuff, batteries, and tools, and flashlights,
and all kinds of stuff. And this, is, you know,
like cooking utensils. (sighs) Well, I’m rambling too much. I hope you’ve gotten a sense of how well Minitini the trailer here has held up for the past five years. If you have any questions,
please comment on this video or send me an email, or
comment on the website, or send a letter to Winnebago, and tell them that you
bought your Micro Minnie because I sent you
(chuckles), just kidding. Well, that’s it. Until next time, thank you so much for watching and see you on the road. Hello, I forgot to mention, I added this 12 volt outlet and I have a USB hub there to charge all my stuff. And yeah, we got a fire extinguisher too. And down here, no, down there is a mess. (upbeat driving music)

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