Welding Aluminum Exhaust On The Twin Turbo Mustang

Welding Aluminum Exhaust On The Twin Turbo Mustang

all right so let me take a second to
explain to you exactly what I’m about to do so there’s already a stainless pipe
that comes off the turbo and goes basically down into the inner fender got
v-band clamps on both ends originally the aluminum was kind of went from there
and tried to exit up front but since I changed my mind what I’m gonna do is I’m
gonna basically fit some stainless tube that’s gonna turn and go between the a
arm and the k-member and kind of go back under the motor and exit where the
factory long tube headers or shorty headers would have exited on a Mustang I will tell you when working with v-band
clamps this Milwaukee cordless ratchet comes in super handy and kind of zips
zip them v bands on and off with one hand while you’re holding everything
else with the other hand once I had all the stainless fit and
kind of running exactly where I wanted it to exiting at the bell housing I put
the car back on the ground I turned it lock to lock made sure that the tie rod
ends were clearing the exhaust and the exhaust wasn’t too close to the strut
that sort of thing made sure all the clearances were there where I needed it
everything look good I will wrap this lower section with some kind of heat
wrap just to make sure that it doesn’t radiate any more heat than is necessary
for the struts once I got all that done they know it’s time to move on to the
aluminum part of the exhaust so this was a little bit more tricky little tighter
clearances and stuff going around the transmission and had to exit through the
the transmission crossmember and it was kind of a little more tricky but when
terribly hard doing exhausts on a car is very
time-consuming especially when you’re kind of custom making these pieces one
at a time you kind of gotta like cut and fit the tack then fit again if
everything’s good you don’t have to like cut it back apart or nothing and you
move on the next piece and you kind of guesstimate where that next piece is
gonna go cut fit and go tack it then fit it again I mean it’s just very
time-consuming to get this stuff done but when you do it like this in the end
it looks phenomenal I’m working on very tedious projects like this this seam
that can seem very daunting you just got to break it down into small
bite-sized pieces and just kind of put your head down and tackle one bite at a
time finish this one then you move on to the next one finish that one move on to
the next one before you know it it’s done it’s really kind of like anything
in life I mean if we’re you’re gonna in school if you’re gonna start a business
whatever is you’re gonna do in life if it’s a big huge project don’t focus on
the end of it just focus on one small piece at a time put your head down focus
on that get it accomplished move on the next one and before you know it you’ll
be at the end I tell people this all the time with YouTube they have YouTube
channels they’re all focused on you know getting a million you know hundred
thousand subscribers they’re focused on making money and you know they want to
get to the money part I don’t worry about that just worry about making a
video concentrate on making one video get it done and uploaded and then guess
what focus on the next video in the next video and the rest that stuff the
subscribers the money whatever it is that you’re after it’ll just come you
got to focus on focus on the work rest of it comes so I got this side of the
car done I still have to do the passenger side which I actually think is
gonna be a little bit harder to do because of this space between the bell
housing and the firewall mainly on that side because of the starter and stuff it
just has less space hopefully it won’t be a huge chore but it’s probably going
to be a little more difficult than what I did on this side I don’t know what I’m
gonna do as far as mufflers just yet may not do anything may just go back
straight pipe and just dump it right before the axle
later on I may do some experimental stuff with some mufflers may make an
aluminum muffler I’ve done that in the past and actually work really well I
know a lot of you guys were concerned about the aluminum I’ve used the
aluminum on exhaust on turbo cars before didn’t have any problems that doesn’t
mean that I want on this one but if I do I’ll just go back later on and do do you
know stainless back half or titanium back half or something like that all
right guys that’s all I got for you today as always thank you for joining me
got some issues with film schedule coming up probably in the next month or
two it’s gonna be pretty sporadic I am moving into a new shop so I have signed
the lease on a new building working on getting a sword out now it’s probably
gonna be five times the size of this building here I know it doesn’t have
that shop home shop feel to it and I’m a kind of I think that’s appealing to some
people because you guys have shops that are you know similar to this and so it
kind of inspires some people to make you know try big projects and small shops
the way that I work the way that I film that shouldn’t change just gonna be a
bigger space should be what a little more well organized and then I can
actually have all the vehicles there in one spot so I can have the dually the
Pearl the bench stir the goose all the vehicles would be there and I’ll have a
place to work and probably more extra space that I don’t know what I’m gonna
do with it just yet the other thing is it’ll be a public space so you guys can
come have some shindigs we’ll do some get together some meetups you guys can
come and see all the projects firsthand hang out and uh it’s not like everybody
hanging out my house you know it’s just kind of weird
there’ll be a public space so that’s good anyway stay tuned for that I might
be doing like some little sneak peeks maybe on Instagram or snapchat so if you
guys don’t currently follow me there go check me out and as always thank you for
joining me I’m sure I’ll see you guys some more
this week go do work son

97 thoughts on “Welding Aluminum Exhaust On The Twin Turbo Mustang

  1. Pro tip that I learned:
    Use a tiny washer and anti seize on the threads of the v-band clamps.
    Can't tell how many clamps I ruined zipping the lock nuts on and off while fitting kits before I was taught this.
    Keep up the great work?

  2. Would be cool to see what you do to make up custom mufflers if you do. Looking forward to that. Congratulations on the move up to a shop.

  3. Good for you man, looking forward to see what you do!! starting a new welding workshop up. Agree with your one bite at a time!! great advice!! Keep it up man!!

  4. So I have a small Lincoln 110 mig welder but I'm working on the border of its capacity, usually over…. I put $1500ish aside to purchase a new 220 welder, I want a platform that can mig and tig. Do you recommend a system? I saw a esab rebel 215 that mig, tig and arc welds for $1600. Any thoughts, miller seems to cost more then I have to spend

  5. For your heat shielding on the stainless you might check with FTW Coatings in Wichita, KS. Ryan can do some real sick stuff with cerakote, his digital camo is my personal favorite he's done.

