WHY DO JOINTS POP? 📣 What makes the cracking sound? (Dr Lee Pierce)

WHY DO JOINTS POP? 📣 What makes the cracking sound? (Dr Lee Pierce)

hi there doc hey Donny I have another
question for you good what makes the popping sound the
cracking sound right yeah chiropractors hate the word crack that’s an illegal
drug we don’t deal in it but when you adjust somebody sometimes you’ll hear a
loud audible cracking sound and everybody wonders what that is of course
the first thing they think is something’s breaking right now there’s
nothing breaking what makes the actual sound is when you stretch a joint it
creates a little vacuum in between those bones because at the end of the bone
there’s this nice slippery cartilage and some fluid and when you pull it it’s
like pulling a suction cup off of glass you get that popping sound that’s all
that noise is so when somebody cracks their knuckles they’re just creating
little suction cups and a little air pocket actually forms inside the joint
I think it’s nitrogen gas about 20 minutes later that air pocket be
reabsorbed and you could actually pop it again you see now I always get asked is
cracking your knuckles bad for you and the answer is yes it is bad for you and
the reason is most people who crack their knuckles they unconsciously know
in about 20 minutes now they can pop it boom 20 minutes
later pop it again 20 minutes later crack them again they can just keep
doing that over and over so every day they might do this you know 15 20 times
a day and when you’re taking a normal joint and you’re pushing it way beyond
its normal range of motion to get that pop or that audible out of it it causes
some micro trauma to the joint not one time or two if you did it like once a
day you probably be fine but doing it repeatedly all day long day after day
month after month it’s going to actually cause micro trauma and some wear and
tear and degeneration in there so it’s not a good idea to crack your knuckles
then I have patients that come in and say look doc I can crack my own neck now
and they’ll go like this they think I can adjust myself wrong very bad thing
to do is once again you don’t want to take a normal joint beyond its normal
range of motion remember our little model here let’s show you how things
work normal spine all the are doing their own share of the work
now you can take a normal joint normal spine and push on it make all kinds of
pops and clicks but if there’s no need there’s no treatment and there’s no
reason to do it right matter of fact some people are so tight
they’re just genetically tight they will never make pops and clicks when you
adjust the Mirnyi to any other time other people on the other end of the
scale are so loose genetically you know they just tilt their head over the other
pop pop pop pop pop it’s nothing to worry about those are just normal joints
creating that little vacuum effect causing noise now when the doctor does
it he doesn’t take a normal joint and push it beyond normal what we’re doing
is we’re looking for those joints in the spine that are not moving normally that
makes sense and we get right on that area that’s locked up and tight and
we’re just trying to bring it back to normal
but we never once it’s normal we stop working on it we don’t keep pushing it
until it’s hypermobile you see that’s what people don’t understand so when
somebody takes their own head they just twist it this is what’s happening you
see how the normal joints are doing all the moving and they do that repeatedly
people get the habit what feels good well yeah you stretch any joint it feels
good for about 20 minutes then tightens back up then they feel like all I got to
do it again and so they’re now they’re doing this to
their neck and to Heather not holes and it’s going to cause damage over time
when a chiropractor does it we get right on the specific joint in the direction
it’s locked up and we gently apply pressure just to bring it back to normal
so we’re not overworking that joint and it should always be very comfortable now
sometimes like I said that some people are so loose on the overworked joints or
so loose we just have them tilt their head near her pop pop pop no treatment
other times the area is so stiff and locked up that even when we do a great
treatment here there will be no noise or no pop so you can have a great treatment
no noise or you can have no treatment and lots of noise make sense so when
we’re adjusting people don’t look for the crack or the pop whatever you want
to call it remember chiropractors hate the word crack it’s an illegal drug and
we do not deal in it till next time thanks doc

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  1. I'm suffering from sciatica & some muscle pain around sacrum, cauda equina & lumbar area. So I frequently feel to have to crack my back to feel better. Sometimes I didn't feel any sound, so I forcefully try to crack it, but the pain continues. I know this is harmful & the situation will be worse after few years. What is the alternate thing should I do to feel better…

  2. Hey pierce, for the past year the upper back of my neck/head has been creaking constantly. However it only cracks and pops when i look to the right. I move my head to the right without thesr cracks happenening, what could the problem be?

  3. Hi Doc… nice video… i have a question…. whenever i bend my knees they will make a annoying noise like, tearing something… i put my palm on my knee and try to bend i can really feel the cracking…. it feals like a huge vibration  … PLEASE REPLY… Thank you.. !! 

  4. Does popping the neck cause it feels good really do damage over time? I hear that modern medicine says that's not accurate?

  5. hi, dont mind my name :P, couple times a day i tilt my head side-ways to crack my neck, i cant stop it and when ever i try a random action of the head makes it crack anyway, is this bad for me? thanks

  6. When I make push ups every time I go down or up I hear my elbow carack and when I make alot of push ups togther my elbow hurt so is it k or what ?

  7. Its currently 2:05 am and my knee made a popping noise. A few minutes later I couldn't move at all. Please tell me that its nothing bad. I'm scared to even sleep now.

