What Did We Melt In The Microwave?

What Did We Melt In The Microwave?

( light, enchanted music ) We’re back and
we missed you. Never leave us, again! Now, Mythical crew members,
Mike and Alex, you know ’em and you know they’ve got
lots of impressive skills that you’re impressed by. The least of which is not the barbaric expertise
for pure destruction. Yeah, so we like to
just give them something, let them destroy it, and then to try to
figure out what it was. It’s time for… Come on in, fellers. Move the mugs.
Bring in the this. I gotcha some this. Oh, what is that? Soot? Mike’s guessing. – You tryin’ to throw us off?
– Good guess, Mike. Do you wanna guess? Okay, so not only do we have
to figure out what it was, we have to figure out
what you did to it. So the first thing
I’ll say is that– You guys are sadistic. I don’t know what it is,
but they ran over it. Hold on, is this part of it?
Is it all part of it? Hold on, this is
a microwave dish, dude. This is somethin’ that
rotates in a microwave. Rhett:
Oh, I think you’re right. We shoulda thought
about that, huh? – Link: But it doesn’t–
– Rhett: Oh, no it doesn’t– A microwave thing
has the divots, Has the little divots. that like, where
the teeth can grab it. – This is just a plate.
– That’s just a plate. Is the plate… But the plate’s
been burned. – Let’s smell it.
– Taste it. Oh. Oh. Give it a teeth feel. We keep fixating on this, but this is
the important part. That’s actually not,
it’s just this. Smell that.
That is, oh, oh, oh! Army men! Army men!
Army men! Army men! No, it’s not. Look, you can
see it in here. There’s little
army guys. You didn’t think we
were gonna flip it over. They put army men
in a microwave? I didn’t know it was
flip-able until right now. – You didn’t separate it?
– That’s really unfortunate. No. You know what it is?
I know it. They got a cheap microwave
that doesn’t even rotate because the cheap
ones don’t rotate. They just have
a plate in there, – that’s why it doesn’t
have the divots.
– Yes. They put army men
in a cheap microwave and this is
what happened. Here’s my question: is there somethin’
else or is that it? Because would it really
cook it that much? I don’t know. All right, that’s our guess.
Let’s find out. – You got footage?
– Yeah. You ever do weird stuff with
army guys when you were a kid? – Ha!
– I’d step on ’em, put ’em
in my mouth, sleep with ’em. Sleep with? Okay. Well, I was thinkin’,
we have some here today, maybe we could put ’em
in this microwave. – I like the way you think.
– Okay. – We’re nailing it, guys.
– I missed a little. – Rhett and Link microwave.
– Yeah.( elevator music playing )– Now, you’re stretching?
– Yeah. You guys are prepared
for anything. Yeah, yeah. I always stretch
while microwaving. I like this music. I’m glad you guys
are gettin’ along. Oh, we weren’t. – Oh, you weren’t?
– No. ( laughs ) ( cheering ) Now, how long… Oh, my goodness. – Oh, hey, whoa!
– What are you doin’? That upset me. I didn’t
know that was gonna happen. I get so caught up
in the moment sometimes, dude. You destroyed the microwave. I didn’t know it,
but the sledgehammer part, we didn’t say that. How long– I know
that was edited down– how long did it microwave? – Long.
– Three, four hours. – Yeah.
– What? – Three, four hours.
– No, it was a long time,
for real. It had to be, like,
at least a half hour. – Yeah, I mean it
turned completely black.
– Good gracious. You probably lost some
brain cells when you did it. I just lost some brain
cells smelling that. You know what?
Good work, guys. I’m so proud of you.
You never let me down. – You’re doing such a good job.
– Thank you for your savagery. All right, keep on clickin’
to see if we can
interview Chris Sullivan – while we cry… a lot.
– This could be a medallion. Sounds sad. Link:
Sip your cocoa in this mug
with your favorite
saying on it.
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100 thoughts on “What Did We Melt In The Microwave?

  1. right before the video started I went afk for a while and then came back to hear Rhett say " We're back and we missed you. Never leave us again"

  2. I wonder if the designer of those army guys thought that they would go through such hardships. I've seen what happens when they end up in the toaster… It didn't end well

  3. I thought everything was going to be the SAME. But they lied 🙁 Only one ep is 10 min long, the others are, gosh…lost potential, really.

  4. ههههههههههههه.هذولي ويش يضربون…ايش نوع المخدرات الي مسوي فيهم زي كذا.

  5. what the f, they cut from microwaving to the final result which was NOT DIRECTLY AFTER MELTING the army men.
    They just spilled them in there and it comes out nicely and neatly cut around the plate with no smoke? Grrrrr

  6. im gonna the good guy who comes in and says "guys cut them me slack. they increased the no. of vids for you and youre complainin"' (but seriously gmm i love you and if youre gonna make great videos and shorten them im not that happy)

  7. I feel like, ordinarily, I would've been really happy that they uploaded this because it was really entertaining.
    But then it only lasted for 3 minutes. 🙁

  8. This is my first video since like two weeks ago and when Rhett did that intro, I said, "Aww, they really do care if I leave for a while! Thank you for missing me!" 🙂


  10. I have 8 tests in 4 days starting Monday and for 10 hours I’ve watched GMM. I have priorities folks…

  11. Haha, when I was a teen and my brother was 8 or 9 we used to melt his toy soldiers' arms and legs off and reattach them in strange ways.

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