Why Defensive Sucks, and a Guide to The Best Field Upgrades and Their Perks – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

Why Defensive Sucks, and a Guide to The Best Field Upgrades and Their Perks – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

Hi YouTube, Darth Here: Field Upgrades are one of those perks that
a lot of players set and forget. You select a track of bonuses, get the first one for
free, and hope for a squad good enough to unlock the rest. Myself, the only time I really
change them out is when I’m playing as an Engineer and I’m switching between blowing
tanks up and blowing stuff up with tanks. Otherwise, I stick to very nearly the same
field upgrades and perks all the time. Today I wanted to talk about why one of the
most popular choices–the Defensive Field Upgrade–sucks and what you should be considering
instead. I’ll talk about my favorites, what I think are the best, and I’ll go over how
popular these are in the wild. So first let’s talk about the Defensive
Field Upgrade. It’s probably not the worst idea in a Battlefield game, but for a long
time it was the default choice for everybody in Battlefield 4 because it was overpowered.
That’s not a word I use very often, but when you could immediately confer a benefit
to yourself that essentially turned your game into normal mode, while everybody else remained
in hardcore, I think the term is pretty accurate. Every weapon in Battlefield 4 took one more
bullet to kill you at very nearly every distance. And you didn’t have to do anything to get
the benefit of armor, as it was the very first unlock. Now keep in mind I said that it was overpowered.
After DICE LA took over development, one of the first changes they made was to increase
the overall time-to-kill of almost every weapon in Battlefield 4. The effect of this was that
the benefit conferred by the then overpowered defensive perk was given to everybody. So
they took something that was overpowered and sucked, and made it suck in a different way,
because now it is very nearly useless. Which I’m actually okay with, because despite
that, many people still run the defensive field upgrade. I’ll get to how many people
after I talk about why it’s very nearly useless. So do you remember how good it was? I think
a lot of people still think it is that good when it is definitely not. How pointless is
the Defensive Field Upgrade now? Well let’s take a look at some facts. Generally, for
automatics the defensive field upgrade changes the Assault Rifles, Carbines, and LMGs bullets
to kill from an increase at 40-50 meters to an increase at 30-40 meters. What does this
mean? It means that the number of bullets required to kill an enemy increases by one
about ten meters earlier. So if all your engagements are in the 30-40 meter range, you are one
bullet beefier. Assuming they don’t aim for your head. That might sound like a marginally
good deal, but keep in mind that almost all of Battlefield 4 engagements occur under 35
meters. So for the most part, defensive field upgrade’s armor perk does nothing for you. Against PDWs, the Defensive Field Upgrade
is similar, pushing the normal one-bullet-more to kill from 30-40 meters to 20-30 meters.
Which is still pretty laughable as most PDWs are at their most effective well inside that
range. “Aha,” you say! “What about Hardcore?”
Well, as the defensive field upgrade affects bullet damage and not player health, the difference
is negligible. In fact, there’s even less of a reason to run the defensive field upgrade
in Hardcore than Normalcore as the one-shot weapons remain one-shot. And that’s really the only thing that the
armor component of the Defensive Field Upgrade accomplishes. Completely neutering the Slug
round, Bolt-Action, and Bow. All three of these weapon types become essentially headshot-only
on Normal when a player runs the Defensive Field Upgrade. The only time you should be
running the Defensive Field Upgrade is if a slug, bolt-action, or bow player is ruining
your day at close range. Throw on the Defensive Field Upgrade, and they have to hit a headshot
or they’re pretty much toast. Shotgun buckshot is also slightly affected,
but because of the number of pellets and damage output, the difference is negligible. You
won’t notice the difference, except at long range where the pellets dissipate. I’ll link my more in-depth video about shotguns
at the end of this video. But for now, know that the differences in slug, bolt-action,
and bow performance are the primary reasons why you’d ever want to run defensive. But let’s talk about who is using defensive.
I ran some numbers to find out how popular the various field upgrade tracks are. Despite
the fact that the defensive field upgrade armor is really only effective against less
than a tenth of the weapon choices, it still puts up really high numbers. First, let’s look at the popularity of various
choices among fifty randomly selected Assault players. You can see that the defensive field upgrade
