Wimshurst Machine – In 4K Slow Motion ( Visual Static Electricity Generator Machine )

Wimshurst Machine – In 4K Slow Motion ( Visual Static Electricity Generator Machine )

This right here. is the wimshurst machine. Welcome back. And in this episode. I have something to show you. that I’m really excited about. Okay I’m not that excited. But. I am pretty excited period because I forgot
that this thing existed. Until recently. And. It’s actually something called. The wimshurst machine. So what it does. Is it actually makes static electricity. With these two discs. and let me show you. I think this was created like in the eighteen
hundreds sometime. This will make like an electric Arc about
four inches. Just watch. And the idea behind this. The reason you can see a high speed camera
here. Because I had a good idea. So on our behind the scenes Channel. I actually went out. And it was a really grueling shoot. I decided to come out late night tonight. And fulfill the request. For lightning in 4K slow motion. And do a little storm chasing. Getting bitten up by mosquitoes. It’s now 1 o’clock in the morning. And I am tired. This idea stemmed off of that. Because yeah it was a real pain in the butt. And it didn’t come out that good. I won’t bore you with the details. let’s
just jump right into it. And get this setup. So before we go ahead and film this thing
in slow motion. We have a lot of gas leaking. From our see-through engine right here. And I just want to see if maybe. Maybe the spark from this wimshurst machine. Will start a fire. So let’s see. Whoa there it goes that thing burned up quick. Let’s get that towel. That thing actually started a fire look at
that. Looks pretty good. So we have to clean up our table and we’re
out of Windex. First thing I saw on the Shelf. Tequila. Let’s clean this table up. We’re going to start out this spark gap right
here. At about an inch and a half. Start this up and see how it looks. First we’re going to do 4K slow motion. then we are going to do it even slower. Well that was pretty cool. I’m going to grab it from here so I don’t
get shocked. I got shocked earlier by this thing. And I felt it in my chest. It was no joke. I guess this is some serious voltage. So watch this. Here we go we’re going to come together. and discharge it. But it smells like static. And Fabian was just asking me. What that was. And that’s actually the ozone that’s created. By the spark. So it’s three molecules of oxygen I believe. I’ll put a link down in the description area
below. Yeah I can’t remember exactly how the process
works. But I know it’s ozone and that’s what makes
that smell. So this time I’m going to go with about a
4 inch Gap. And up the frame rate. And see how that looks. And then we’re going to start that paper. That I started on fire earlier. We’re going to start that on fire. But this time I’m going to film it in slow
motion as well. 5000 frames per second. Stretched slow motion replay. Now before we move on. I just wanted to point something out really
quick. That I noticed about this. When we put the balls. These little conductors. Too far away from one another. And we spin this. It doesn’t actually Arc. Once in awhile it will. But we have a lot of noise. Coming like from these columns here. Or this area around here. Here check it out I’m going to show you. Okay here check it out. Have a listen. All right and that noise. That like puff puff popping noise. That’s what I’m talking about. It like gives me goosebumps. and it
smells like static. And here check this out. I don’t want to get shocked. Watch this. That’s pretty cool. So now that we’re done with that. Yeah let’s get some stuff burning. First thing that we need for our Spark fire
test. Is some ether. Because we don’t have any more gas. We put our engine away. And the paper towel. So what I’m going to do. Is I’m just going to get this paper towel.
and douse it with either. Okay I think we’re good. That looks good. Let me put the ether down here. In case we have a fire. And then I’m going to take this right here. put it in between. I’m just going to crank this. And make a fire. Let me put this this way. Here it goes. Whoa that really flamed up. Wow that was quick. oh man look at that. Let me get the towel again. Second fire we had here today. Here we go. That’s how you put out a fire. With the sweaty t-shirt. Before we get out of here. I just wanted to mention. that not every
video that we shoot is a complete episode. We get a lot of messages saying oh this was
incomplete and this and that. So I just wanted to mention that. Sometimes were doing viewer request. Sometimes we don’t even have time to shoot
them. But we have a really good idea. That we wanted to post and share with everybody. So we find a way to fit it in. So that being said. We shoot the best we can. With the time that we are allowed. And like I say in all the previous episodes. I know the equipment is out of the reach of
most of us. But the ideas are not. So if you have anything that you want to see
filmed. With our techniques. Or in slow motion. Just send us a message. Or leave a comment below. Everything that we use in this episode. We’re going to leave a link in the
description area below. So you can get more information about that. I guess I talked enough. Until next time. Adios. Oh yeah don’t forget to like share and subscribe. Adios .

71 thoughts on “Wimshurst Machine – In 4K Slow Motion ( Visual Static Electricity Generator Machine )

  1. Wire Feed Welder In An Aquarium With Water Put the ground in the water on one side then advance the wire into the water on the other. Should look pretty wicked all slowed down.

  2. I'm writing from Italy with my real name and G+ account, to say how much i like your works. If i can ask, i would know wich model is the camera. Thanks.

  3. Very nice! Did you not have the V2512 that day? It would be awesome to see at a couple hundred thousand fps, perhaps that would be fast enough to catch the ionisation front move between the electrodes..?

  4. you ever wonder how big the pile would be if everyone for one day just shit in the same place. like if every one shit off the empire state building in new york would the pile get biger than the building?

  5. you ever wonder how big the pile would be if everyone for one day just shit in the same place. like if every one shit off the empire state building in new york would the pile get biger than the building?

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  8. If you could you should go even a little slower to watch the spark traveling, i know it goes almost at the speed of light but try to do it with really low res but huge fps 😉

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    watchin electricity in slow motion i feel like there is something to b learned here

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  16. What would happen if you use waterwheel and a larger disc? With a diameter of 1m or more? And what if we use bigger Leyden jars?

  17. Ozone is created more so from surface areas loaded with electrons, which is the case of the Wimshurst machine’s surfaces before the arc discharges these surface areas. The arc itself does very little if any ozone making. The pufff sounds you are hearing when the gap is too large are the capacitors’ dielectric parts failing to insulate. Basically when you do that, you’re burning up the capacitors.

  18. You can get larger sparks if you try to get the arc from the small ball of the one discharger to the big ball of the other discharger. Furthermore the position of the neutralizer have an effect to the spark-length: are they nearly turned to the vertical line of the machine the voltage is the maximum, the spark will be longer. Are they nearly horizontal, the current is at maximum, but the sparks will be smaller.

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