Watch My First Flux Core Welding Project Success | GardenFork

Watch My First Flux Core Welding Project Success | GardenFork

– Hey, it’s Eric. Full disclosure, I’m a beginning welder using an inexpensive Flux
core welding system here. My point of this video is
to inspire you to go out and try something like welding, and also inspire you to go
out and help your neighbors Cause in the neighborhood here, this tree pit guard got hit by a car. Car hits this when it’s
backing up and broke it. And I thought well, I’ve got an inexpensive
flux core welder here, I know a little bit about welding, and maybe I can fix it. So I’m gonna try it and see what happens. This keeps falling. Ready? Here we go. Make. Fix. Grow. Cook. Garden fork. Step one is to clean this all up, previous repairs. I’ve got this pretty well cleaned up here using an angle grinder. (grinding sounds) (music) Alright. Got this all prepped pretty well. So my plan here is to take some pre-cut pieces of angle
iron that I cut in the back with my used chop saw. Kinda built one. My buddy
of mine gave me a broken gave me a broken wood cutting saw and I made it into a metal
cutting saw. It’s kinda nice. But these little guys here are
gonna weld. Make this work. These are my little angle pieces. (passing cars in background) Inexpensive welder. This is
my little mobile welding kit. You know. It works. (music) (clipping noise) (sparking noise) (sanding noise) (hammering) Not bad. (sparking noise) (ice cream truck music) That truck drives me crazy. Why don’t you just let it go? (music) (sparking noise) (sanding noise) (sparking noise) (sanding noise) Okay. Eye protection, welding
gloves, welding helmet. Ideally I should have a welding jacket on. I have long sleeves instead. Wear stuff you don’t care
about, it’s gonna get messy. (clanking noises) (Sparking noises) Better than my last
time I did some welding. I’ve got a “Eric tries welding video” plus a bunch of really great
“How to” welding videos by some other people on a playlist that’ll be
at the end of this video. You can click on that. Or in the text of the video here. This is going pretty well. I just have to watch out for pedestrians cause you don’t wanna flash
them with the arc here. But I’m just gonna finish up. And that’ll be feeling like I good Did good something. Did something good. Yeah, you know what I mean. Alright? (clanking) (sparking noise) So we don’t want this clamp too close to what you’re welding. Learn from me. This’ll be a story I can tell. Oh well. Move on. (music) (sparking noise) (music) Alright. That was a
great experience for me. Again it’s just, I’m a beginning welder. If you wanna try this I think
you should go out and buy one of those inexpensive
welders and try this. If you’re an experienced welder let me know how I can be
better in the comments below. I always appreciate that
cause I learn from you all. And there should be floating this playlist of what I think are other good beginning welding
videos. Right in here. As always, Let me know your
thoughts in the comments below. Alright? Make it a great day.

48 thoughts on “Watch My First Flux Core Welding Project Success | GardenFork

  1. Pretty good welding I have Lincoln stick welder but would like to have a flux welder too. tomorrow I will be 59 not long to go for retirement planning on doing lots of projects,

  2. I've got an old gas wire welder one of them Harbor Freight units I bought back in the 90s haven't used it much lately but it does the job, get in there try it and see what happens good job.
    Nothing ventured nothing gained

  3. get some scrap plate and lay on beads and then lay some more on top you only learn by doing. slow yourself down a little and you will do better

  4. Seeing that you welded the clamp to the project made chuckle … only because I could see myself doing that. Lee up the good work.

  5. I think you did a great job, and yes I know how to weld. One should remember, try new things and practice , practise and you will always get better. This is one of the better Garden Forks that I've seen. Not to say that the other ones were bad I just really enjoyed this one. I have one question what happened to the lady that used to be with you?

  6. You did a nice job, that's a solid bead!
    Personally, I don't care for wire-feed welders, I'm kind of a Tig person but I'd say you nailed it! Great work!

  7. Instead of welding with the clamp on the entire time put tac welds and each side of the metal that your going to make a bead on, it should keep it in place while your welding so you don’t have to have a clamp.

  8. Hi Eric. My first welding job I did with an old buzz-box stick welder; turned out strong but ugly. It was a rack for my pick up truck. Filled the voids with Bondo and painted. Looked pro, lol. Thanks for being more honest with your effort. The clamp can be fixed; you should do that for a project. By the way, I always thought you were out in the country. You must have a big backyard?

