What happens to METAL in a MICROWAVE?

100 thoughts on “What happens to METAL in a MICROWAVE?

  1. When I put my Chick-fil-A sandwich bag in the microwave to reheat the sandwichand I didn't realize that the sandwich bag had tinfoil on the inside and so it created a mini fire

  2. The sphere shape of the air soft bullets is what prevents them from sparking. You could possibly fill the cup up without a reaction.

  3. Dad spends 700 dollars so that his son can make a bomb in the garage in order to get a passing mark on a 5th grade assignment.

  4. u can clearly tell they already know what's going to happen they staged this whole thing let it go for 10 full minutes then see what happens

  5. anything like this with kids in it is going to be too safe. I'm here to watch something explode, i'll have to find amateur

  6. I have old gold plated plates from my grandmothers I put in the microwave, it's a fine gold line around the plate but it always generate very small sparks of electrify every time I heat a meal.

  7. Why do they say blue lightning? Is lightning yellow where you live? Didn’t think so. It’s literally just “lightning” not blue lightning. I’m just confused as to why you call it that.

  8. Is it sad that before watching this video I never knew what happened when you microwaved metal? I knew it was a terrible idea but never questioned why.

  9. It was a good thing it didn't blow up. That's the one thing to do to get yourself injured if not killed. If it were to explode with you right in front of it with absolutely no barricade, the blast wave, flare, and shrapnel will definetely hurt you.

    How to get yourself killed 101.

  10. Me: *puts plate of breakfast in the microwave with knife and fork without realizing*

  11. I remember I put a bag in the microwave it had fluid in it , but little did I know inside of the bag the material was some kind of aluminum silver thing dunno what it's called, but what happens to me was it set on fire it was a small fire since I had managed to blow it out andimited the air it had so it didnt get bigger oh and did I mention I was in a store!

  12. Yes let’s put hundreds of steel balls into something that has potential to explode and stand 2 feet away from it

  13. The bbs didn't arc because they're round, not because of the type of metal. You need sharp edges like the edges of the spoon or the crinkles in the foil

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