Welding Aluminum With the Dynasty 280 DX Multiprocess Welder

Welding Aluminum With the Dynasty 280 DX Multiprocess Welder

To set up the
Dynasty 280 DX Multiprocess to weld aluminum using an
ArcReach 12 SuitCase feeder, there are a few
considerations to get optimal performance with this solution. Use 3/64 inch Hobart MaxalMig 4943 or 5356 wire and a 300 amp Bernard gun. Install the appropriate U-groove drive rolls and contact tip. For better feeding properties, swap out the main liner
and jump liner to Teflon. With all connections complete, select the V-Sense mode on
the front of the Dynasty. The Dynasty does not have the ArcReach communication, therefore, set the desired voltage on the primary power supply. The actual arc voltage will display on the feeder meters while welding. Finally, adjust the wire
feed speed on the feeder. Once all these parameters are set, everything is ready for the weld to begin.

2 thoughts on “Welding Aluminum With the Dynasty 280 DX Multiprocess Welder

  1. @Miller, I have been a long time fan of your welders. I learned to TIG and MIG weld on miller equipment when I was in High School 25 years ago. I am looking at purchasing a new welder to consolidate all of my machines. so don't take this wrong, but this product seems half assed when compared to something like a ESAB Rebel 205ic. the 205ic is an all in one setup, you don't have to have a additional feeder module. also the dynasty 280 costs about 50% more the rebel 205ic. I am not a professional welder, but I do some minor fab and auto restoration as a hobby. for a hobbyist this unit really misses the mark. I don't mind spending more money on a quality product, as long as it does what I want it to do. and this machine just doesn't get there when compared against the rebel 205ic. if you have something competitive in price that is similar to the 205ic with out the need for an additional module I would be interested.

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