Welding Essentials & Must-Haves on Today’s Live Video at Eastwood.com + Get Your Questions Answered.

Welding Essentials & Must-Haves on Today’s Live Video at Eastwood.com + Get Your Questions Answered.

everybody thanks for joining us for another live video on facebook and youtube i’m randy here in the East garage today we’re talking about welding essentials so of course we’ve got mad with us you’ve seen in many of our videos and as always if you have any questions make sure you ask them in the comments section post them and Scotty seized over there and he’s gonna be answering for you or throw them back to us so we can so we can take care of you so Matt what are we talking about today so we put together a less you talk about welding a lot but i decided to put together a few of my favorite welding accessories things that I use a lot of the shop and some things that are kind of handy when you’re in a tough situation and just so you guys if you’re not aware you don’t have them figure we’ll throw him out there and just run through a few of of our favorites yeah briefly we got a light cool copper magnet if you’re watching this live a few weeks ago welding blankets a new one and the old one some clamps so magnets will show you these things they’re pretty powerful and of course welding helmets which I guess is what we’re going to start with yes a little uh so as far as that the welding helmets go if you guys are welding and in this day and age with it being so affordable you really need to have an auto darkening helmet these are kind of our two most popular we have a standard view whenever XL view helmet which is my favorite helmet this this helmet has a couple extra features on top of being you know quite well the the viewing range being quite large maybe Joe can get in here really cool thing on this one the saves you flip up the helmet is it has a little grind feature on it just pretty cool so you don’t have to flip your helmet up and down if you need to quick ride something or adjust something you can leave it on the grind setting and you can work your eyes are safe and you can flip it back up and turn it to your to your normal thank you for taking out again guiding tungsten yep yeah you can just leave a flip-down you can do that no problem so it goes from a 413 shade too yeah i think on this particular one to get between those the others out there setting here on the inside which probably will be tough for you guys to see we have a pretty good zoom but it’s pretty hard to see that but there’s a little switch here we can switch it but the two ranges i usually keep mine on the lower range of a lot of stuff i do is lower amperage that covers most of this stuff but if you’re just doing some higher amperage stuff 200 amps a woman on things like that you can flip it up and turn to a brighter shade but yeah this is this is probably one of our one of our best helmets my favorite has extra adjustability on the top and wearing helmets don’t have so you get that adjustment so how far it sits on your head is really nice so it’s not flopping off your head or are falling down on you so you have that but autotune helmet is probably you know that the most obvious that makes it so easy because instead of having the yeah the typical head Bob and then try to hope you kept your hands and rates by when you know it’s you can see right through it and you strike the ark it and it has all the settings so you can so you can do the delay so it’s so those are but back to the how how how large the view is we have to have some footage that shows the comparison so you can actually see it’s you know it’s at least twice the size so you can see right there looking at your Model A how much more you can see with large new helmet so if you’re underneath of it welding you don’t got it you know you’re trying to straighten your head you can see you know a lot easier and we’ve got I was just looking today we’ve got about a hundred five-star nearly a hundred five star reviews on that helmet and we’ve just got a lot of great customer reviews on on that extra-large u helmet so it is actually probably at this point our most popular most popular how much we sell yeah I don’t know any reason I mean the other than the price that’s pretty much that there’s no reason you should have a small view on there other than if you’re trying to save some money you know but so yeah thatthat’s prior favorite we ever standard view which is really affordable has not quite as many settings but it still gets the job done it has still has the sensitivity and everything but if you want to step up especially if you’re doing some TIG welding this one’s probably the best one to have for that so that’s the most obvious one we have the next one we have over here we have our welding blanket welding blanket so other new that’s what they look like yeah so when there are no nice and i’m pretty this is our virgin our Virgin plasma blank or I up the fiberglass blank we broke one out because we have them that we’ve been using around here we’ve been in this garage for I think almost four years so this this blanket is probably been with us almost that there’s a whole time and you can see I mean it for as much as we doing here they you know they really they hold up and they get used for plasma cutting as well as yes welding and we I mean you were using a modern way we got footage of you know using it in the model a