is pretty popular among randomly selected assaults. However, I thought to myself, what about just
top-tier experienced players? So I pulled 50 different, randomly selected level 140
assault players. The difference is pretty apparent. Most assault
players seem to figure out that the defensive field upgrade is not very useful. Before we look at the rest of the classes,
I want to start talking about some of the options here that an assault player could
be choosing from, and why the Offensive Field Upgrade becomes the most popular. So in all three classes, there are three starting
choices with the Offensive, Defensive, and Shadow field upgrades. Each class also gets
two of its own tracks. Offensive gives the player a faster sprint
upfront, an additional magazine of ammo, one extra grenade, and reduced fall damage. Not
a bad pick for any class, really, particularly if you expect to go on killstreaks and need
to move around a lot. Something that is, unsurprisingly, quite popular with Assault players. Defensive confers: armor, cover against suppression,
explosive protection, and more immediate out-of-combat health regeneration. Armor is what most people
talk about, including myself, when they talk about the defensive field upgrade. Although
the ingame text mentions that it decreases chest damage by 10%, it’s actually only
a decrease of 7%. 50% less suppression is not bad, but it’s also not great as it wears
off relatively quickly anyways, flak is useful against claymore campers, and quick regen
doesn’t matter much if you’re running as assault as you have easy access to health.
It’s also totally pointless in hardcore or classic as you don’t ever regen automatically. Shadow has some benefits, but not many. The
quick unspot will drop your spotted time from eight seconds to six seconds. Sprint is the
same as in the offensive track, increasing your movement speed by ten percent. Reduced
Fall also makes an appearance, and finally the stealth perk allows the player to disappear
from minimap sensing technology when not sprinting. Which is extremely situational. If I only had to choose between these three,
I think Offensive is the pretty clear winner. So keep that in mind as we press forward. As I said earlier, each class also has two
specialty field upgrade tracks. For assault, that’s the Combat Medic and Grenadier field
upgrades. The Combat Medic, my personal favorite for
the assault class, allows a player to throw out additional medkits, gives a faster sprint,
and what I think is the most important: cuts the time to fully charge the defibrillator
by half. That bit really adds a lot of oomph to squad play and vastly reduces the amount
of time required to even throw out mediocre revives. The final perk in the Combat Medic
track, Medical Unit… is pretty well useless unless infantry are essentially humping the
vehicle. I’m not sure of the exact radius of effect for healing while in a vehicle,
but it’s comedically small. Now the Grenadier field upgrade is primarily
targeted at people who want to lob a lot of explosives. And this was more popular when
the RGO Impact grenade was essentially a one-shot kill. Still, the ability to lob two grenades
out of the gates, plus sprint, plus more 40mm underslung grenades, and decreased damage
from explosives has some use. Although it’s not very popular. But for the Assault, I really recommend either
running my first choice of the Combat Medic Field Upgrade, or my second, the Offensive
Field Upgrade. Now let’s look at the numbers for the engineers.
Unsurprisingly, defensive is quite popular with a random selection of players as it includes
more lower-level players. However, it quickly fades in favor of the two Engineer class-specific
field upgrades: the Anti-Tank and Mechanic tracks. The Anti-Tank field upgrade is a no-brainer
if you’re out to crush some armor. You get more mines up front, but strangely enough
you can’t really use them until you get the third perk in the field upgrade track
that actually lets you place those mines. What most people seem to be interested in
is the additional two rockets that the Anti-Tank field upgrade provides, taking you from five
maximum to seven. So you go from being able to kill 1 vehicle safely to as many as 3. The Mechanic field upgrade has a bevy of nice
perks. It’s easily the best for any vehicle user, as the very first perk is an upgrade
to repair speed. And you’ll definitely want this, even as a secondary gunner, as it allows
you to repair through almost all the singular damage sources in the game. Flak and Cover
just happen to be additional perks, and the Repair Unit is again, hilariously tiny in
its effective radius. Essentially you have to be touching the other vehicle to repair
it. And two vehicles that close to each other is pretty much the dream of any C4-wielding
support. So for the engineer class, I usually pick
anti-tank or mechanic. Specifically, if I’m in a tank I will pick mechanic. And if I’m
trying to blow up a tank, I will pick anti-tank, obviously. Next in line is the support class, and the
