What it Means to Me | Metalworking

What it Means to Me | Metalworking

My name is Cpl. James Tedder
and I’m a 1316, metal worker. We weld, fabricate parts, for Marine Corps equipment basically anything that comes down
that has to do with metal, we work it. I enjoy what I do because, I mean, it’s really
nice taking all those raw ingredients and turning it into something people can enjoy or people can utilize to keep the mission going forward. Every day I get to teach junior Marines,
or teach my peers something new. So my end goal is that they will be able to confidently
perform the task without any supervision. Everybody that we work for they come back and they’re
completely satisfied with the work that we put out. What it means to me is, you know, every
day coming in, putting in your hard work, teach people what you can, and at the end of the
day going home and looking at yourself in the mirror and be like, knowing I did something for somebody else today. You got to continue to work hard Never give in to complacency, you know, never give in to your everyday monotonous
job because eventually it’s gonna matter. Little as it seems today, somebody’s going to look. They’re going to see you and they’re going to be like,
“Wow, this job helped us complete the mission.”

8 thoughts on “What it Means to Me | Metalworking

  1. I'm a metal worker, never served and really proud and excited to learn that the Marine Corps has a strong tradition in metalworking.

  2. TEDDER!!! Good job! Lairs mama says she loves you and Lairs dad says “meh, I’ve seen better”. ?

  3. Why the fuck do we even have these kinds of non combat jobs in the Marine Corps? Get rid of this shit and give it to the Navy already.

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