Welding shop: how to tips for mig or smaw welding pipelines & spray heads!

What’s up guys today I’m going to show
you how we construct the water system on our Peterbilt water truck! We just got this Peterbilt water
truck and it has rear spray heads only. Our customer has requested that we have
front spray heads, so we were going to be building this system all the way from
the ground up. Since there’s no kit for these trucks we’re gonna be building it
out of a 21 foot piece of pipe. It’s a three inch schedule 40. It’s kind of like an
elaborate set of Legos. First step today, we’re going to cut our
pipe. We’ve got to bevel the edges for perfect wealth penetration. In open root
welding, the two pieces of pipe are not even touching so we’ve got this bent
piece of wire that I’m going to use for exact spacing all the way around our
pipe. We’re gonna put four tack welds on this piece of pipe just to hold it all
together and then we’re gonna remove our rods we can do our root pass. Now that
we’ve got our two piece of pipe tacked together, we’re gonna go back through and we’re gonna feather the edges of our tacks. That way when we come through with our
root pass we’re gonna have a continuous bead all the way around. Our first weld around the pipe would
also be known as the root pass. Im gonna clean these wells up and I’m gonna put two more beads on that also known as my cap pass. Now I got lucky today because this isn’t
under the truck yet. So I was able to just spin this pipe as I was going. But as soon as I put it underneath there I’ll have to do it in a fixed position. Now we’re
gonna slide our pipes together and get everything lined up. We’re just doing a
couple more checks to make sure that nothing’s gonna interfere with it. Now
we’ve got weld the opposite end of this pipe up underneath this truck! Here we got our spray bar already fabbed
up. We’ve got our valves on here. The next step we’re gonna be installing our heads
and then we’re gonna slap it on our Peterbilt! We’ve got our fresh spray head system
hooked up plumbed up and ready to go! I think our customer is gonna be extremely
happy! We’re always modifying equipment for
different applications. For all your metal fabrication needs, check out newmantractor.com

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