Why I’m All-in On Tesla Stock

Why I’m All-in On Tesla Stock

Hey, I’m Steven and this is Solving The
Money Problem. If it’s your first time on the channel, welcome. In this video I’m explaining why I’m all-in
on Tesla. Well, almost all-in. I’m an opportunistic investor. I’m not
a stock investor. I’m not a real estate investor. I’m not a business man. I just
look for opportunities that line up with my investment goals and suit my risk profile.
If they do, I’m in. Today, Tesla comprises about 80% of my stock
portfolio. This goes against the investment advice of
almost everyone ever. And for good reason. Concentrating a large amount of wealth in
a single asset can be a recipe for disaster. Thing is, I’m confident (or arrogant) enough
to believe I DO know what I’m doing. History may prove me to be wrong but so far,
my prior investment decisions have led to my achieving financial independence and retiring
at age 31. Before we dive into the video, ask yourself:
is Jeff Bezos an idiot for concentrating most of his wealth in Amazon? Is Bill Gates an
idiot for concentrating most of his wealth in Microsoft? Is Elon Musk an idiot for concentrating
most of his wealth in Tesla and SpaceX? I’m not a believer in diversification for
its own sake. If you have no idea what you’re doing, then sure, diversify. If you’re petrified
of risk, sure, diversify. If you have mouths to feed, then sure, diversify. I don’t.
And I’d much rather be making investment decisions from a place of confidence than
uncertainty. I’ve been following the Tesla story for
a decade–since the original roadster–yet it wasn’t until March 2016, just before
the Model 3 reveal, that I became confident enough to begin investing. So, why Tesla? The engineers – Many of the world’s best
engineers work at Telsa–or want to. Let’s have a look at a 2018 survey of engineering
students who were asked to name the employers they most wanted to work for. SpaceX took
out the #1 position, closely followed by Tesla at #2. The implications of this are very important.
Recruiting great young engineering talent for Tesla is like shooting fish in a barrel. Other companies wishing to compete with Tesla
have a pool of lesser engineering talent from which to draw. This matters. Ford sits at #16 on the list. General Motors
at #19. BMW at #20. They’re going to get the leftovers. It’s just a fact. Engineers are the backbone of Tesla’s business
and they’ve got their pick of the bunch. The technology – Tesla is embarrassingly far
ahead everywhere it counts. Their batteries are literally miles ahead of everyone on range
and efficiency. Their power train puts others to shame. Their 3 current vehicles are the
3 safest ever tested. Over-the-air updates mean Tesla vehicles continuously get better
AFTER you buy them. Their infotainment is unmatched. Netflix. Car-aoke. How about sentry
mode? Dog mode? Or how about FREE over-the-air-updates that increase range and performance after you’ve purchased the vehicle? What
about the machine that builds the machine? Who else can build a factory in 10 months?
Who else is profitably producing electric vehicles at scale with gross margins exceeding
20%? And don’t get me started on the full self driving data lead. The leadership – Musk is a brilliant leader.
Despite what the dips**ts in the mass-media would have you believe, Elon has inspired
the world’s best and brightest to work tirelessly under extremely trying conditions to innovate
rapidly and solve enormous problems–over and over. Musk may be eccentric, he may not
be easy to work for but those who work for Tesla don’t want EASY. They want MEANINGFUL,
CHALLENGING and INSPIRING work. The execution – Tesla do what they say. Sure,
the timing is not always perfect but they get the job done. Every. Single. Time. Let’s
read the original master plan from August, 2006. Did Tesla build a sports car (Roadster), then
use that money to make a more affordable car (Model S), then use that money to build an
even more affordable car (Model 3)? Did Tesla provide zero-emission electric power generation
options (Solar)? Let’s look beyond Tesla. Did SpaceX say
they’d build reusable rockets and actually do it? Yes. THIS MATTERS. The inevitable transition – Electric vehicles
currently make up just a few percent of the new vehicle market. In the future, they will
be about 100%. Tesla is sitting atop a GIGANTIC technological transition and no one else is
even in the game. The declining costs – Question: What is the
most expensive component in an electric vehicle? Answer: The battery. What else costs a bomb?
The computer. Isn’t that fascinating. The big ticket items in the vehicles are both
on declining cost curves. So what does this mean? The price/performance of electric vehicles
will continue to improve over time. EVs are around price/performance parity with internal
combustion engine vehicles TODAY. Guess what? Internal combustion engines are NOT getting
cheaper to make. Batteries are. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what this means
for the future. The competition – *hysterical laughter*. What competition?
There is literally NONE. There may be competition in the future but currently, there isn’t.
Each vehicle Tesla has produced is best-in-class by a STUPID margin and is selling accordingly.
Yes, there are other electric vehicles currently on roads and many more “coming soon”, but
as of today, Model S, Model X and Model 3 do not have competition. Tesla owns EVs like
Google owns search. The survivability – At this point, I can’t
see Tesla dying. This wasn’t always the case. That’s why I held off buying any stock
until 2016. But since then, Tesla have shown profitability despite continually outlaying
huge amounts of capital to build new factories and infrastructure. Their margins continue
to improve as they find new efficiencies and benefit from economies of scale. Today, I believe Elon Musk could raise billions
within a matter of days in any economic conditions. This wasn’t always true. It’s also been reported that in 2013, Apple
attempted to acquire Tesla for a large premium and in the same year, Elon Musk had a handshake
agreement with his friend and ex-Google CEO Larry Page to acquire Tesla, if needed. In the worst case scenario, someone like Google,