number of players using the defensive field upgrade are the highest of the classes I’ve
talked about so far. Probably because support has some of the dumbest field upgrades in
the game. Did you know that three of the five support field upgrade tracks have an added
magazine of ammo as a perk? Let that sink in. Now with that in mind, the two support-specific
tracks are Indirect Fire and Perimeter Defense. Indirect Fire let’s the player throw an
additional ammo bag, they get an additional magazine of ammo, and wait up. Those two perks
don’t make any sense next to each other. The first, you need to actually be running
bags, and the second assumes like you couldn’t just drop one and wait a whole second. That
makes no sense. Moving along in the indirect fire track, the indirect fire perk gives additional
ammo to the XM25 and Mortar, and the resupply unit is also borderline useless. Despite this
track having very questionable utility, it’s still used by almost a third of level 140
support players, making it the most popular. Perimeter Defense has some more utility, particularly
if you’re throwing claymores. Perimeter Defense gives you an extra magazine of ammo
as its first perk. I mean come on, why are these magazine granting perks even in the
support class… DICE… please. Next is added suppression, which comes in handy if you can’t
aim, and inflicts your would-be target with an additional suppression effect. And now…
the only thing you actually care about with this track, getting three claymores instead
of one. It’s like they had a single idea for Perimeter Defense and filled around it.
Finally, Perimeter Defense gets rounded out by an upgrade to the MP-APS, increasing its
uptime. Now the MP-APS might have actually been useful if every vehicle didn’t already
have their own, and if it deflected lobbed grenades. As it stands, the Support class has some of
the weakest synergy of choices in the game for its field upgrades. Personally, I’d
probably pick either Offensive, for the sprint, or perimeter defense for the increased suppression
and claymores. Finally, let’s talk about Recon. Looking
at the numbers, again, a large number of recons run with the defensive field upgrade. This
decreases by the time those players grow up big and strong, and recon probably has one
of the most even balances of upgrades among the classes. And that’s reflective of some
actual good tradeoffs that have to be made. The two recon-specific field upgrades are
Spec Ops and Sniper. The Spec Ops track is probably going to be more popular with run-and-gun
recons as it provides a lot of lethality upgrades. The shadow perk, which is obtained immediately,
makes the recon immune to minimap spotting technology when not sprinting. Next is C4
explosives, and as a recon, having 6 instead of 3 is a pretty big boon. In the third spot
is the motion sensor upgrade, which not only increases the number of motion sensors that
can be used, but also hugely increases the range of TUGS and MAV sensors. This is extremely
useful on normal, and completely useless on hardcore. Finally, the quick unspot is a nice
icing on the cake, removing the recon from the map two seconds sooner than the usual
eight. Next, the Sniper field upgrade track is an
effective choice for recons actually operating at range with bolt-actions. It allows a recon
to: hold their breath longer on shots, receive less suppression, remove the 3D spot from
themselves faster, and to keep enemies spotted for longer. This is almost everything you
could wish for as a long-range bolt-action rifle user. Except for perhaps a tent and
a latrine. Now, which would I choose for my recon? It
should be telling that this class has the most even split among 140s, because there
are actually a number of good choices. Offensive and Spec Ops are the best choices for aggressive
recons. Spec Ops particularly if you’re trying to defend a specific point with sensors
in either Rush or Conquest. Sniper is good for bolt-action users, and this is the only
class where Defensive could actually come into play on a regular basis. Specifically
on normal, it makes even close-range bolt-action body shots a two-shot kill instead of a one-shot
kill. So if you’re in a somewhat close-range sniper duel, this will actually help you survive
more encounters. But that’s my run-down of all the classes
and their field upgrades. I hope I’ve made it abundantly clear to those of you running
the defensive field upgrade why it is nigh-useless outside of very specific circumstances. There
are a lot of other choices out there, please be sure to use any of them. If you’ve got a topic you’d like me to
talk about in a future Battlefield-related video, please be sure to mention it in the
comments below. I’m always looking for general topics to talk about, and I found this one
to be particularly fascinating after someone suggested it on another video. As always,
thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next time, YouTube.