you know if you watch our videos you see it a lot so you know no matter where you know not just out here we use it out here a lot but you know if you’re in a car it’s great to yeah this this is good especially if you’re doing something you know why use them a lot is if i’m doing floors on a car that still has a partial interior in it you can throw these blankets in cover-up maybe some of the Interior so that if you do get a stray makes Parker or grinding spark it’s not gonna start your whole interior on fire so you can you can put them over but a lot of the damage that’s on that is probably from some heavy like direct contact the plasma cutting yeah plasma cutting on ok it’s not most of its not from welding know now but they’re still held up fine then you know obviously kept it from from anything happening but yeah we have a good video of the model a when we’re cutting out the floors and now he’s channeling it where you can see it you know where we’re cutting right on top of that thing to keep the kept the blanket down in it and it worked awesome so hey I usually like to have a couple of these laying around like i said before inside vehicles it’s good to three of them you can hang them and you can lay them down and they work they work really well for that so we do have a shot there where you can see plasma cutting yeah plasma cutting out the floor when you’re channeling the model a and you can see how close the blanket is to the to the danger area head and it did pretty good so you and if you’re into that model I we got all kinds of videos the like putting floors in trans tunnel ya doing the chassis we even sure how to build a few guys want to build your own chassis table from scratch went to the met i went to a scrap-metal yard and got supplies for under five hundred dollars and build a chassis table little Lannister milan in the chassis yeah and we build a house on it so and just search that up on our channel if you search model a you see all those different or hot rod you can see a lot of those different fields on there so that’s the plasma blanket are either the the welding blanket like I said grab a few of those are pretty inefficient and expensive item to have ya so now we’re as far as getting into the clamps and things like that these are ones that when we came out with him I couldn’t think of a use off the top of my head but now that I have my box i probably grab that more often times and not so we have these little we can pinch weld clamps but there are many welding clamps the cool thing about these they have these little metal jaws on and they have a ton of strength to it’s like 250 pounds of you having string so if you’re pulling together you know an edge of a panel that you needed to be really tight maybe it doesn’t fit perfectly you can pull a panel together really nicely with this i usually are you know the most common thing I use it for something like we have here which will get these magnets in a bit but on the ends here where I need to keep these ends clamped tight so that the panel doesn’t move around when you’re tacking in place you can use these clamps and we can tighten them down on here and they come in packs assets 04 yup so you cannot i use them at the end of the table even like if you get like a because they’ll open to about half an inch they open really why surprisingly they open really wide so you can clamp a fair amount sometimes you’re doing here near the edge and are nice because they don’t they’re not like a big c-clamps they’re yeah they’re not going away yeah you’re you’re you’re right i do probably use them a lot 44 tack welding and and setting things up because they’re not so bulky where bc clamps are trying to figure how to get in because we’ve used them in the camaro the Corvair the model a pretty much every project we have around you definitely see these things get used a lot so I i would suggest i probably two or three sets of these because there’s times where these are kinda like glucose for me where they end up living on a on a project car until accelerator you know so grab a few sets once you can have them may be mocked up on a car and you can also have them in the box for doing little one-off projects but that’s those things are really cool you can find them on our so I so probably my favorite thing that we’re going to show today next thing is this little big like that we sell know it sounds silly but I I feel like every time I’m welding I never have enough light so we have this this little big light that we offer that’s got 20 extremely light bright light on the end of it and this is pretty much a universal fit so you don’t have to have an East would make welder to have this light it’s got this little adjustable rubber their very own really flexible yeah so you could fit the silver really any make water gun here so we’ll show you on this so what you do you can either put it on the top here and i’ll show you in a car in a second or you can put it underneath depending on what you’re doing but to fit on it’s pretty simple so if you want to put it underneath just put that guy around like that and then you can adjust it to actually fit exactly everywhere yeah so they’re just because I just hope so like however you want to whether you need to shine up above or below but this is really handy I I mean especially with a MIG welder I feel like half the time your hand or the or the mid gone torches is