Apple or even Amazon would jump at the opportunity to acquire Tesla and their market-leading
technology. The F.U.D. (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt) – What
is being said about Tesla in the media does not match reality. Analysts, media shills
and others are spreading fear, uncertainty, doubt and misinformation about the company,
and its leader. Perhaps there’s some big oil money involved. I don’t know. But at
the end of the day, the truth will win. Until then, Tesla stock is on a discount. If you
can look past the noise at the underlying facts, you’ll see a very different picture
to the ones CBNC are broadcasting into homes. To really understand the extent of this FUD,
look at the short seller theses on why Tesla will fail. Most of their reasons are factually
incorrect. And all that remains is speculation and desperate fantasies like “There must
be accounting fraud” and “The competition is coming” which we’ve been hearing for
years. Where is it? The network effect – Each time a Tesla
owner takes delivery of their vehicle, something interesting happens. Their friends and family
who currently don’t know a thing about Tesla become exposed to one of its products. This
matters. Ask anyone who’s ever test driven a Tesla for the first time about their experience.
It usually goes like this: “I drove one.” “I want one.” “I ordered one.” And Each time Tesla releases an awesome new
feature like sentry mode or smart summon, or romance mode or fart mode, thousands of
videos and tweets spread virally in an instant. The products are so good that they advertise
themselves. This is why Tesla doesn’t need to waste money on advertising or dealer networks. The cult – Elon has a sea of fanboys. I count
myself among them. The man has almost 30 million twitter followers — more
than the population of Australia. Let that sink in. 30 f**king MILLION people, care enough
about what he is doing or has to say, to follow his twitter. His reach matters. That generations of teenagers see him as an
inspiring role model matters. That he can sell $10 million worth of not-a-flame-throwers in a few days MATTERS. That he can broadcast to an enormous audience
in seconds, matters. Do you even know the name of another automotive
CEO? The physics-thinking – As a lifelong science
nerd, I view the world differently to most. Physics is fundamental, everything else is
emergent. Reality itself is nothing but particles interacting and obeying the laws of physics. When Elon Musk approaches an engineering problem,
he boils it down to atoms and works up from there. Few others do this. The reason Tesla
has been able to innovate, disrupt and make “bold” moves like entering the EV market
before it seemed to make any financial sense is because of first principles thinking. Forget what everyone else is doing. What do the laws of physics say? Is it possible? Then DO IT. The optimization culture – Tesla has a culture of optimization and finding new efficiencies—it’s built into the DNA of the company. [The best part is no part. The best process is no process] – Elon Musk [And occasionally at the design level you think something is necessary then it turns out it’s not.] – Elon Musk [So it’s just like making sure–connecting between design and manufacturing] – Elon Musk [And making sure we’re closed-loop on that.] – Elon Musk Deleting complexity is an endless task. This
optimization isn’t just at the level of say, battery technology, or materials. At
every level, from corporate structure to production line optimization, Tesla is relentless in
its pursuit of finding new efficiencies. Tesla is squeezing every last drop while most others
are in cruise control. Model Y shares about ¾ of its components
with Model 3. This wasn’t an accident. It was extreme optimization. And as a result,
the Model Y ramp is months ahead of schedule. Tesla learns fast. Gigafactory 3 was built in 10 months for 65%
less (capital expenditure per unit of capacity) than the US Model 3 production system. I could go on. The other stuff – You may not have noticed
but Tesla does Solar and Batteries as well. Today these products don’t account for a
huge chunk of Tesla’s business. In fact, everyone seems to be ignoring these entirely
but mark my words, the world IS transitioning to renewable energy generation and storage
and Tesla is poised to capture plenty of this market. I have about 20 more reasons but this video
is getting long enough as it is. Viewed in aggregate, these reasons paint a
clear picture of a company with a bright future. Tesla has proven its ability to innovate,
execute and disrupt. They’re in a healthy financial position. While “analysts” are
crying over lack of profitability, Tesla are investing billions in scaling production around
the world while other automakers are barely dipping their toes in the water. Tesla has a 3-5 year lead over everyone. I
mean, 7 years after its release, nothing has even matched the original Model S for range. And
Tesla will continue to innovate. The recent acquisition of Maxwell Technologies and Hibar
Systems suggest that a big battery breakthrough (dry battery electrode anyone?) has occurred
which pushes their lead out further. Telsa’s full self driving computer is lightyears ahead.
Their data lead is ridiculous. And of course, if Tesla wins FSD and the “fleet awakens”…
oh boy. So, those are some of the reasons I’m all-in
on Tesla. Of course, I’m paying very close attention
to Tesla, it’s “competition”, the industries it’s in, the underlying technologies and
everything else I deem relevant. If, in the future, things change, my portfolio
will do likewise. But if I’m being honest, I think in 2030,
everyone will be calling me “lucky”. This video is NOT investment advice. It’s just a peek into MY reasoning and MY investment decisions. Thanks for making it to the end of the video. Let me know in the comments below, do you
own any Tesla stock? Do you plan to buy any? What reasons encouraged you to invest or to steer
clear? Any holes in my thinking? And if you have any ideas for future videos
or topics you’d like covered, let me know. I read all of your comments. I’m Steven Mark Ryan, this is Solving The
Money Problem, and I love you all. p.s. Don’t try this at home. [Oh, oh JESUS. Sorry. Speaking of mishaps, I just stabbed you.] – Elon Musk [*maniacal laughter*] – Elon Musk