  8. Hey Doc i just want to asked my back make cracking noise while i wake up from sleep could you tell me what is a problem? My Name is Aniq from Malaysia.

  9. My knees are cracking like hell and it hurts as well. I've been having this for years and is there any way to cure it?

  10. I know some people who crack their knuckles, it's a bad habit and I've always thought and now confirmed that doing it repeatedly can cause damage to the joints.
    Now, people "cracking" their necks, that's new to me, l0l

  11. i have been popping my joints for yrs and cant stop. so how do i stop doing this. is there a way to stop my popping / cracking sounds when i move. m 49.

  12. My joints snap from head to toe and have pain in larger joints where there is cracking like in my shoulders and scapula. Consultant orthopaedic told me its my tendon and joints rubbing together and there is no cure and sent me for strengthening exercises. All scans are normal including mri. If i dont snap my shoulder every 20 minutes the spasm wont release.

  13. Thank you for the video Dr. Pierce, very informative. Have been having back pain for about two years due to a tight/hardened muscle in middle back, also have permanent  numbness in same area. Just had my back "reset" by my primary care doctor for the first time today (not a chiropractor but she's been certified). Though she said my back might hurt worse over the next couple days. I definitely didn't feel that sense of relief that others feel, when she did it as it kind of hurt when I heard multiple "cracking" sounds. Anyhow, your video was very helpful and am relieved that to hear that its a relatively safe procedure. I'll forward the link to my family members 🙂

  14. So i have a question. Latey For the past month or so, i have been gettind Tiny Cracking noises in my neck all the time(Sparsely so a month ago) this being unexlained as of yet. I on monday will make an apointment with my Doctor to figure out exactly what is causing this to happen. Whati believe is that it began on a psychological basis When i was flooded with anxiety, depression, stress, dysphoria and other psychological issues that i am not able to remeber right now. I Began to smoke Non-medicinal Mariuwana plat flowers About 4 months before i noticed How many issues i had. I would say that it was the mariuwana though i would beg to differ on that point because i have a terrible physical condition, and i have a Straight spinal coulum AND i sit nearly all day. When i first saw problems apear it was Nausea i had was in a constant state of dizzyness, i tired quickly and i always felt exshausted(This is common for people that smoke). I also forgot to mention that i used to smoke i quit now but i only smoked 7-8 moths or so but now i quit. While on a vacation to germany i was having hespicsiation what seemed like a heart attack i could not sleep and a could not stay awake. it felt like i was going to drop dead because of organ failure. So i called the ambulace and they checked everything that there can be checked about my heart Everything was normal exept Foy my HBPM Being 60 on pressure, last time i checked it was 90 on pressure.
    After that whole ordeal the Hesphicsiations and the anxiety attacks ceased to be i could sleep comfortably again. 
    Months later thus, Now i have This pressure and crakcing noise on the base of my neck's spinal coulum that is caused by i dont know what. I have tried to Remeby it by doing small neck exercises that i have read of of a medicinal site,  it didn't help  but it also didn't make it worse. 
    I wanted to know if their has been something similar with others, whether it is anything from Musclepain bue to sitting alot or Cracking of the neck dishes because of my loose and straight spinal coulum or whether it is just a psychological reaction, like my pseudo heart attack.

    I live in holland, in a simultainious sense the use of soft dugs and some 'hard' drugs are legal here. However they are also alot stronger.
    So it is a matter of perspective Have suft drugs become illigal and then having them weaker due to there being and underground market for it, or have it legalised and it becomeing unaturly strong because of all the company based drugs harvesting techniques. Quite an impass realy.

  15. There has been a cracking sound coming coming out of my ear usually when I swallow, talk, and move my jaw. What can I do to make it stop?

  16. im kinda worried my upper body keeps making noise when im moving my body and its been doing that since 6 grade and now in 16

  17. I always stretch my neck when it comes to my mind. I love the cracking sound, it really satisfy me. Fingers,at my back, ears while yawning and pulling my hair and it produced popping sound to relieve headache. I have a bad posture too maybe after I started stretching my back when I was in HighSchool and because I love to sleep on coach than on my bed. I am addict to doing it. Can be considered as Manerism?Very imbarrasing! My Friend ask me why I am always stretching my neck. I told her that, to relax and to relieve headache because I am always late to sleep at night.

  18. Ok, so you say that there is a gas build up and that 20 minutes later it is absorbed and that you can pop them again. Ever since I was a child, I have been able to pop my two index fingers on demand as many times as I want just simply by making a fist. I have never seen anyone else that can do this. I guess it is just one of those things that make ya go, hum.

  19. After I sit for a while as soon as I stand up to walk both of my ankles pop repeatedly. If you have any ideas of what this might mean please let me know. I'm also flat footed so that might have somthing to do with it

  20. poss doctor
    tell me I have little grinding sensation all over by body joints except spine and head
    and they pop too
    I am very worried plss tell
    do I have RA or oa plss but they don't hurt my muscle aches suddenly sometimes!!

  21. I was also diagnosed with chondromalacia patella month ago
    can u tell is that something serious going inside me
    I'm 18

  22. I'm 11 and when I do push-ups it just cracks and it's very embarrassing because when I do push up tests in school I'm in front of everyone. So how do you stop it?