97 thoughts on “Why Defensive Sucks, and a Guide to The Best Field Upgrades and Their Perks – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

  1. I'm just hoping that there isn't a single "perk," attachment, w/e that modifies damage in ANY way in the next BF game.

  2. As always excellent video.
    I never run the defensive upgrade, anti tank, parameter defense, spec ops and offensive are the way to go.

  3. great video!
    TBH i have no idea what field upgrade im using with the engineer.
    did you ever posted a video about helicopters, or maybe a tutorial for people that never played BF about the spawn screen?

  4. How I roll it:
    Assault: Combat Medic ONLY
    Engi: mechanic or anti-tank
    Support: offensive or perimeter defense for claymore trolling or inference fire when XM25/mortar trolling
    Recon: offensive

    Never realized how good spec ops is. Definitely gonna give that a try soon.
    Sniper, I never touched since I never use a sniper except for with a 4x on a 338-recon and even then I quickly regret it and pick up an assault rifle again.
    Also, sometimes I use defensive on locker just for the easy flak bonus, because explosive spam gonna be… Explosive, or something.

  5. I don't think there is a good upgrade for the Support kit, atleast not when running MGs and no Claymores (fuck claymores). The sprint only increases your speed, which directly increases the spread you have while on the move, which only makes your weapon worse, generally.

    Even with an ergo grip, I think the disadvantage of sprint on MGs (why it even is a disadvantage boggles my mind) with the lack of anything useful in that perk makes it a no-brainer avoid. Except, that there isn't an alternative to it in any other kit.

    I'd actually recommend the Defensive upgrade simply because it gives you that extra health-regen, which gives you more self-sustainability (which is ironic, since it requires teamwork to get there). The support kit is a mess.

  6. Indirect fire is pretty useful if you are a scout helicopter pilot or transport pilot since you can resupply teammates in the vehicle so engineers can spam rockets, but that has taken a hit since you cant use lock on weapons in the scout and transport anymore.

  7. Heal, Resupply and Repair unit perks can be very useful in classic mode. That being said, there should be a clear indication to other players you have them unlocked, so they would realize "Hey if I drive my LAV next to this tank, it'll repair me automatically". Also a slight range buff would have been a welcome addition, but I guess it's too late for that.

  8. Pretty Niche, but I utilize the Support's Indirect Fire perk to keep my passengers supplied while I'm operating transport helicopters and scout helicopters.

  9. Indirect fire was very popular when stingers were available on the side seat of scout helo since the pilot provided ammo for gunners

  10. your videos are fantastic, how are you not more popular? How can people watch Lvlcap when videos like this are around?

  11. The support perk level 1 and 2 are actually situational. Let's say in locker. Place two ammo bags for teammate at the grinder area to give ammo and get points and you will flank the enemy and have more ammo yourself

  12. shadow is literally the best for support. you get sprint in the second tier – the only useful thing in offensive – and quicker unspot in the first. I'm not saying it's good, but the best of them all nonetheless.

    this is why i went back to bf3.

