What does the LIQUID METAL Mercury look like BOILING?

What does the LIQUID METAL  Mercury look like BOILING?

Hello everyone, this is Jeff of TAOFLEDERMAUS. This is probably the first time you will ever see mercury being boiled There are videos out there of mercury retorts. These are like stills that have an evaporator and condenser setup used to reclaim gold that has amalgamated with the Hg. But you really can not see what’s going on
inside. You can not see the mercury boiling. Many people have asked me to heat mercury, using a red hot ball bearing. But the problem is releasing mercury vapor. I had to come up with a solution here
my friend Matt from the channel Mattv2099, was kind
enough to send me these test tubes for this demonstration. This apparatus is
designed to control the pressures which will inevitably build-up
inside, as we start boiling the mercury the test tube that doesn’t have the
mercury in it is placed in a cold glass of water and we added
some ice to it. The purpose of this is to
balance the pressure Since temperature corresponds to
pressure If we chill this side, we should be
able to control the pressure as we heat the mercury side. We will use a propane torch to gently heat the mercury up now. And that is how are you boil mercury without releasing the gas into the
atmosphere remember this is very very dangerous I urge you not to try it yourself
thanks for watching.
We like big butts.

98 thoughts on “What does the LIQUID METAL Mercury look like BOILING?

  1. Ok guys… um, go to 3:05 and pause then put on subtitles. it says something surprising that Jeff doesn't actually say himself.

  2. "on this side, we put it in some water, and put ice in it" adds one ice cube I burst out laughing before I saw him add other ice cubes.

  3. WAIT A MINUTE!!!! Doesn't condensation transfer thru barriers?  For example, take a cup of coffee, place it on a glass and you'll have water condense on the glass away from coffee cup.

  4. I would like to see this video shot with a better camera setup, the mercury looks amazing but there is a distinct lack of clarity in the picture.  Would be great to see this in 4k or 1440p.

  5. it's funny how in every video you ask us not to try to mess with mercury, it's not like everyone has a gallon of it in his basement.

  6. Subscribing for more. I noticed that you usse Incompetech as a music source. Nice to know I am not the only YouTuber doing that. Keep up these vids. They are great.

  7. I feel asleep watching youtube and woke up to this video at around 2:38. I thought that my tv had over heated and that the test tube on the right was pixels breaking there way down the screen.

  8. could you heat mercury up enough to turn it into a vapor so it would condense on the other side?  Its more of just a question, but f you can do this experiment carefully…

  9. I don't know if this has been mentioned yet but I would think that putting the one end of the apparatus in ice water cooled the air, thus reducing the internal air pressure, and thus reducing the boiling temperature of the mercury.

  10. Can u shoot mercury out of a shot gun at sand, a watermelon, and a truck door without the container of mercury breaking until it hits the target! This is probably impossible but i would be very happy if you could make it work!

  11. final caption just say that you like big butts…im liking your video for the mercury screech obviously.

  12. I was watching this in subtitles… and at the end when he was warning us not to try this, for some reason it also said in the subtitle,"We like big butts." o,O

  13. Can mercury turn red hot if you were to run a strong enough electric current through it and short it out? Like when you attach alligator clips to a screw and connect the leads to an electric transformer.

  14. I was expecting to see some mercury condensing into the left tube, but I guess it condenses way before it reaches the top of the right tube.

  15. You should hook up with the Slow Mo Guys (or anyone else with access to a phantom or another super high frame rate camera) and do this one again. It would be really cool to actually watch the mercury vapors condense on the side of the glass!

  16. Kudos on figuring out a cheap way to contain the pressure in the test rube. I'm impressed with your use of thermodynamic concepts!

  17. Don't ya know that this would make for one hell of a mess if you lost the cooling on the "condensing" side.  Also, I was a bit surprised – I thought that all of the mercury would end up turning to vapor and eventually transfer to the chilled side of the apparatus.  I don't think I could see even a small amount of Hg pooling on the cold side.  Odd…

  18. I bet you can get high off the fumes


  19. Is it possible using high voltage and a similar set up as this to get that mercury to vaporise and maintain it as a vapor (Controlled Heat) and then back to a liquid (cooled)? Im wondering if that set up would require a metal containment instead of glass line in this vid. thanks

  20. sees disclaimer. "oh dis gonna be good"
    Today we will be boiling mercury.
    "Oh shit fuck no. There was not nearly enough disclaimers to communicate how toad lickingly stupid this idea is."

  21. What happens if you boil it into water? In a pot? Is it dangerous? I inly have a small quantity from my termometer

  22. And that is destilling mercury in a quite basic form… which can be used to purify mercury for example as seen on cody's lab.

  23. I am surprised the mercury didn't expand very much before boiling. Isn't mercury good at reacting to temperature?

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