blocking half your life so he got this little white here it’s going to direct it and for the most part as long as your welder settings are pretty good the weight itself isn’t going to get to damage you know over time it will have one that’s probably five years old and it still works good other and put battery it actually comes with two you can replace there’s a glass lens here it comes with a couple actually spare so if you would get spatter on it and it take a beating you get a couple of spares you so you can replace and like new again i’m sure i lost mine that’s what ever having this well what we got 17 in the Corvair here this is mark’s square project he’s working on but this thing is a perfect example we have really good we have really good lighting in the shop overall but when you get under the dash and can’t see a darn thing and even with underhood light it’s hard to get the light you know well something up under the dash so we got one right here on the on the make torch so i’m going to click it on here and you can see hopefully guys I can direct it so you can say you’re looking over kind of fish around a little bit and get the way there you go so you can see I’m trying to watch as we get in there yeah he’s helped right it is right yeah but I mean you can see if I implore if we didn’t have this light I mean it’s pitch-black under here you imagine putting your your you know with an auto dim helmet down you can’t see it only with any good especially if you’re trying if you’re doing floor pans and you’re trying to see that the seam that oh yeah well next thing you know you can own the light like that next we know you’re off he you’re just well now the panel somewhere yeah exactly so this is nice runner you know I use it a lot for under under her under dash or you know doing repairs under car you can’t get a white underneath very well so it’s quick thing you can clip on I just leave it on my car one good thing because I’m extremely forgetful this has I think it’s an hour something like that it’s it shuts off automatically after I believe in that room that’s off my memory might suggest fact check that one yeah but i’m not sure but i know it auto turns because my batteries are dead i never remember to click it off so that things really good many questions Scott definitely welding what’s the best way to willing so the question was what’s the best way to pick a welding glove I think sighs yeah yeah yeahs make sure it up you know yeah that’s something we just got new welding gloves at new mid gloves and I actually really like them for mig welding and we have been a few sighs I got small hands we have mediums which DNA but there we don’t have you know we got to take gloves like we have their yeah and we’ve got new maid gloves in which are around here and there a little bit thicker but they’re not like those huge industrial make gloves like you have yeah he’s now that i’m wandering around where you have no dexterity at all you know you get no dexterity with those let me see i’m going to wonder around let Matt talks yeah yeah well that’s the welder the gloves I mean obviously I I pic i like to use gloves that are staying as possible when I’m when I’m welding so what is your item in these are brand-new yeah those are nice because these are nice because they have the extra thickness in the area where it isn’t his dexterity isn’t as important yeah for Meg welding user could you can actually still you can actually still bend your hand that’s why when i got these I i yes i really like these because these are just this is when you’re just going to weld and you’re just gonna get hot and that’s right that’s for fixing the fence out in the field on the range you know but that but if you notice these these make gloves they have a similar type of weather on these areas where you may not get as much no sparks or heat its kids again yeah its skin yeah hey okay not as bad as it sounds but that’s what they’re making hopefully we’ll have many hippies that they’re mad about that but yes they are real leather but they do have a similar letter here so that this area where it’s not as hot yet more dexterity on the backside here has a thicker you know some more to what you see with the stick welding gloves in this area because that’s where it’s going to see all your spark so I i pick a glove that’s still this possible for the job I’m doing because i like the dexterity but of course if you’re doing you know if you’re just doing stitch welding on sheet metal you could probably get away with ya big gloves but yeah if you’re doing any kind of heavy fabrication you need something like that you’re going to check out if you just search make gloves or welding gloves at least one you’ll see them yeah but one of these easier to dig for them or these make these new maid gloves are both now they’re both right there was really nice are the ones we always use yeah that’s great great question that’s anything else they’re all right so was canceled so we have yeah so we we showed this a little bit i don’t always a few weeks ago made and before the holiday that we did a we did a little demo and we showed this tool here and sell a few different kinds of copper backers we sell like the magnet one’s the one that’s a spoon i have to hold you up but this has an advantage over all of them yeah I mean no I’d say that probably the only thing that some of the other ones have that better