  6. wont you have suspension clearance issues with the pipe there??

    would be cool if you checked out my build! @ Vixen motoring on facebook!

  7. You won't have extra space for long…..LOL. It will fill up, hopefully with fab tools….they just take up real estate.

  8. I live by "one bite at a time" , it keeps you moving forward . Even the small jobs have to get done . So if all you have is an hour after dinner , "do work son !" . I do like the feeling of your small shop , I can relate to it . Looking forward to what you have planned . As for your new exhaust mods , much better . As always nice work Kyle .

  9. If you don't mind, what do you do? I know you have this youtube I've been watching a while but do you primarily make your income from customer fabrication requests?

  10. Hey Kyle, I was a little bit late on replying to the Milwaukee 3/8ths ratchet last time; but I wouldn't take anything for mine. Oh, I also wanted to comment on your work & life ethics. I'm a pretty good judge of character and I think that you're a stand up guy with some bad ass fab skills!

  11. How come I have never heard of anyone using aluminum for exhaust? I assumed this was bad for some reason. I don't understand!!!

  12. Congratulations on the new shop! I see a lift in your future ?
    Nice job on the pipes !gonna look sweet ! Seen a nova down the strip last week using spintech mufflers and damn this thing was quiet!!! Loved it ! And fast twin turbo

  13. Did I see something about Anderson SC? We are on exit 35, www.hotrodconstruction.com Love the channel, thanks for the videos

  14. New shop sounds awesome man! You deserve it Buddy! I would love to meet up and if you ever need help setting up just let me know I don't mind the 2 hour ride

  15. Hell yeah! this is the stuff I like. Doing my exhaust and intercooler piping now in my 5.3 swapped 88 ranger. Your welding bench is just about the same as mine love it.

  16. Hey Kyle, just wanted to say thanks for the tips for the past two years. You inspired me to turbo my 07 mustang v6 and it ended up incredible. 150 hours of fabrication work, most of which I learned here. The pie cut video was a real life saver when I realized I was missing a couple mandrel bends. Just need to work on my welding skills a bit more. I hope one day I can bring the car over from Pennsylvania and show you what you inspired/taught.

  17. Hey Kyle, Have you ever used oval tubing for an exhaust? I'm thinking of doing this for ground clearance but didn't know if there's any draw backs?

  18. A hangout you say hmmmm…might have to burn one of my vacations for that.would be cool to see these projects in person been following quite some time now

  19. Hello Kyle, another great video…..and like Brian I too like those pliers….Not that I'll be fabricating an exhaust for a turbocharged car…..well, not at the moment anyway…

  20. 1- new shop needs a lift, will add years to your ability to wrench, 2- we need another cut worm update soon.

  21. I noticed that you werebt purging. Is it something thats more nessesairy with headers and stuff with more pressure?

  22. That's awesome to know that you'll be able to have people come down, and meet the amazing Kyle Voss. You do amazing work, and always give alot of inspiration to be humble and enjoy life, no matter how much you have on your plate.

  23. I love how you keep most of your tools within reach for all that tig welding….Do you recommend having the Argon bottle on the welder cart or on a wall with hoses to the cart….

  24. I did a custom exhaust on a 53 F100. I had never done it before, but, like you said, just do a little at a time and work your way back. It was not all that difficult. It just takes patience. Good tip!!

  25. Hey Kyle count me in for a visit to the new shop one day. I'm in eastern NC not to far from emerald isle. I remember hearing you say that you and the fam went there once on vacation. Congrats on your new place!

  26. Hey not trying to be aa sick but you need to wear gloves and sleeves. I was the same way when I was your age and younger. Now at 45 I am getying skin cancer cut out of my arms regularly. My arms look polka dot now with the circle if a they hack out. I tell EVERYONE now that they need that minimal protection of sleeves and gloves. Doesn't have to be heavy leather gear either. Anything to cover bare skin. Please listen on this. No reason to force your way to skin cancer when 20 bucks can save you from it.

  27. What the HELL YouTube, I get a suggestion for the fab forums today! Not 2 years ago!!!! Great now I gotta binge watch…

  28. Have you considered the possibility of your alum exhaust pipes melting? EGT's at the downpipe can exceed 1200*F under heavy load depending on the tune. Aluminum's melting point is 1220*F but more importantly, its yield strength (for 6061) drops to less than 15% of its original strength at only 500*F. I didn't see this anywhere in the comments so I thought I'd mention it.

  29. Hey brother awesome videos, I suscribed. I'm wanting to start my hand at TIG welding, I seen your TIG200 video, awesome but will that one be a decent start off tig welder. I know u have that miller, which is better the TIG200 or your miller? In your eyes lmk.

  30. I'm a bit confused I thought that the material melting was to low use for this application and so how do u over come this

  31. another awesome video! I sure you mentioned it before but what site do you go to for the tubing> and did you have a video of the tig cup?

  32. Good for you son on the new shop. Once you've moved, I Can't wait to see what projects you have in the "old" shop. Lol it happens to every one

  33. Please please, either wear gloves or take your ring off before you deglove your finger/hand. Keep the great vids coming. Weld safe my friend.

  34. Are you using the #12 furik stainless gas lens for ac aluminum? I thought you only should use the #8 so the ac current doesn't mess up the screen.

  35. @ The Fab Forums – I see your using a portaband. I use the same thing. How do you get your cuts straight. Mine seem to wander some. Secondly; have you ever used ebay intercooling pipe? Vibrant is good but very expensive

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