What If There Was No Electricity for a Year

What If There Was No Electricity for a Year

So, you’re sitting at home watching some top-notch
Bright Side videos and sipping on hot chocolate. Hey few things in life are better! Nothing bodes trouble… until your screen
suddenly goes black! “What the…” You move the mouse. Nothing. Push the power button. Still, no life. “Ah, must’ve accidentally knocked the
cord out of the wall somehow…” You check it, and everything’s plugged in! You’ve been so preoccupied trying to revive
your PC that you didn’t even notice the room got darker! The house is uncomfortably quiet too. You can’t hear the refrigerator, the fan
standing in the corner of the room is silent and still. But then, the worst thing — the lights on
your wi-fi router stopped blinking! “Great, power’s out. Guess I’ll just sit and play on my phone
until they turn it back on!” Yeah, good luck with that… A person can go without food for a couple
weeks, water for a few days, air for mere minutes. But without electricity … it’s hard to say. It all depends on where you live, what survival
skills you have, and how much you depend on the conveniences of living on the grid – like
the supermarkets that store and sell your food, which they got thanks to factories that
mass-produce it or even farmers that grow it themselves. But let’s see what will happen to humanity
if electricity disappeared for, say, a year! Let the games begin… just not on your smartphone. Day 1: Late afternoon… There’s a bit of charge left on the phone,
but your mobile data isn’t working. Nobody suspects that communication towers
have shut down, which means no calls, not even emergencies! For now, all you know is, the Internet is
gone! How long do you think you’d make it? Let me know down in the comments! You don’t have any offline games either. Your phone is nothing more than an overpriced
calculator now. “Guess I’ll go for a walk before the sun
goes down…” You head to your favorite cafe. Hey, why not grab a latte to pass the time? The barista cuts you off as soon as you walk
in the door. “Sorry, all our machines are down from the
power outage!” Ok, there goes that idea. You walk around aimlessly, still trying to
catch a signal on your phone…you, and everyone else standing around looking at their screens
in confusion and frustration. You overhear a group of people talking about
a nasty crash on a busy intersection. Oh yeah, traffic lights don’t work now. And the cars will soon go along with them
once the gas in their tanks runs out. It’s not like you can fill up at stations
– they, like the café, need electric too! On that note, you decide you’re better off
heading back home… Evening… First thing’s first, a nice hot shower to
wash this crazy situation away. …No tap. The toilet doesn’t flush either. Yes, public services like plumbing, heating,
and cooling go too. An outage like this is a lot more serious
than just losing your lights, especially when it’s prolonged… No TV, no PlayStation, no nothing. Man, why does anything fun have to be plugged
in? “Ugh, fine, I’ll read a book.” You start lighting some candles. You check outside the window to see if other
homes have gotten their electricity back yet. It’s the darkest you’ve ever seen the
city. All you notice are dimly lit windows – everyone
else is lighting candles too. You look up at the sky. Stars! Without street lights and lit-up homes and
businesses, the night sky looks breathtaking. “Well, at least there’s that!” Day 2… The perishables in your fridge have long reached
the point of no return. You throw out your milk, eggs, cheese, and
so on. The same goes for all the refrigerated and
frozen products at grocery stores and restaurants. The entire city wreaks of spoiled produce
over the next few days…. Maybe you can get something else at the store? You better have cash on you – card readers
aren’t going to work. Neither will ATMs. Anyone with money in the bank now has no access
to it… Emergency generators are already running out
all over the world – the most powerful models can only go for 24 hours max. Factories are at a standstill. Food production for 7.5 billion people has
come to a screeching halt… 2 weeks without electricity… As kitchen cabinets and pantries run dry,
panic begins. A lot have even taken to helping themselves
at local stores – they really need that bottled water. You decide to get out of town. Can’t fly – the airports have been closed. If only you had a little turboprop, like a
Cessna Skyhawk. At least your car has some gas in it. But, besides you, hundreds of thousands of
people leave the city as well. You’ll spend the whole day in a traffic
jam. 1 month without power… The global economy is plummeting. Commerce, banking, trade, national and personal
debt – they’re just gone overnight! Without public services, the garbage has piled
up on the streets. Rats come up out of the sewers – this city
is theirs now! But it’s good that you already left this
chaos a long time ago! 3 months off the grid… You knew there was no way you could just “up!”
and start a farm and be self-sufficient. Like many people, you turn to relatives for
support. Lucky for you, your Uncle Joe and Aunt Sue
have been living off the grid their whole lives. But you have to help out around the homestead
too. Gone are the days when you get to eat simply
because you paid for food – now you must earn it through physical labor! 6 months without power
Small communes have sprouted up everywhere. People extract water from wells, they stay
fed thanks to agriculture and fishing. Without money, we go back to bartering. Need another sheep? Then trade it for a pig! Still, humanity even begins to wean off electricity,
but… Day 365
… Light appears! Well, that is, if the equipment at power stations
is operational after a year without maintenance (it probably isn’t). Once they fix things up and electricity is
back, it’ll take at least 10 years to fully restore the economy, infrastructure, and production. So, in a nutshell, we’d go back to living
how we did before we ever had electricity! But now I can only wonder… What happens if natural electricity disappears? Like… – Lightning Around 50-100 lightning bolts strike the planet…every
single second! Our world needs lightning. Each time a bolt lights up the sky, it puts
off ozone. That word sound familiar? Yep, there’s a layer of it in the atmosphere
that protects the Earth from harmful ultraviolet and cosmic radiation. Lightning benefits the planet in lots of other
ways too, but I’ll save that for a future video! So let’s move on… –Electromagnetic fields
Let’s go back to the moment you were watching YouTube and the power went out. If ALL electricity disappeared (I’m not
just talking about power outages but electric energy itself!), then you’d notice all the
magnets had fallen off your fridge. All because they lost the power of electromagnetism. If there are no more electromagnetic fields
in the Universe, then things go south very quickly… Electromagnetic fields make all atoms and
molecules stick together to form tangible matter – that is, you, me, and everything
around us. Without that magnetic glue, everything would
fall apart and dissipate! Yes, Thanos-style… – No more light and time itself! Going off that last note, you’ve got your
molecules made up of atoms. Flying around each of those atoms are ELECTRONS. They not only rotate but also repel each other
because of ELECTRIC charge. (Ah, so that’s where the name comes from!) Such repulsion is necessary to restrain the
greatest force in the universe – gravity! And gravity compresses everything around. So, if the charge in the electrons disappears
and they stop repelling, then gravity will begin to squeeze them together with such force
that a black hole will arise and begin to absorb all matter! Even if you somehow managed to survive such
an event, you wouldn’t be able to see anything because gravity also absorbs photons, which
are particles of light. Absolute darkness will come. Everything will become nothing. And this will continue for a whole year. Although, wait, the concept of “a year”
will cease to exist because gravity will distort not only space but also time… – New Beginnings! Let’s say, some time has passed (whatever
that means now!), and electricity returns. What will happen then? BOOM! Big bang! The universe will be shocked into life! Electrons will return to their repelling,
atoms and molecules will work again. But it’ll take billions of years to get
back to where we are now. Good thing this is all purely hypothetical,
a little fantastical thanks to my wandering mind, and certainly not possible! So, keep sipping on your hot chocolate and
enjoying that Tube! Hey, while you’re still here, give the video
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100 thoughts on “What If There Was No Electricity for a Year