there we go at that some of the other ones we have over this is this has a smaller copy area but really if you got your panel set up correctly it doesn’t matter you only need this much space because you’re just doing like a you just doing a pinhole or blood was something that’s a yeah you don’t necessarily need a 26 inch you know peace so the cool thing about this we have some magnetic ones that are larger piece of copper there’s mixed reviews on how well they hold to the panel i think they have their place but if you get into something like on this a common used to be like on here there’s some old repair here and there some old holes on the paddle and if we wanted to plug weld those up this because of the angle in the shape of this panel the ones that we sell or pretty much flat and the way the magnets grab they can’t fully attached the panel they tend to slide off for a furious but if you start banging around trying to climb in there their they’re going to end up falling off we’re so do that and because it’s here and you’re going to get in here to weld the other ones it’s a spoon you have to try to reach out here with one hand and show you so you also can’t use those either because you just can’t hear you have two places at once either that or you’re asking the wife or the bottom toddler I put some gloves on and hold that somewhere which is good so the cool thing about this is it has a little adjustment screw here which is cool so you can make this fit a paddle that’s curved by adjusting this screw here it’ll change the angle of the magnet and how the the copper section touches so actually hear a little better because it’sit’s conforming to the panel so I magnets really strong yeah the magnet is strong on that so even though it’s going to touching up you know maybe a anything into the of the magnet there so we can adjust this down on the Joe you’re able to get close enough to see so we got nervous we’ve got a couple holes here so we can do this we can do on the inside but it’s hard to like it’s something to show you on the outside here so you put your little copper section over that magnet touches so from up top here you can see we barely have any of the magnet touching there and then what i can do so i can back that adjustment off and get that magnet so that we got it touching all the way so it’s touching all the way we still have a bunch of adjustment or so this panel has some curve both ways but it’s still touching the nice thing is that it’s not falling off I mean not part of your car fellow yeah we probably lost more of the car but yes and now it’s all set up it’s not going to bounce around not going to slide I mean and now you’re free to just climb in the the hood trunk whatever it is on a Corvair yeah but you the hood trunk where the engine is to you know well those holding yeah so that this this one is probably my favorite as far as for plug welding this is the best one you can use on me because the adjustability on it is really nice so and it’s so easy to move around once we got this adjustment set I mean we can just move it move it to next hole and keep going so this one’s as far as you know plugging holes go this is it’s cheaper and buying a bunch of beer to convince your friend to come over and hold a magnet for you while you will pose for a few hours exactly so speaking of magnets yeah so magnets remember when they brought these in a couple years we used skeptical like me like yeah cute little magnets yeah well I think I don’t like four sets of him yeah i got a ton of these things so these are rare earth magnets that you can get rare earth magnets that go from there something small like are some of our copper backers have in them they’re very small to let’s say this is a mid-range to something that’s so incredibly strong you can pull it off of the piece of metal the great thing about rare earth magnets as they are so strong in such a small little package with these rare earth magnets and these we can stitch world magnets but what they allow you to do there’s a bunch of use this forum my favorite is what i’m going to show you here is you can if your butt welding a panel you can make sure that it’s completely and see if they get just complete touching it you can get it so that it bridges the gap and keeps everything nice and flat so if you stagger these we know that this but well we don’t have a valley in here we have a perfectly flat we’re not gonna be fighting it so you can use this and you can stagger we can do a couple stitches wells here jump to a couple there and we can come back and move my maggots around its gonna pull it strong enough they can pull sheet metal and create a lot of panel holding systems go down in between you and hold them together and a lot of people don’t want that gap yes gonna make it what up perfectly yeah you get that perfect fitment it pulls it all together the other thing is because they’re strong you can see I can bend this piece here and it still holds together it still holds it together yet you don’t like if you don’t believe us like really we’ve got tons of great reviews on these products just like there’s people it’s amazing how strong these magnets are I mean they really have to be like I’ve seen ones that are about half that’s long yeah if these were smaller young that you never get them off yes sometimes it takes you need that leverage of these being whatever have three quarter of an