  23. very informative, thanks. I get crackling sounds like sand in my neck if I look upwards and turn my head left and right, it's loud and grinding. No pain but it does go away sometimes for short periods of time, then comes back again. Any idea what this can be? It only started when I began doing pushups and working out.

  24. i am concerned because my left knee is constantly ALWAYS popping. I have back problems and my feet too. i am afraid i might have Arthritis

  25. Also are you a doctor if not can you tell me how you now this and I see you now a lot about bone as I see I am not sure if you are a doctor I'll see if you tell me if you are a doctor about I am not trying to be mean and tell you what to do ok just need to know and you do not have to tell me if you are a doctor ok🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  26. My knees make a very loud grinding sound when i bend and stretch them. IT started in one knee, and now its also starting in the other one. They made an x-ray of my knees but they saw no irregularities concerning cartilage, and they were able to dismiss me having arthrosis. Im just wondering what it culd be that I have? It doesnt hurt too bad, only at certain times it feels a bit painful and when im walking down stairs.. I just want to know what i have and what i can do about it.

  27. thank you doctor for this video it was really helpful , I wanna ask you i do sit ups in the gym and my back make cracking sound over and over every time , some kind of sit ups dont make any sound but the others makes , i could stop doing it but i wanna know if its bad and why and if i should do somthing about it ?!

  28. When i turn my head to the left, i will hear a loud snap, sometimes i hear 3 or 4 snaps simultaneously. but that's rare. it usually just one crack. no pain involved.

  29. Doctor for some reason my right wrist is always cracking even if i try not cracking it just when i move my hand it cracks my neck and knees crack too but this one is different and i even feel pain what shoul i do ?

  30. My neck cracks when i turn my head from right to left.It has no pain.Do you think that it can cause further problems?I am 20 years old and I play soccer.I have not have any problem with bones or joints and that is why i think I might have injured my neck somewhere.What do you think?Thank you in advance for your advice.

  31. my sternum cracks sometimes 2 – 5 times a day. sometimes it feels lile thier is some kimd and pressure on my chest amd to relieve it. i have push my chest in my my hand whilest puffing my chest out. is this anything to be worried about?

  32. I have a question i have a pass injured ankle i got it sprained years ago i still have pain and get swollen here and then and when i walk the ankle i sprained make sounds what can i do

  33. What about your foot ? I have had an ankle injury and now whenever I move my toes it pops. Why do you think this is ?

  34. I've been experiencing a cracking or popping sound in my throat,jaw and body…..mainly my throat, what's up with that? How can I cure it.

  35. My back bone is cracking a lot. If I don't do pop side I feel uncomfortable 2 years passed since I started doing pop sound if my back but now I feel back pain what should I should I stop cracking ? But how

  36. hii sir also my right leg ankle is cracking & sounding when I continues walking is it handicapped sine

  37. Hi I must be very late, but I wanted to ask you a question, every time I do Something with my wrist it pops lots of times but I doesn't Hurt do you Know what problem

  38. Hey doc do u have any treatment for the sound ? My muscle do hurts sometimes when I wake up in the morning

  39. Lot of emphasis on the "we don't like the crack". Lol …..reverse psychology maybe? Professional crack users maybe? Lol


  40. Hi Doc today I was eating cereal and when I was in the car I got like a crunch sound in my mouth can you help why I got that crunch sound I didn't have cereal in my mouth when it happened.

  41. Do you know if there is any correlation between general fitness and joint popping? Ever since I started doing a lot of sports and weightlifting years ago, I've noticed how the joints in my elbows, knees and toes make that popping noise really easily compared to before. I'm not even moving the joint beyond their normal range of motion, it happens just through normal movement

  42. Probably the best explanation on this subject out there, not only for what is the cracking or popping sound, but as to why one should not be continuously adjusting themselves.

  43. So I dance (classical ballet) and it requires you to be very mobile and very flexible. I have this particular routine that I do (I'm not gonna go into full details) but basically either after warming up right before class or after the first exercise in class, I crack various parts of my body (neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, hips, toes). If I don't do this I always feel tight and uncomfortable throughout class….but after watching this video I realize that maybe this isn't the best thing. Is there a way to release that tension without popping or cracking?

  44. I have a problem, I am constantly popping my wrist, I now have a bruise where I keep popping it and it hurts when I move it. I don’t wait 20 minutes either, I just repeatedly pop it in the same place over and over again by pushing my wrist against me then taking my thumb right under that little dip and push it out. It’s probably very bad for me lol

  45. Actually its been proven by a doctor who has been doing this knuckle cracking for 60 years! and did not get arthritis. Not saying its ''good'' for you, but hell its certainly not life threatening and debilitating

  46. WHAT MAKES THE CRACKING SOUND? 🔍 FAQ Popping and cracking your joints…
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  47. My left ankle cracks every time I walk, it doesn’t hurt most of the time, but sometimes it does when I squat, it’s been happening for a few months, and I do lots of sports about 6 days a week?

  48. When i do anything my shoulder and back cracks every time…but i have no pain..is my joints are failling?

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