100 thoughts on “Why I’m All-in On Tesla Stock

  1. I am starting to build up my investment in TSLA! Agree with your rationale. And looking forward to the positive effects of TSLA's long-term "programme"

  2. 8:47 I do: Carlos Tavares, Carlos Ghosn, Ferdinand Piëch, Sergio Marchionne, John DeLorean, Soichiro Honda, Ferruccio Lamborghini, Enzo Ferrari, Preston Tucker, Ferdinand Porsche, Pierre-Jules Boulanger, Pierre Michelin, André Citroën, Kiichiro Toyoda, Giovanni Agnelli, Henry Ford, Karl Benz, Gottlieb Daimler.

  3. What do you think of how unstable the market is? It goes up and down constantly. I believe in long term growth, but I feel like its too risky now. Im hoping the stock drops to 200$

  4. Great video with a lot of good points. I view investing in TSLA specifically is a hedge on disruption. Disruption of electric mobility, energy, autonomous mobility/freight and even AI/Robotics in the future. Tesla's work with AI and neural nets is so underrated, once full self driving is solved, the Tesla neural net could be used in so many other applications. This is the only company I know of that a consumer can buy a product that is a real AI/Robot in the form of a car which performs extremely complex tasks. A car that is currently able to use AI on the highway to drive you safely from on-ramp to off-ramp. Your analysis of TSLA is spot on. I own 800 shares of TSLA and it comprises of 20% of my investment portfolio – would buy more but I got a couple mouths to feed…

  5. I would watch the Joe Rogen interview with Matt Farah about Tesla before doing this!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oq_646gW8Qk

  6. Problems with this video: You only listed POSITIVES that CONFIRM YOUR THESIS. You should have added negatives, counterarguments to those arguments and then point out rebuttals, showing why those arguments are wrong. Smart way to invest is to find all reasons it COULD do wrong and then analyse each reason. Waiting for a video on "Why you shouldn't invest in tesla" and counterarguments to those arguments.

