Welding A Custom Fuel Filler And Battery Tray | Turbo Mustang

Welding A Custom Fuel Filler And Battery Tray | Turbo Mustang

I think today is going to be a hang out with me day you okay with that nothing in particular going to be working on except for the goose going to try to get some stuff down this thing going to try to finish the filler next to the fuel tank may work on some wiring what else I know one of the things that needs to be done is the battery tray for the battery needs to be mounted in some form or fashion I thought about welding it stuff about bolting it in not exactly sure how I want to do is I got to figure that out you can also see the love of the wiring on the inside of the car is going down but still not finished so got to try to make some progress on that but first it’s cold so let’s try to make a fire alright so when I say that I have to modify the fuel tank filler let me kind of explain I show you what I’m talking about so on a stock fox body mustang that is the fuel tank filler so this comes in from the outside of the car comes down it usually enters the fuel cell itself the fuel tank itself right here there’s a big rubber gasket that goes in the fuel tank and this thing this kind of slides in there and seals up so the three pump hat that I’m using on the goose is set up for the 99 and up Cobra tanks or this 99 up tanks themselves and those tanks the rubber piece that goes into the tank itself is this size it’s much smaller than this tube see if it would never fit so I had two options option one was to cut a bigger hole in the tank itself and then use the stock fox body gasket or to modify the filler itself to fit the gasket that’s supposed to go with that tank and so what I’ve decided is I’m going to go with the second option needs the stock gasket that goes with that tank I’m going to modify the neck this happen to have two necks got some of you guys to send me some so I’ve already taking this neck I basically chop the end of it off and tapered it in and then what I’m going to do is take some tubing not all of this and weld it just weld it all up there and that should fix the problem this this pipe here is the perfect fit for this gasket so it fits perfectly in there just like it’s supposed to you now the reason is a switch them I believe is that this style filler that came in to Fox bodies the upper half of the tube itself is the vent so as fuel comes in the tank air has to go somewhere it goes out the upper part of this tube and then just comes out this little hole is in there think what they did is in the later years it basically did away with the vent built into the to the tubes themselves are smaller and then they had a separate event that’s on the tank that had a hose that ran somewhere so what I’m going to do is I’m actually going to modify this one because on the inside of this tube here it still has the upper event section until about I don’t know right in here somewhere so I’ll weld this up and then the port that comes off the tank to vent it will come out and I actually taught fitting into this thing and so it’ll still vent like it normally would the tank will work the way that it’s supposed to the filler neck that will work the way that it was supposed to with the Fox bodies kind of mix of the two worlds and hopefully it works looks just like Ford made it alright so the filler is done for now can’t install it just yet because I got to make a vent for it and I’m going to paint it I’ve got some like rust inhibitor I’m going to put on it just to keep it from rusting any kind of got some spots that it already started mountain of its continuous all I’ll paint with that put the vent in it and then it will be ready to go back in the car I’ve already got the plastic factory tub back in the car so what the bill is done I can fly it right in go riding the tank and that will be good well before we set the battery you’ve got a new toy don’t want to show you and I think I got some mail Molly’s looking for stickers think I got some mail so as the commercial says roll that beautiful bean footage to follow me on snapchat alright guys so I got for you today knock down two big things that we’ve been kind of dreading we’re done kind of finish up the wiring now and then we can put some gas in this thing and fire it up got some good stuff lined up headed to Atlanta tomorrow do some more filming got a really nice treat for you guys at least I think it’s going to be really nice treat just follow me on snapchat I’m sure I’ll be snapping the whole process if you don’t you’ll see the video next week as always thank you for joining me and uh enough to you guys Friday go do work son

38 thoughts on “Welding A Custom Fuel Filler And Battery Tray | Turbo Mustang

  1. Another great video of the "little things" it all adds up to a great project and the more you build yourself the more satisfying it is

  2. I enjoy ya videos man. people don't understand how much work goes into a project… they see the big items but cant imagine that 99% of it is all the little jobs

  3. Good call on the filler tube, they routed the vent to the evaporative emissions system so as you fill the tank it keeps the fumes contained instead of forcing them back out to the atmosphere. It's debatable whether it really helps or just complicates the cars emissions system.

  4. Wait, I haven't even been feeling good and you want to work? I thought we were hanging out? Just couldn't even wait on hold for Comp Cams.

  5. Hey Kyle are planning on running a 10" tire in the rear. The reason I ask is I'm planning on putting 10" tire in the rear , it would be cool if u could do a video on that if you are.

  6. Gettin' it done, man… one step closer to Woobow! ? Nice job as always, Kyle! BTW, the part of the video with your new SnapChat glasses tripped me out. ???

  7. how do you keep your friends out of your garage you wouldn't be able to get rid of me also I would convince you to help me with my 74 duster

  8. I need ur help on ideas for a fuel filler neck for my 72 Chev Fleet wit a 2001 5.3 wit a 99 Camaro tank.Any ideas would b greatly appreciated

  9. I'm looking to buy a MIG/TIG welder and start working on my own little projects. I like how peaceful your garage seems, bro. Definitely need to get started on something like that for myself…

  10. Hey you should get in on the $10k race that Rob Frietti is putting together for October. The Grey Goose will smoke those fools.

  11. Hey you should get in on the $10k race that Rob Frietti is putting together for October. The Grey Goose will smoke those fools.

  12. maybe, B is for build is at about the same amount and he's getting in. plus that 2nd 240z from David Paterson is lame and all he does is post other people's vids but he's got 650k subs….doesn't really build cars.

  13. jeez opposite problem here in australia i dont even work in the shed cause i start sweating after a min of standing in there it's like 93 fahrenheit

  14. Awesome Video Kyle. Your videos and you need this tool videos lit my fire to get my projects done and to get in my garage more. Thanks!

  15. Hi Kyle! Great video as always! And also the music choice is great! What's the song name from 5.30 to 6.30? 🙂

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