Let the welding program at Lincoln Trail
College prepare you for a future in the welding industry while at Lincoln Trail
College you’ll get hands-on experience while learning different types of
welding including MIG TIG and stick welding. Our courses prepare you for all
facets of metal fabrication so you can be prepared to weld in virtually any
situation. You’ll learn how to weld a variety of joints that you can put to
work in numerous jobs. The welding certificate at Lincoln Trail College can
be completed in just one year but students can stay another year and
earned the Industrial Management Associates Degree which includes
certificates and workplace skills manufacturing skills and supervisory
skills. You’ll learn industry skills ranging from occupational safety and health
regulations to total quality management to performance analysis to manufacturing
methods. You’ll be able to supervise industrial work and employees. So let the
Trail be your path to success with welding at Lincoln Trail College

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