  7. One issue not addressed here is the whole Hyperloop issue. You mention how Elon works at the level of physics yet Hyperloop's concept defies physics at its core. Would love to hear your thoughts on this oversight in your video. Elon's devotion and enthusiasm for this project errodes many peoples confidence in his ability to be grounded in reality.

  8. I only have 3 companies in my stock portfolio of which 70% is Tesla for the same reasons, and it certainly has paid off up untill now.

  9. Invest in disruptive companies that can benefit from global transitions.

    Netflix; Cord cutters moving from cable tv to streaming.

    Amazon; The transition of retail store shopping to online shopping.

    Tesla; The transition from internal combustion engine(ICE) vehicles to electric vehicles (EV’s).

    Look at what Netflix and Amazon stock have done in the last 10-15 years.

    Tesla are only at the beginning of their transitional opportunity.

    80 million cars are sold globally each year. EV’s only represent 2 million of those.
    The market opportunity is huge!

    EV sales increased 64% in 2018 compared to declining ICE vehicle sales in that same period.
    Declining battery costs will continue accelerating this transition.

    I profited greatly from investing in Netflix at the beginning of the streaming transition.
    Recently I started a big migration of those profits into Tesla.

    Now is your chance to invest in a disruptive company at the beginning of a huge global transition.
    No time machine needed.

    Do it now!

  10. Thanks for the video, Mark. Very well executed. Im invested in Tesla for most of the reasons you've touched upon. And – like you – in addition to its auto-prospects and present scaling, im extremely excited to see Tesla become a "global utility distributor" as Musk referenced during the Q3 conference call. A few topics related to Tesla that id like to better understand: 1) The curve at which the mass adoption of electric vehicles will accelerate over the next 10 years (I believe only 1% of total cars purchased are EVs; and 2) Are there limitations on global lithium supply that could hinder EV expansion at some critical mass of demand?

  11. You must think the FED can expand the balance sheet forever. It has been on an upward trajectory since November as the world dumps dollars. I 100% think the market is 50% controlled by the federal reserve. It's fake! The world is calling the US out as you can't just print money and buy up real things with new currency backed by nothing. This is a train wreck waiting to happen. Buyer of stocks beware.

  12. Isn't it too late to buy Tesla stock now though? They are nearly at an all time high and pretty high already compared to other car manufactures

  13. Tesla future depends on shrinking their battery size whole holding more energy. That is what you are betting on. If they can't do that in a speedy manner then electric car are not worth it unless you driving local and with little cargo.

  14. Its very stupid to be all-in on a business you do not control. Never ever put more than 5% in single asset. (Not saying you should play play safe, just diversify it)
    BTW. Tesla is shit, it has no profitable quarter, survives on gov. Subsidies and is a shitty car overall. Only idiot will think that european car industry can't kill it, its just that it isn't the right time to get into….EVs are still less than 1% of market, and right tecnology isn't yet there. I can manufacture batter performance car than Tesla by myself in my garage, as well as batteries with 2xE density … Its not what its all about, automotive industry is a lot more than that. Network effect is also absolutly insignificant… They are on 0.1%of market its a joke…. If they were wort of something, VW would bought them.

  15. Excellent video Steven – thanks for your hard work. Been wanting to make a video like this highlighting my investment thesis on Tesla.

    Loved the competition bit lol

  16. just think what will happen if they found a way to charge the batteries without need for a AC outlet.
    or even a way to avoid using batteries…

    fiction? read this:

    But we shall not satisfy ourselves simply with improving steam and explosive engines or inventing new batteries; we have something much better to work for, a greater task to fulfill. We have to evolve means for obtaining energy from stores which are forever inexhaustible, to perfect methods which do not imply consumption and waste of any material whatever.

