Watch a Metal-Crushing Action Scene From ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ | Anatomy of a Scene

Watch a Metal-Crushing Action Scene From ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ | Anatomy of a Scene

“My name’s Tim Miller, and I’m
the director of ‘Terminator– Dark Fate.’ This scene starts
in Dani Ramos and Diego Ramos’s workplace. They go to work at the factory
where they’re making cars, and the terminator is
tracking them there as well as Grace, the protector. So, you know, there
are things that are hallmarks of the
‘Terminator’ movies, and then there
are things where we feel like we could go
freestyle and change things and bring something new. So the fight has
this rhythm to it. There’s a whole lot
of moments in it, but I think my favorite
moments are really the Grace-ascendant
moments where she has this sledgehammer
and she’s just beatin’ the crap out of the Rev-9. And I think it’s really
the first time you see just how strong she is. We shot this in
two locations that is supposed to feel like one. We shot the wider
shots and some of the chase
parts of the scene at a Mercedes factory outside
of Budapest in Hungary. But in the middle, we go
into an assembly line area where we have the main
area of the fight. And when that happens,
we’re transitioning onto a set that
was built on stage at Origo Studios in Hungary. And the reason we did that is
because for stunts you really want a controlled environment
because if people are going to get thrown on
floors and into walls and onto work benches and
have engines fall on them–” “My name is Grace.” “–you really want all that
stuff to be safe in a way that you can’t if you’re going
into somebody else’s house to do it.”

100 thoughts on “Watch a Metal-Crushing Action Scene From ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ | Anatomy of a Scene

  1. The whole plot of this story was finished when they killed off John Conner… you know the one that if killed ment skynet has won. The war against the machines would have been won by skynet and the end of humanity. So Dark Fate should have lasted around 5 mins. This other stuff means nothing.

  2. Completely unrealistic body physics. It kills the whole experience. I really wanted to like it, but I am shocked how terrible the physics are in many scenes in this movie. Sorry, but AAA video games have way better animations and plots. I’d rate Tim Miller’s work as C-

  3. It looks like they are fighting in zero gravity space. Compare this to the T800 and T1000 in the corridor in the galleria..

  4. Honestly. It’s the best terminater movie after the judgement day.
    I feel sorry for them coz it’s the previous sequels that destroyed the fans.
    Watch the movie folks it’s not bad.

  5. This video highlights one the problems with the thinking behind current Hollywood movies. The makers spend too much time, money and energy on visual spectacles (and choreographing phony looking fight scenes) rather than focusing on an engaging story with interesting characters.

    This fight scene must have cost a fortune to make and taken weeks, possibly months, to organise… and it is boring. It looks as fake as Mickey Mouse dollars and it does not engage the audience. There is no tension, no fear, or worry for the heroes. At no point in this scene do we feel the heroes are in any real danger ~ which is supposed to be the whole point of an action scene.

    But Director Tim Miller talks about arranging this scene as one of the most important parts of the movie. The thinking behind these films is all wrong

  6. Not gonna lie, I kind of liked the backstory for the new terminator Rev-9. It showed an alternate version of the future where Skynet never happened but something else did, Legion.

  7. You can crap on the movie’s writing and all the decisions they’ve made for the plot all you like, but you gotta admit they really handled the fight sequences pretty well

  8. Сделайте субтитры на русском языке. И в СНГ некоторые тоже читают NYT .

  9. Hi, Tom Miller, director of Dark Fate! Thanks for giving the fatal shot of this franchise. I guess someone had to do it….why not you!

  10. этот чувак должен был убить всех за минуту, но главные герои живы только потому что это фильм

  11. Terminator Woke Fate flopped like a fish out of water. And Grace is racist for beating up on that Mexican terminator.

  12. To be honest the movie is not bad as people r commenting here n i bet most of them r commenting without even watching it.

  13. this movie was awesome.. if you like terminator and good ole action, this movie is good. If you're looking for a movie to make you cry with it's masterpiece epic story, then stay home.

  14. Why is the NYT doing terminator movies clips?

    Why is it recommended for me?

    Why does it seem like an agenda is being pushed?

  15. How did The Terminator franchise become so boring and generic? I think i will just keep on loving the first two films. Arnold is too old = franchise is dead.

  16. So to top of all the woke pc-ness that now pollutes this once’s great movie franchise they went from casting an intimidating muscular beast to a sinister looking hit man to a gentlemen who in all respect looks like he works in tech support …

  17. Next time do an Anatomy of a Stunt cuz these look god awful. I can totally see why Deadpool fired him, these look very cringy.

  18. I want Grace to appear in my bedroom in the middle of the night saying she needs to protecc and attacc meh!😍🤞😘❤

  19. I just keep thinking. How many more franchises must be sacrificed before the end of this locomotive of woke destruction eventually runs out of steam. I have not and will not be going to see this film. All hail Doomcock!

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