  13. I'm lvl 140 and I use Offensive on Assault, Mechanic on Engineer, Defensive on Support (Recently started using offensive) and Defensive on Recon, so that I don't get one shot killed in CQB by aggressive Recons. Sometimes I switch it up but it almost doesn't matter. A good player can do well using anything the game has to provide.( I am not a good player though) 😉

  14. I fully agree that essentially all the perks for Support exclusively suck ass, but at the very least both trees have one very handy perk that for me at least gives more incentive than Defensive or Offensive; Indirect Fire's last perk is great for vehicle drivers, since you can resupply your gunner while rolling around. Have him carry a Stinger or RPG (especially in scout choppers) and he/they will literally have infinite ammo.

    Perimeter Defense is essentially useless… with the exception of 3 claymores out at once. It's insane how many claymore kills you'll get with that on… well, any map with infantry at all, basically being handy (if not critically useful) in all maps. Of course the more infantry focused maps make it actually quite handy and powerful as an early warning system as much as area denial.

  15. Its good for most of the rush maps if you are attacking. With all the pew pew pew from 10 miles away it usually makes the difference when running from cover to cover on your advance.

  16. Signed, an aggressive bolt action sniper. It's so frustrating to make that close quarter hit and then do only 90 damage, makes you want to throw things out the window.

  17. I wish you could explain the "skill" stat on battlelog, how broken it is, and how little meaning it really has.

  18. You don't need to run ammo bag as support, though it's weird it appears twice in the specialist tracks.

  19. Very solid and most importantly informative video. Definitely a ton of work put into this behind the scenes, and it shows 🙂

  20. To be honest I pretty much run with offensive only. I tend to go on pretty long kill streaks, and don't want to have to get frustrated at team mates not dropping ammo.

  21. I like the medic perk, because it allows me to heal even faster, and revive teammates really quickly, and I love that

  22. I think a big part of the reason that so many high level assault players run the offensive perk is not because they realize how useless the defensive perk is but that because by the time you reach 130-140, you are generally good enough at staying alive that the default amount of ammunition (5 mags including 1 in the gun I think?) becomes a hinderance when you are staying alive long enough to kill 10-20 opponents without dying.

    Really quality video, I saw some of your stuff a long time ago and it's nice to see that you're still putting out quality content, you deserve more subs 🙂

  23. My ones for classes
    Engineer-mechanic for using vehicles, offensive for lockers/metro
    Support-indirect fire for using the scout ammo trick when having reps
    Recon-spec ops (dont care for the class)

  24. Darth you make some of the most high quality bf videos on youtube. Keep doing your thing man, you're going to develop a strong following soon enough.

  25. I think you have me in the "dumb" pie section of the pie chart….lol..I'll be reviewing all of this tonight. Great video. This along with Level's re-reviews of the weapons has been really helpful.

  26. Wish they had like symbols on the vehicles if they had the tier 4 upgrades. Like for the medical unit upgrade have a Red Cross on the side of the vehicle so players could know to go there for extra Health same for repair and ammo have like a picture to identify the vehicles so people know they can get stuff there, also increase the range dramatically and maybe double the speed at which health and ammo are given from vehicles and make repair rates double for engineers outside the vehicle repairing it so it's not OP and you never need to repair

  27. Veda,
    I think this is your best vid yet. Definitely my favorite of all yours.
    Very detailed and very accurate far as the difference between top level
    players and average players.

    Far as the defensive perk goes, I hate it. Why? Between it, and full
    chokes…it has rendered slugs completely useless. You said it best that
    it's basically a perk for you get salty because you get killed up close
    by a sniper or someone running slugs. Without this perk, I feel like
    all the weapons and attachments are balanced. Sure I got a little salty
    on CQDOM in BF3 when I got quick scoped but it usually was by someone
    with like 100ss with that rifle or shotty. Main reason indirect fire is
    used is for all those scout repair scrubs lol. When you get a chance I
    would like to give you a couple ideas to maybe talk about that "nobody"
    ever talks about in the game.

  28. will there be a video going over the SRAW/Javelin/MBT LAW? I believe that those 3 are all able to lock on to laser designated targets. Which do you prefer/ would you prefer depending on the situation.