    We are whirling through endless space, with and inconceivable speed, all around everything is spinning, everything is moving, everywhere there is energy. There must be some way of availing ourselves of this energy more directly. Then, with the light obtained from the medium, with the power derived from it, with every form of energy obtained without effort, from the store forever inexhaustible, humanity will advance with giant strides. The mere contemplation of these magnificent possibilities expand our minds, strengthens our hopes and and fills our hearts with supreme delight.

    Nikola Tesla.

    As far as I know the future of Tesla is writhed on BIG letters "TESLA" right on the from of all their own facilities and they are NOT aware of.

  17. Don't save money for your kids' 18th/21st birthday (if that's a thing in your country), just buy them $1500 of Tesla stock and see how much it's gonna be in those 18 years!

  18. Look mate the valuation is fucked, simple as.
    You can talk all you want about how awesome the Tesla story is etc. The hype is priced in.
    Good Luck.

  19. I got in when they were at sitting at 210 a couple months ago and I’m planning on putting more in if there’s a slight dip before 2020 because they are going to skyrocket after that

  20. I bought my first Tesla stocks today. [email protected],1$. I hope it is worth it. How many % of my portfolio? It depends. In actual stocks? Only 2,4%. In value? ~62,5%. I do have more money (that I can put into Tesla), but I don’t really want to risk all my savings.
    I need a house and a car in a few years, and I don’t know if it will show profit within that time period. Any thoughts? I have about $19k left in my savings account. $20k in some funds. And a total of $11k in stocks. (~$6,5k in Tesla)
    I’m all for investing more in Tesla, but I can’t risk loosing too much. As a 16 year old kid who don’t know what the hell to do in life, I kinda need money lol.

  21. I don't think I could justify investing in Tesla. I believe they overstate the capability of autopilot. Progress with the system has been painfully slow, whereas companies like Waymo have been making steady progress. My other main concern is Elon, I think the recent cybertruck reveal is a good example. The truck doesn't fit with the current design philosophy and wont appeal to the existing truck drivers. The design is far to big to be practical in Europe, basically it seems to just be targeted at those who already own a Tesla. I think it would have been better to design a truck with wider appeal that make sense on a global scale, not just designed for the American market.

  22. Maybe you should read this : https://talkmarkets.com/content/technology/low-level-of-temporary-tesla-profitability-ahead-of-collapse-short-seller?post=242450

  23. Aloha, I was thinking in doing that, anyone can please explain where to start, or what to do, thank you. I just order a Cybertruck.

  24. Chinese are getting into the automotive very fast. It might be very easily commoditized. Just like it happened with smartphones. Now the biggest sellers are Chinese brands, that did not exist 5 years ago. And they are making the market commoditized, driving prices down, since no one can compete with them. Apple, the big brand quality name, is losing sales and stock value. Currently the same pattern can be traced with early Chinese automotive brands. On top of that Tesla is building a factory over there, effectively transferring the know how. Another sign was the recent hacking and stealing of Tesla self driving AI by a new Chinese automotive manufacturer.

  25. The similarities between tesla and apple, musk and jobs, are just too obvious. I bought a bit before the last earnings call. Angry with myself I didnt buy more…

  26. nooo you should've kept summing up reasons, this is the perfect video to use when ppl tell me that tesla or ev's arent good etc. this crushes ppl with shitty arguments
    to the bone

  27. Tesla is very cool company, I am realy considering to buy a cybertruck in 2021.
    BUT Only thing that mattters in the end is financials. You told nothing about the financials of the company. Why is tesla stock more today than its traded at today? You realy have to quantify your valuation or your just gambling. If tesla was 2x or 1/2 the price would you still be buying? What is the current value of a tesla share? What discount rate do you use? You are just gambling an not investing. I dont say tesla is not a good investment but please dont invest your money into individual companies if you dont look at their financial future.

    Tesla trades at a forward PE of 80 times. This is realy expensive if you dont see a 1000% increase in profit in the next few years.