  9. Welding used to be hard with a cheap welder. Get a Miller and you'll feel like an expert in a day. A lot of beginner welding projects suffer and continue to suffer due to a crappy welder. If you are thinking at all about getting a decent welder, do it sooner than later, it'll make you better and more confident immediately. Remember A before O and you won't blow.

  10. Did you use a shield for the camera to prevent the sensor from burning out? That would be worse than the clamp getting tacked to the fence. And yes, ice cream truck songs are only nice when you're a kid

  11. great Job!
    flux core is great. it gives you the same confidence as a glue-gun. and you can get a decent welder at around 200$.
    but it would spatter a lot less, if you had the screw-on-cap at the tip of the gun. or did you leave it of, for filming?

  12. The only way to learn is by doing it. 1. Only use the clamp to tac the piece on then remove it. 2 2. To avoid the splatter use a tip . The gas will push away from the welding area and keep out impurities and make the bead a lot stronger and cleaner.

  13. I've been watching your vids too long. I was afraid right away that that clamp was going to get welded to the tree guard! Thanks for another great video!

  14. Haha 🙂 awesome I’m a welder by trade, been watching for a while and was happy to see this as a subscriber

  15. Good Job Eric
    I learned to weld as part of my motor vehicle technician apprenticeship a long my time ago. I haven’t done any welding since a complete restoration on an old VW Beetle for my Son as his first ever car a few years back.
    Maybe get around to building another one or a hot rod one day.
    Love the channel and the podcast keep up the good work

  16. That's nice that you are helping someone. I try and help some of my neighbors here as well, plumbing & minor electrical issues, etc.

    Those HF flux core welders are great to learn with, they run on 110 v which is readily available and are reasonably priced. I have one, but only used it once or twice. The more you use the welder the better you will get.

  17. Wow thank you so much I feel so inspired to get started with my new Lincoln century FC 90 fluxcore welder that I purchased from home Depot,$169, it's similar to your HF Welder except it's a inverter technology with infinite voltage and wire feed speed and DC weld current out put,for less spatter, also has fluxcore nozzle,I believe there a FC nozzle available for your HF Welder too! thanks again you made my Day ☺️

  18. Eric you seem to be a SALT of the EARTH kind of guy that we could all imulate. My kind of guy in attitude and appitude. Please keep up you excellent work.

  19. Nice job considering the welder you had from HF. I believe your welder is AC at the torch end. Flux core welding works best with DC- at the torch end. Those AC welders are very close to the early buzz box stick welders that were AC at the torch. When you can afford it, buy a better flux core welder in the 180 amp or greater at 240vac input with continuous wire feed and voltage adjustments (no steps or switch selectable ones). It doesn't make a difference as to the brand – it's a matter of personal preference. You can find people who love Lincoln Electric,the go mad for Miller welders, they hug their Hobart welder and are envious of their Everlast welders.

  20. I have never welded, but someday I would like to try, if I have a need. No need yet. I did have forge in VA in 1958 military school. That was cool. (hot)

  21. It looks like you're in the new york city area, my father loved that album from the ice cream guy he wanted to buy it of from him lol

  22. It's a very good thing you tried to do, but after seeing your welds, I need to suggest something. You're using flux core I believe, is the polarity correct? Your welds look like they have the wrong polarity. Your ground should be on the positive terminal and electrode on the negative terminal for flux core welding. This is called DCEN. With shielding gas it should be DCEP, the ground on the negative terminal, the electrode on the positive terminal. Try running a bead as you have it, then switch your leads and see if you have a better weld with the polarity switched. When welding it should sound like frying bacon, smooth and without spurting. When I began I made this same mistake. Always tack your welding material before making the weld, then finish the weld after removing the clamps. I would also say you need to clean the materials more and polish them a little at least with a flapper wheel on your grinder. Just my two cents. Good luck in your next try's.

  23. lay off the ice cream truck. Natural born New Yorkers love the sound of Mr. Softie rolling down our streets.

  24. Keep your tip covered with your nozzle and learn how to Bo down hand welding specially welding small brackets just tack it be for you weld it you don't need a clamp for that small bracket all you need to do

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