  29. This overwhelming usage of the defensive upgrade is likely do to it being the default upgrade path, and people might not notice what they are using or that it exists at all. Back when the game reset your loadouts all the time it was even worse, as the upgrades were probably overlooked when trying to setup in game. I definitely think it is effective at reducing the one shot potential of buckshot, or at least I like to blame my bad aim on it =]

  30. i always run Offensive perk for the faster running unless I'm driving/ gunning in armor then I run Mechanics upgrade.

  31. I get sooo frustrated when I noscope someone like one meter away from me and he has 5 health! Please remove defensive from next bf game

  32. I'm one of those supports running Indirect Fire. Why? Because XM25 DART for life. Lately I've been running this thing as my primary lol. And why having ammo as one of the upgrades is good? Because you don't have to spend time waiting for resupply. Throw some of those rounds to your teammates and keep running. Almost never use my own boxes (except when need darts).

  33. I pretty much never use the non-class specific ones. I get so much more mileage playing with the tools of the specialist category I feel. The offensive one in particular feels utterly useless to me as I don't sprint a lot, don't throw grenades unless I'm grenadier, will always have a support for ammo, and don't really find myself taking fall damage.

    Also, the reason so many supports might be using indirect fire is for their little bird play. Personally, I tend to just leave that one on because anytime I end up using a little bird I go to support for the ammo regeneration for my passengers. This lets them keep firing RPG's and I don't have to stop and keep putting ammo on top of it, which could cause the vehicle to get stolen by rando's spawning in it.

  34. how to balance the class that gives ammo? GIVE HIM THE ABILITY TO GIVE AND HAND OUT EVEN MORE AMMO!!! HE IS A WALKING AMMO BAG!

  35. the resupply unit for the support class is very much utilized by scout pilots who run it to have their rep guys always topped up with rockets and bullets

  36. Still, whenever you're using Defensive and you survive with 7 or less % health, that's Defensive saving your ass. (you would have been dead without it.)

  37. when you're in a heli and have two good players with rpg's repairing you, indirect fire's resupply unit ensures infinite ammo for them and in my experience, that is priceless. when i'm repairing in a helo, i have a semi-auto shotgun with frags and my smaw, and i can do damage, repair, and still get some kills while keeping us in the air. in my opinion, it's indirect fire is the best choice that a pilot can make… but unless you're playing with friends, 90% of heli pilots are just idiots that either use the helo as a taxi or just dudes, that don't want to get too far from the base to hide, instead of, you know, playing the game.
    great video as always

  38. Indirect Fire used to be AMAZING for scout chopper pilots. Give your engineers unlimited rocket/stingers.

  39. Keep in mind that crouching also makes TUGs and motion sensors useless, while shadow/spec ops makes it so you can walk aswell, but while trying to sneak youd want to crouch anyways because walking still makes noise, so shadow is pretty much useless, but spec ops is still fine because its other perks.

  40. I run Combat Medic when playing with my squad and were up against a decent team and we actualy decide to stick together or with a team that needs the revives, Offensive when Im in a superior team and the extra ammo is nice for the killstreaks or I dont stick with my team as much.
    Anti-Tank/Mechanic with same reasons for both as you, there really is no other choice for engineer.
    Perimeter Defence the few times I play support, Indirect fire when I play a Scout Heli and expect to have people on me repairing and shooting.
    Spec Ops on recon, always.

  41. Actually, running as an indirect fire support in a scout heli is the main use of that perk. you can constantly reload the rockets of the engineers that fly with you. Obviously less useful than before, but that's why I run with that when I fly with a group.

  42. But defensive isn't that bad, only the first stage. Which can be situationally good, the rest I think are pretty fair to have. I only run defensive in Support.