  28. I'm "all in" 73% in Tesla as well.
    Rounding out my portfolio:
    8% NVDA Nvidia
    5% TD TD Bank
    5% VFV Vanguard S&P500 Index ETF
    3% RNW TransAlta Renewables
    3% REGN Regeneron
    3% NFLX Netflix

  29. I got one share. I've been able to buy and sell one share over the last few years and make a couple hundred bucks. Missed buying the dip after the initial cybertruck launch! But its all good.

  30. The only risks I see in Tesla is if something happens to Elon Musk or there is a worldwide financial breakdown. The latter will come some time. I see the gigafactory in China as a assurance for that case. But for now i am invested in weapons(SAAB) and pharma(Pfizer) as backup. If Tesla stock is falling, I will buy more of them). I may buy more anyway soon. For Americans: SAAB make the Gripen fighter that just was delivered in a very powerful new version(new aircraft) to a operating cost of 1/4 of F-35A. It is harder to detect, du to avionics, but can detect everyting around and are true network centric since more than 30 years and so on. Submarines with capability to sink American carriers undetected, Karl Gustaf recoilless 84mm gun, GaN AESA radars, AWACS and much more in the absolute front of weapons tech come from this innovative company. Not Tesla, but something close.

  31. I've thought the exact same things for years, only thing holding me back is investment capacity. Elon Musk has himself indicated that Tesla has only reached maturity after a market permeation and ubiquity comparable to, or exceeding that of Apple. Tesla's current trajectory, ambition and Musks down-to-earth brutally honest realism (even be it some times at the cost of short term stock interests) sugests to me that he might be right. Bear in mind this guy from the onset openly advertised that his companies would almost certainly fail. That seemed like a likely and reasonable prediction then, and so do his current ones regarding the company's future.

    All this is saying nothing about SpaceX which currently is poised to revolutionize satelite internet, long distance travel, humanity's relationship with space and single handedly create a space industry and colony on Mars. Imagine what stocks in such enterprices should be worth if there is even just a slightest chance of success.

  32. Tesla is going to tank and go bankrupt when the competition comes on full bore. Battery power is highly toxic and commercially not viable as a
    Primary drive in the long run. I see 0 charging ports in Apartment buildings and condos, 0! …and this is where 90% of the population lives.

  33. I agree with everything you said. I have about 25% of my portfolio in Tesla. I also started to invest in 2016. I think the next 3 years will be great

  34. 80%? Bruh I'm over 100% and looking for my granddad's Rolex.

    Also apparently they're making a Mars Rover for the consumer market

    You can't make this stuff up

  35. I agree. But you're omitting a major, major reason why Tesla is likely to win. Self-driving is coming. In terms of data for training that software, Tesla has something like a billion miles of proprietary data from their customers' driving. That's like 500% more than their closest competitor. I'm 23 and a computer science student. Have followed Elon very closely for some time. He is by far one of the most brilliant men on the planet. I'm doing freelance copywriting now on the side to save up, and will likely buy my first Tesla stock pretty soon. If I'm able to save up some and then buy 'em cheap in a possible crash, that wouldn't be too bad either. I'm an avid student of finance—Buffett, Graham, Munger, Dalio etc. I believe your reasons why the crowd undervalues Tesla are correct. They're eccentric and bashed in the media. I couldn't really think of someone I'd more like to invest in than Elon.

  36. If you want to know more about Musk, my 300+ pages ebook "You are Elon Musk" will be 50% off on Amazon.com (ironically) on Friday the 13th of December, for one week. Don't miss it! Happy Xmas to all 🙂

  37. Great video. I'd always dreamed of a solar shingle. I bought Solar City stock when Elon announced his roofing system. However, I don't think it would have paid off if Tesla hadn't acquired Solar City. Tesla dominated my portfolo Until my small Enphase position blew up 2400 per cent.

  38. I like what Tesla is doing and I think they’re headed in the right direction. However, they have a fleet used cars that are going to set unreliability records. Makes me a bit nervous ?

