Weldability of Metals Promo

Hello I am Dheerendra Kumar Dwivedi, Professor
in Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, I I T Roorkee. I am going to
offer a course on Weldability of Metals under the MOOCs program of M H R D, Government of
India. U G, P G students and researcher scholars
of the production engineering, metallurgical engineering and mechanical engineering will
find it suitable for their academic programs. The course will also be useful for practicing
engineers of manufacturing industries involved in welding of the steels such as the pressure
vessels, the ship fabrication, automotives, bridges and hydropower plant components. The main objective of the course includes
introducing the concept of weldability, the factors affecting the weldability, weldability
and the metal strengthening mechanisms and also to talk about the weldability of the
different types of the steels including stainless steel. So weld fabrication is inevitable in manufacturing
industries. It is frequently required to weld different types of the steels. The weld joints
of the few grades of steel offer many technological problems during the service if these are not
developed properly. The scope of the subject includes developing understanding for producing
the sound weld joints. There is no prerequisite for this course.
This course is spread over 40 presentations each of 30 minute. The course broadly includes
3 aspects, understanding of the weldability, metal properties and its relationship with
the weldability and the weldability of the various types of the steels like the plain
carbon steel, heat treatable low alloy steel, quenched and tempered steel, high strength
low alloy steels, chromium molybdenum steel, precoated steels and the stainless steel. During the course assignments will be given
every week for assessment of the understanding on the subject. At the end an online examination
will be conducted for those who are interested to get the certificate. I look forward to
interact with you during this course, thank you.

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