  1. You know whats crazy. I was just wondering what would happen if the world lost power about an hour ago and then came across this video. Thanks for sharing this cool video.

  2. Now you might understand why people are trying to live Off-Grid, Eh. You also might begin to understand why are living in RVs.

  3. I live in the middle of no where so I have a lot of land and I make my own food like meat and dairy and eggs and vegetable to

  4. 7:39, "then you'll notice all the magnets had fallen off your fridge."
    Not a single soul:
    Me: thinking about Stranger Things…

  5. Pfff this video was made without understanding of basic electricity knowledge. I mean yeah maybe some factories will close and bla bla, but even in your video we could clearly see a mill on a backstage, so that means that we have something which could be rotated constantly by incoming forces like a wind or a water stream whatever. So if you have that you may take electricity from that!) It's better to make a video about what will happen without oil production, and that's really impressive. But electricity is a nature think, even your body may produce some!

  6. Lots of comments about even one year, I've lived more than 12 years with no electricity or amenities! What do you want to know about how I've done it!?

  7. Approximately 75% of the population wouldn't survive because they couldn't be glued to their cell phone/tablet/computer screens 18 hours a day.

  8. Rubbish.
    If the power goes off for a year , it is because it was turned of, not due to natural phenomena.
    The government franchise finds it more profitable to incite civil unrest so that they can shoot the poor people, rather than to deliver on it's own promises.
    Just ask Venezuela.

  9. I’d make it for a year
    I’ve lived without electricity for a year or two and not in a jungle so…🤷🏻‍♂️😎

  10. In our country (The Philippines) we have alternative sources of light, water and food so we dont worry about the grid shutting down but anyways we use electricity

  11. If it would turn off, we would be okay! I would Just go OUTSIDE with meh MATES.

    BUT the WHOLE thing bright side put up looks like its WW2 (World war 2)!

  12. guess what?
    i'll use my power bank that has 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999990mah

  13. They don't want to scare people with the fact that millions would die from hunger… but it could happen if Earth got hit by CME or geomagnetic storm… It happened in past… 1859 solar storm knock down telegrafs and people seen aurora borealis in CUBA. If this happen today it would be global disaster…

  14. sounds like a flat-earth theory, gravity = electromagnetic. as far as I know, gravity comes from the masses, correct me if im wrong

  15. For me it's not so big deal I live 2 months on my aunt and there's no electricity there. They use oil lamp same luminosity as 30 watts.

  16. I guess my name says what I would be doing if there wasn't any electricity and when I get tired of fishing I will go hunting

  17. Lol some villages in my country still don’t have electricity and they haven’t had and might not have electricity their whole life but they are ok and having fun😂

  18. There is this great 1943 book called Ravage from Rene Barjavel that depicts this situation in a much harder (realistic ?) way… To be read 👍🏻

  19. Electricity is the literal life source for everything now.

    1. Work

    2. Phones (Communication)

    3. Food overall (Fridge, stores, etc.)

    4. Transportation

    5. Shelter (Inside could be too hot or too cold)

    6. The end of the world

    7. Liquid (No filters, no generators)

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