Why Not to Buy a Lifted Truck

100 thoughts on “Why Not to Buy a Lifted Truck

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  2. The truth in the modification world…what-ever you're talking about…you get what you pay for. If you're gonna be cheap just to get it done…it's not gonna hold…and cost as much as doing it the right way first off.

  3. Maybe hes mad his dad was missing a testical when he was made. And drove a lifted truck to compensate for his fucked up nuts. Maybe that's why he doesnt like lifted vehicles.

  4. I like scotty's channel, in this case though he is making judgments based on a poor lift. Correctly done steering, pinion angles and the like should be very near stock. The only exception to that rule is IFS front vehicles. There are companies that do make axles designed for added stress and angles. The ride in my lifted jeep actually is a better ride than stock. Additional trans stress happens when the axle gear ratios are not corrected for bigger tires. Handling at high speed does suffer as does gas milage. The price you pay for being able to have a capable off road vehicle that I can still drive to work.

    Scotty needs to do a little additional research b4 passing judgements. Proprely lifted vehicles can be safe and offer comfortable ride quality as well as reliability.

  5. This video should be titled buy the correct lift kit for your truck . When was this video made in 1995 Correct lift kits maintain factory pinion and cv Axel angles.

  6. I've never liked the look of those lifted trucks anyways I just think they look ridiculous, like a hippo on giraffe legs

  7. Who tf even drives or has time/money for lifted trucks unless they got daddys millions or lives off the government.

  8. Them cv's were at the worst angle iv ever seen. My lift looks nothing like that one. Looks like you picked the worst truck possible to review lol.

  9. I've lifted a Jeep before and change out everything on the front end except the drop pitman arm and ball joints with new control arms, track bar, tie rod and drag link and never had a problem with it since even though the vehicle sat higher up by changing a few parts on it I manage to have all the angles at stock specs (helps when you have solid front and rear axles)

  10. I swear this guy downs every vehicle enthusiast cuz he jus hates on every damn thing ?fuckin dosnt know any damn thing bout vehicles

  11. My truck had a body lift and it has linkage issues and riding and handeling issues. Lifts are cool but not to practice.

  12. My truck is a show truck with super knobby 35” mud tiers with a 6” lift and does fine and gets 14.6 to a gallon

  13. Well, but i think a 4 cm kit will don t do much, mentioning that kit contains shock absorbers and everything, not just pieces of steel puted under the chasy

  14. scotty, all these problems have nothing to due with lifting your truck, for example the uneven tire wear is an alignment issue

  15. I bought a Tundra for a good price but it had a leveling kit recently installed. I ended up taking the kit off because after one winter in Alaska.. I already had to replace both the Half shafts. Since I’ve taken the kit off… It has better ride quality and I can tow easier because everything is even when it’s loaded.

  16. Nothing in this is factually incorrect, but this video is so dad it ate all the lunch meat on the way home from the grocery store.

  17. Most of the points presented by Scotty are addressed by a good lift kit. Only shitty lift kits mess up all your angles and make them ride rough.

  18. Do a video on old pot heads that peel rubber and beat on Barbie and Kens old Corvette.

  19. Your just mad because people in tall lifted trucks can see you playing with yourself in your silly little Corvette.

  20. lol If you're gonna do that, you should at least replace it with a suspension that is made for that kind of thing.

  21. Rev up your Little Man Syndrome!
    Another reason not to buy a lifted truck is that it tells you a lot about the previous owner and how they probably treated the thing. The type of guys who lift trucks are a lot more likely to have drove it like their hair was on fire. Not to mention, if they actually made use of all that ground clearance, that means they were driving it through some very harsh environmental conditions. If you're into rock climbing or mud running etc, that's fine, but I'm not buying your beat on toy after you're done playing with it.
    Great vid, Scotty!

  22. Stop these stupid videos for god sakes. Why not to buy a lifted truck, why not to buy a tundra, why not to put headers in your car, why not to spray your headlights with clear coat. SHUT UP. Ur losing it man. Stick to what you know. You don't really have to make videos about EVERYTHING. You creep.

  23. That’s about the most mis-informed, opinionated verbal diarrhea I’ve ever heard!! Hahaha nice stingray loser

  24. They need these lifted trucks, their penises are too small, combined with a balding hairline they need all the help they can get

  25. Makes sense. What is more concerning is the additional height of the body and bumper. In an accident the other vehicle that is not lifted is screwed.

  26. People who lift are trying so hard to make themselves manly or superior but In reality got small ? so rip, and your paying way more for for repairs or upgrades

  27. I personally wouldn't have one, but I will say, a proper lift kit, takes all this stuff into consideration. Otherwise it's not a lift kit, it's just some lift parts thrown at an otherwise stock vehicle.

  28. I have a 2016 GMC 2500HD with a 9 inch lift. It rides like a sports car on the interstate. Its smooth and at no point does it feel top heavy in turns. At slow speed, bumps are kind of excessive when ran over, but its all about customizing and your personal opinion on stuff.

  29. 8.8k High schoolers and guys in their mid 20s that never pull anything, go off-road, or do any kind of work with their truck whatsoever disliked.

  30. I know this video is over 6 years old, but modestly lifted trucks (2 -6 inches usually, maybe 8) do have their place in the practical world. And a well designed kit, such as those engineered and produced by BDS, take into consideration CV angles and overall suspension geometry to combat against accelerated breakdown of key suspension components. If you spend $500 on a cheap RC kit, then you get what you pay for, but if you spend $2000+ on a BDS kit or any other comparable kits, then you shouldn't have the concerns that Scotty raises in this video. And like Trent Moss says…it keeps the fat chicks away and it also allows you to tread through flash flooded roads without worrying about whether or not you will flood your engine.

  31. Like everything else, there's a right way and a wrong way to do things, including lifting a truck. Don't knock lifted trucks because you found one that was done completely wrong.

  32. You know, a proper kit designed for a truck does not suffer from the issues described in this video. As they usually change all those parts rather than just stressing current and stretching suspension. But basically noone does the proper method these days.

  33. most of this video is incorrect. quality lift kits like bds replace the suspension entirely and disregard the stock pieces in order for the truck to run properly. i am not 100% sure of this but on my truck that is what they did.

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