  39. Brilliant work putting all this research together into very simple terms, man!! If you're looking for new video recommendations, I'd LOVE a video that's a little less financially-focused, and more just a detailed look at how Tesla is making the world a better place, through removing CO2 emissions, pushing solar power, battery recycling, etc. I'd love to share something like that with my friends that don't care about stock market stuff 🙂

  40. Great video.
    You didn't mention the super charger network. Anyone trying to sell an electric car will be competing with that Tesla advantage.

    Warm regards, Rick.

  41. I wish one day, I wish one day Tesla will allow Tesla supercharger franchise, allowing private citizens like me to participate in building the Tesla supercharger network combing with great amenities such as Japanese style cafe exclusively for Tesla owners. The cafe will attach directly with the charging parking lot, creating a "Tesla owners club" feeling. That will be a dream coming true.

  42. This is a terrible asset allocation.
    Readers should not follow this guy's portfolio.
    Tesla stock is up since Nov 2016 about 79%
    The W5000 index (total stock market index) is up about 50% with vastly less risk.
    The 1 year return on Tesla stock DOWN about 11%
    The 1 year return of the W5000 is up about 18.5%
    In July 2017 TSLA was $383; today December 2019 TSLA is $339.53
    Guys who bought Tesla stock in July 2017 are DOWN about 12.6%
    Tesla has 1. competition 2. an erratic CEO

  43. I've been watching Tesla for the past 2 years but I haven't really took a deep look at them until about 7 months ago. I'm no pro investor, but a learning one really. Everything I see with Tesla is positive. Right down to the crazy cybertruck design, which had to grow on me. But that design was marketing genius if you ask me. But like you've said, they are so far ahead in the EV industry it's insane and their growth is incredible. You didn't mention that Tesla in now entering their first year of expected profitability and had their first profitable quarter the last quarter. Also don't forget the $20 million+ interest free load Tesla is getting from the cybertruck pre-orders. I'm currently a very small share holder with plans of becoming a much larger holder as it becomes an option. I'm extremely excited to see what the future of Tesla has in store for us all!

  44. I would like to invest in Tesla or buy stock. how or where can I find the information I need to do this? Or do you have a video about investing in Tesla?

  45. TSLA was a good investment because of all the piggyback riders believing in Elons Musks vision. From an investors point of view teslas business model follows one very wrong presumption… the fact that its almost impossible for it to have any competitiion, which is wrong. Soon much bigger automakers will be able to get in line with tesla and easily overcome them, capital management has been wrongly managed by Elon. These videos only express that you're buying into Elon's vision and not a reliable business model, most people value this company as a tech company with huge growth on forecasted cash flows when it's really a auto maker. Costs in these type of companies are really hard to lower proven by the management of automakers in the last century, even with automation its still really hard. Finally, would like to say that tesla is overvalued… with a market cap higher than those competitors which have much better financial statements. Tesla with a whopping $61 billion market cap and no freaking positive net income… while GM with a $55.5 b market cap and ford with an even lower $35.7 b and positive net incomes… it's funny how people gete attracted to elon's vision and dump money on his ponzi scheme.

  46. TSLA was a good investment because of all the piggyback riders believing in Elons Musks vision. From an investors point of view teslas business model follows one very wrong presumption… the fact that its almost impossible for it to have any competitiion, which is wrong. Soon much bigger automakers will be able to get in line with tesla and easily overcome them, capital management has been wrongly managed by Elon. These videos only express that you're buying into Elon's vision and not a reliable business model, most people value this company as a tech company with huge growth on forecasted cash flows when it's really a auto maker. Costs in these type of companies are really hard to lower proven by the management of automakers in the last century, even with automation its still really hard. Finally, would like to say that tesla is overvalued… with a market cap higher than those competitors which have much better financial statements. Tesla with a whopping $61 billion market cap and no freaking positive net income… while GM with a $55.5 b market cap and ford with an even lower $35.7 b and positive net incomes… it's funny how people gete attracted to elon's vision and dump money on his ponzi scheme.

  47. I have 43 shares, hodling them into retirement. Agree with your analysis. Also keep in mind Tesla is a silicon valley company. The culture of delayed profits are the norm for tech companies. Just gotta HODL

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