Welding Basics: Techniques for Tig, Mig & Arc Welds : Basics of Welding Machinery

Welding Basics: Techniques for Tig, Mig & Arc Welds : Basics of Welding Machinery

Hello! My name is Mac and on behalf of expertvillage.com
I am here to discuss the arc welding process called MIG welding. MIG is a short form that
stands for Metal Inert Gas welding, it is a very popular, easy to use arc welding process.
It consists of a very high strength steel wire coiled in a roll, a set of drive rollers,
a power supply, a MIG gun and a supply of inert gas to shield the weld pool. It is very
versatile, the wires come in a wide variety of metals for different users. You can get
ordinary carbon steel wire, even though this looks like copper wire, it is actually carbon
steel wire covered with copper, a thin layer copper tip to aid in the welding process.
It helps the electricity to get on to the wire, as it goes to the contact tip. You can
get stainless wires, you can get nickel wires, you can get wires for welding galvanized steel,
very popular wire for welding aluminum. You can get aluminum welding wires etc. They come
in a wide variety of diameters, different sizes of thickness of wire for different applications
and for different machines. One of the integral parts of the machine is a bottle of compressed
inert gas that is fed through the gun. The gas is used to protect the arc welds molten
puddle from the oxygen and nitrogen in the atmosphere. We will go into this whole system
in greater detail as we go through the series of lectures on MIG welding.

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  1. Very thourough info. I'm definitely "favoriting" this series!
    Thanks, you saved me a ton of money, seriously.

  2. Good fit up is key; Keep an eye on the weld pool – it will show you just how your weld will look. If you can get your amps set correctly, it will make the rest of your day easy.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to teach some of us that had not catch-up with technology.
    Your contributions ROCKS! 😉

  4. Short could have been longer. Teacher is fine and accurate, it's too short I don't want to watch 30 two minute vids.

  5. Sometimes those male english teachers can be the biggest assholes. Someone ought to do a study on it. Why are english teachers that are men such assholes?

  6. thanks to the village idiot I didn't learn how to do anything, retards!!!! stop waisting my fucking TIME!!!!!

  7. Expert village will take a 30 minute video, break it into 15 two-minute videos, and put a 30 second advertisement on each segment. All I have to say is SCREW YOU EXPERTVILLAGE!! A lot better videos by others on Youtube not broken up and without so many ads! EV is pure greed!!

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