What If You Could Melt Metal With Your Hands?

What If You Could Melt Metal With Your Hands?

. Imagine being so strong, and so powerful, that you could physically melt metal with your hands! Gold, iron, and even titanium. Technically, yes, you can melt metal with your hands, but not every type of metal. There’s a metal that’s so soft that it can melt at just under 30°C (85.6°F). This metal is called gallium, and after playing around with it in your hands for just a couple of seconds, it quickly liquefies. There are other metals as well that have the same melting temperature, such as francium and cesium. But you’re going to want to stay away from them as they’re radioactive and can catch on fire if they’re not handled properly. The great thing about gallium is it’s entirely safe for you to use. It’s essentially just extremely expensive Play-Doh. But we can already melt these materials. What would it be like if you could melt every type of metal? Melting metal is pretty difficult. A regular campfire flame won’t be able to do the trick. It takes an incredibly high temperature to melt metal. And to do this, we need foundries. Foundries are used to reach
extremely high temperatures and maintain them. Depending on what you want to melt, like gold, for example, the temperature needs to be nearly 1,000°C (1,832°F). This means that in order for you to melt metal, your hands would need to be at least this hot. And since the max temperature
your body can get to before dying is a measly 44°C (115.7°F), you’d end up melting yourself if your
body went up to this temperature. But let’s assume you’d survive. If you wanted to melt metal, you’d have to be a walking furnace. Not only would you be able to
melt aluminum, iron, and steel, you’d also be melting just
about everything else you touched. That’s because you’d be as hot as molten lava. You’d be a giant fireball of destruction. But as quickly as you’d
destroy everything around you, you’d be just as easily destroyed. But how? Let’s assume you’re doing
your thing and burning up some metal. All of a sudden, it starts raining. Instantly, a massive explosion would occur. That’s due to the water reacting
with the hot molten metal. If water, or any sort of moisture,
touches the melting metal, then it will expand to 1,600 times larger than its original volume. This creates a massive steam explosion that spreads the hot liquid metal. If you’re not extremely careful, you’re bound to cause some severe damage to things and people you won’t want to hurt. Melting metal with our bare hands might sound like it could be fun, but there’s no reason you’d ever want to do it. Apart from looking pretty, metal is used in all kinds of electronics, cars and even in some prescription drugs. Metals are an essential part of the world we live in, and we definitely wouldn’t want to go
around destroying and melting all of them. But what would the world be
like if metal had never existed? Well, that sounds like a story for another WHAT IF.

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  1. Can you guys PLEASE do a "what if all vehicles had teslas autopilot?"

    I feel that many many people want to know how better or worse it would be

  2. I won't use that meme but seriously, who the heck even wondered about this? Is this a power some people would actually want? I get having fire powers but who actually wants to just melt metal? Either way, this is why I love this channel. They'll do an episode about anything.

  3. You should do a "What If" on what would if everyone in the world moved back to their homeland. See which nation would be dominant and see how many would change. Definitely something I'd like to see.

  4. What if..trees couldn’t be chopped down?

    Would it stop humanity from spreading more & building? Would we see types of trees that don’t exist today? Would the fires in California be even worse? Would we see more animals since their home isn’t being chopped away? Please make a video on this!

  5. Things that could not be defined by science are called miracles. One such miracle is melting of iron by hands. In the Qur'an, the same miracle has been talked about where Prophet David, also known as Dauood, was given the miracle of melting iron by his hands without using fire. This was to develop armors and shields for defense of his people. Through this, he used to earn his daily wages and eat from the same earnings. The theory given by WHAT IF can be applied for a common man, but as David was the Prophet of God, he was free of all such conditions that are described above. It was in fact a special favor of Allah upon him in the form of a Miracle!

    "And indeed We bestowed grace on David from Us (saying): "O you mountains. Glorify (Allah) with him! And you birds (also)! And We made the iron soft for him. So that he could make coats of mail and properly measure their rings……"

    [The Glorious Qur'an]

  6. put some pure sodium on ur hand and see what would happen😂😂
    ive seen metal sodium explode upon touching water in high school chemistry class

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