inch long you need that leverages to break them all the other times I’ve used on the whole like I was telling you earlier when I was boxing a frame on a car where I found that they’re great is is uh I had a 8 inch tubing yep cross boxing an 8-inch so it’s on an angle and there’s no way could clamp cuz you got a flat surface here and angled surface here and the clamp wouldn’t stay on and i actually had about six or eight of these magnets and just went along so instead of a clamp which I which wouldn’t hold it yeah and upholding the eighth inch tubing about a box about that long which is some of these magnets and how it perfectly I mean beyond the fact that i guess just holding sheet metal together it actually replaced a clamp actually was able to replace a clamp because the clamp couldn’t clamp-on you know angled man yeah that’s that’s pretty incredible don’t think I’ve ever even tried that before then so we have another panel here just show you how it will hold up yes so if you’re another good thing is is if you’re shaping a paddle you’re making a patch for this here and you need to take it on and off the car bunch of times and you want to test fit but maybe you don’t want to drill holes for quick goes in the car and it to have to fill holes this thing is strong enough that you can hold a whole entire guy handle to it so if i was making this piece on the English wheel i can shape it bring it over here my four magnets stick it on real quick okay see how it fits we can pull it off and keep going back and forth and there’s no quick oohs and that’s a big patch yeah yeah that’s a that’s a pretty big passion you know that the little magnets you see market you know are going to work some of the real cheap triangular-shaped welding magnet and even though they’re much bigger than this no way with a whole day so even with for these you know one kick you could you could hold a pretty large patch panel in place pretty securely i mean i love them i mean is it sometimes they always seem like you too strong yeah we get we were joking about him earlier i sometimes I sometimes swear at them because they’re too too strong if I’m doing a 90-degree well joint sometimes I don’t want to jump the other piece you’ve got to be careful how you set them up but even like Mike Phillips when he was here doing the demo and uh when he was making the template on the under use them the whole of his paper in place when I’m making a paper pattern yeah you know so because beyond that he was using just to make a pact to hold the all the paper in place make a pattern yeah so these things again these are all fairly inexpensive items that you can put your shop that really helped with with fabricating and it doesn’t cost a lot of money but it’s going to really help you step up your game with with that make your life easier yeah advocating stuff so they all the stuff is did really helps but yeah that’s that’s kind of my list to some of my favorites especially as of late that i’ve been using you have any other questions at all also in but I guess don’t don’t forget monday we’re now live our schedules monday tuesday wednesday we have been jumping around all over the place but it’s Monday Tuesday Wednesday three monday we’re doing on we’re putting brakes on a 79 ford pickup truck with one of our product managers right cool so money should be pretty good now I’m got to get some more up with you on tuesday and wednesday ya tomorrow I forget about tomorrow yeah it’s only tuesday today is Tuesday oh jeez so good we got two more you don’t forget tomorrow with you yes so tomorrow i did a tech article I don’t know to her a few weeks back if you guys are on an email list i do i write tech articles take photos i made a model a deck would skin from scratch and skin is pretty much all fairly smooth doubt and I fixed infrastructure so i’m going to show you guys had a rust-proof and and set up the welder and do spot welds the spot weld it all together where I’m going to use the new MP 202 use the spot timer and i’ll show you guys how we can go along and do all that so it should be a phone for you guys are doing skins on doors and trunk woods i just want to show you guys the process how to set it up and also how to prepare the panel but you know that doesn’t rust in the future so make sure you tune in tomorrow three o’clock or three eastern time yes when Pennsylvania yeah so and don’t forget if you’re interested in any of these products should be links on youtube in the video in the video description on facebook they’re going to be in the comments section you click on them and taking Eastwood now you can get more info on all these products cool i guess i will see you guys tomorrow alright catch you guys later

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  1. I've got a Torino and I've got to replace the R/F finder and the the replacement has rust that I've got to cut out and I'm going to cut it out but what would you recommend to hold the patch in place while welding it in place.

  2. The whole reason I got this helmet is to relieve neck strain from lowering my chin down. Since the window is about 2 inches higher up than it should be, it doesn't help for my neck pain at all. I have no need to see the ceiling when standing straight up lol. I'm considering modifying (lowering) the window myself. If anyone has done this let me know.

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