Welding Essentials | Welding

Welding Essentials | Welding

What are the essentials that every welder
needs? Setting up a welding shop doesn’t have to
be prohibitively expensive, but there are a few things that you have to have. Let’s start with protective clothing. Every welder needs a good jacket, a welding
hat, gloves, your most important safety tool, foot protection. For cutting and oxy-acetylene welding, tinted
safety goggles. And for arc welding a proper, well-fitting
arc welding hood. Let’s talk equipment. Every welder needs a good oxygen-acetylene
setup. Your oxygen bottles. Your acetylene bottles. These can be leased from your local welding
supplier. Each bottle has its own gauge or regulator. You need hoses, the torch body, and your torch
attachments. I set up my first oxy-acetylene setup for
less than 500 dollars by visiting pawn shops, garage sales, and leaning on local suppliers. Every shop needs a sturdy steel-top work table,
preferably with a vice attached. Hand tools fall into two categories, for fabrication
and finishing. Now the saying goes, “Whoever dies with the
most tools wins.” But here are a few essentials that we think
that no metal shop should be without. Two or more good, sturdy hammers, clamps for
securing work, vice grips for handling hot metal, a cold chisel for cleaning slag, a
chipping hammer for cleaning slag off of metal as well, wire brushes for more detailed finishing
work, and no shop should be without its own four-inch grinder with an assortment of finishing
wheels and wire brushes. For that fine hand work, you can’t beat a
set of nice files. Every shop needs a good arc welder. Now there are all kinds of arc welders from
simple to fancy, but this little one here is referred to in the industry as a cracker
box. It’s an ideal welder for a first-timer. It’s inexpensive, lightweight, and very versatile. You’ll also need a selection of welding rods,
depending on what kinds of materials, thickness, and welding you want to do.

3 thoughts on “Welding Essentials | Welding

  1. you dont need some of those things if you dont plan on using them like the foot protection. if your overalls and boots do the job dont go spending money on it if you dont need it and also you dont need oxy welding equiping to cut you can use oxy propane which is cheaper in the long run

  2. You don't need a torch to cut with just a stick welder and 6010 welding rods crank up the juice. The 6010 rods nick name is Excalibur or red rod and what you use to put in a root.

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