  43. I've sunk 400+hrs into BF4 and I still run Defensive most of the time in all my classes. Only my Engineer ever sees some modicum of rotation with the other perks. In practice, my anecdotal observation leads me to believe that the ability to soak up that one extra bullet really comes in in handy and I win fire fights more often than I do when I don't use Defensive. I also find Cover and Flak to be very handy. That said, as much as I use it, I really hate that it's included in the game. It definitely feels like the go-to perk for most players and as such, it sniper rifles can't kill at close range for that clutch kill, neither can the pump shotgun slugs. Buck in pumps can also be pretty useless given how unreliable shotguns are in BF4 so the pellets that do land are made weaker. Defensive even makes 3 shots from the SKS survivable at range.

  44. I just want to point out that you DO have a map on hardcore. Yes it shows enemy positions (with the TUGS and MAV). The only difference is that it is not a minimap. Just bind it to a very easy reach key (I use my 7th mouse button) to open and close it real fast when needed.

  45. My perks on the classes are:
    MEDIC: Offensive perk
    ROCKETGUY: Anti-tank or Meccanic
    SUPPORT: the one that gives you 2 ammo boxes, I like to be able to place two ammo bags, exepecialy when I play locker or metro
    RECON: Sniper perk or Spec.Ops

  46. Outside of the horribe support upgrades, I'm actually a little disappointed by the anti-tank upgrade for not including sprint. Having that extra speed when you're trying to run around cover to dodge incoming vehicle fire would be HIGHLY useful as I've died MANY times because I was just a split second too slow rounding the corner on my cover.

    They shouldn't have split the increase in maximum mines and deployment of mines into two sections and just left it as 1, and that would have left a slot open for sprint. Most ground vehicles run infra optics anyways and easily spot them. So I don't think it would be two OP being able to place all of your increased mine ammo at once.

    Most of the time I run with m2 slams anyways as c4 without having to click to detonate anyway. So I'm only placing 3 at a time to begin with.

  47. to be honest supports gets outgunned by literally EVERYTHING ELSE so defensive comes very handy. I blame dice for how an m60 gets outgunned by a shitty pistol aka g18.

  48. i played defuse with my clan two days ago on zavod, both sides rushed the underground, me and my friend on the other team both threw impacts down the hallway. he insta killed me with a rgo, while i insta killed him and 1 other with an rgo. none of us could have possibly taken damage before that. rgo can still 1hko.

  49. As an old BF1942 > BF3 player who is relatively new to BF4, this is easily one of the more mature, thoughtful and non-hysterical info videos out there. Thanks for presenting the information in an easy to digest fashion.

  50. Very good video Darth but I still use the Defensive perk and for me it work fantastic. Can't say how many time he save me from explosives like Claymores, nades,etc.and dying from one shot bolt sniper rifles,so don't say it's useful.I respect your opinion but not everyone think the same, sorry.

  51. I always run stealth on support, for I use shotguns.
    I always run sniper on recon, for that unlimited breath.
    I always run anti-tank on engineer, for I love my slams
    I always run grenadier on assault, for I love my nades

  52. I use offensive or medic for assault, repairs for engineer, either defensive or suppressive for support, and shadow for recon. I only use dmrs for recon tho.
    Edit: it’s perimeter defense for support. Just looked it up

  53. Combat Medic, Mechanic, Indirect Fire, and Spec Ops would be for team play, obviously. Grenadier, Anti-Tank, Perimeter Defense and Sniper are purely situational, but can be effective if used properly, especially on modes like Rush and Conquest where single or even groups can give people trouble overall.
    Perimeter Defense is perfect with a shotgun and equipment related to the correlating perks, especially on Operation Locker, I can kill about 3 to 4 times my death ratio while also disrupting individual flankers and giving grenade launcher people a difficult time in the center flag using that Trophy System thing so my team won't die as much. However, Assault, Defense and Ghost are mostly for solo stuff in my opinion since it only benefits you, seems fine if your team isn't interested staying together.

  54. I feel like the defensive perk is now too op. Now every time I use phantom bow, I just can't get those one shot kills. It's unfair that you get the armor upgrade first. I feel like a lot of players are using it now and it's just awfully insane.

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