Why Does Salt Melt Ice? | SCI CODE

Why Does Salt Melt Ice? | SCI CODE

[Coma Niddy]
Snow can be fun, but it can also be dangerous if you can slip and fall on ice. But by using
Salt we melt Ice with the magic of science. [Narrated]
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Ice and Water are the same thing, H2O. But one is a liquid and the other is a solid.
The molecules are arranged differently. With water the molecules have some space and
they flow around freely. But with ice the temperature is so low, 0 Degrees Celsius,
that molecules move less and begin to form bonds.
Ice looks like it’s solid but there’s actually a thin layer of water at the top and it exists
in a state of equilibrium. As some of the ice melts, it becomes water, and then some
of that water becomes ice. Now when salt gets in the mix, it causes some
trouble. It dissolves into that layer of water, making it more difficult for the molecules
to bond. Disrupting the balance between the freezing and melting process.
So we’re literally throwing salt into ice’s game.
But salt only works up to -17.8* Degrees Celsius. If it’s too cold, the water molecules actually
push past the salt* and still become solid. So if anybody is ever throwing salt in your
game, just give them the cold shoulder and you’ll be ok. SCI CODE! [Rapping]
To be a Scientist, you need to have an open mind.
Open to suggestion and the test of time. You don’t need glasses, to be a Scientist
You don’t need a lab coat, to be a Scientist You don’t need to be a male, to be a Scientist
You don’t need to be a certain race to be a Scientist
The truth is, we’re all born Scientists As children, all of us are curious….

13 thoughts on “Why Does Salt Melt Ice? | SCI CODE

  1. I don't get it, why you don't have like thousand of views on your videos… Seriosly… I know quite similar channel on Polish YT, that is learning science in funny and interesting way and it has like 300 000 views (it's called SciFun). What's the reason? Aren't people in America interested in science? Anyway, great job Coma Niddy, you've got cool videos!
    Btw, thanks for explaining Purnkinji Effect, that video brought me here 🙂 
    Greetings from Poland!

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  3. This is really good stuff! Thanks for making this! Could you make a second part to talk about why it becomes colder afterwards even though the ice melts initially? That will be great! Cheers man!

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