Warning! Your Love Of Cycling Has Gone Too Far When… | The GCN Show Ep. 277

Warning! Your Love Of Cycling Has Gone Too Far When… | The GCN Show Ep. 277

– From Alpe du Zwift,
welcome to the GCN show. – Welcome to the GCN show
brought to you by wiggle. – This week we are issuing a warning. How do you know when your love
of cycling has gone too far? That’s going to be a good one. – I’ve always been trolling
through kickstarter for the best and worst cycling innovations. We’ve also got the top
stories from the week in the world of cycling. (upbeat hip hop music) – This week in the world
of cycling we learned that Israeli Prime Minister,
Benjamin Netanyahu, can pull a mean wheelie. – Hey, Prime Minister! (bass music) (cheers and applause) – More impressive still is
the fact that a Prime Minister is embracing a bike race,
but such is the enthusiasm for the Giro D’Italia start in Jerusalem. – Yeah, now we also
learned this week that one Netanyahu is clearly
a man of many talents. Tour of Senegal winner, Dan Craven, isn’t. (music and drums) (speaking in foreign language) – Oh my goodness, Dan. Oh! Yeah, both of you should
stick to cycling, especially you Dan, I mean Dan just won
the Tour of Senegal overall. – He should stick to cycling,
I don’t know what I’ve got. – Congratulations for
that, Dan, very impressive. This week an amusing and
yet slightly tragic story also hit the headlines here in the UK. When it emerged that a police
officer had been forced to resign because he was
caught on a cycling holiday whilst at the same time claiming
that chronic back injury had meant he could not go to work. – Yeah, not cool is it? Although, note to self, Strava can lead to incriminating evidence. – And hard to forget,
really, but I think he has deleted his Strava account and
it does make you think that modern technology makes it
reasonably difficult to get away with bunking off
work to ride your bike, and at the same time, if you
can’t put it on Instagram, or Strava, or Facebook, or
Twitter, is there any point in riding your bike? – That’s a good point,
actually I can barely remember my ride from Sunday because
that didn’t end up anywhere. Well though actually, also,
becomes a perfect crime because it wasn’t on Strava,
I didn’t Instagram it, technically didn’t happen. – Exactly, yeah, you
coulda got away with that. I did get to thinking though,
when does your love of cycling go a little bit too far? I mean, really you could do
a healthy dose of reality. (silly music) – Can I get us started?
– Yeah. – I’ve got a little bit
of a confession to make. I once left a hot date, “hot date,” early – I already don’t believe this. – Right, in order to go for a bike ride. Yeah, so I mean she was
quite a formidable character but I told her that my grandma was ill so I needed to leave early, and all I did was go for a mountain bike ride. – You lied, how old were you?
– Fifteen. – That is a disgrace. – To be fair, she wasn’t right. The relationship was clearly doomed, but you know, there it is, that was probably not my finest hour. – Well, at least you got a ride in anyway. The next one though is
pretty common, unlike Si’s first example,
does it mean though that your love of cycling’s gone too far? It is lying about how much your bike cost. – Ah yes, that is apparently
a common one isn’t it. Most bike shops, it would
seem, will have some kind of story about how they’ve
been asked to print two receipts, one for an
acceptable sum of money, and then one for the real
amount that’s then settled with a separate credit
card or payment in cash. That is a definite warning sign isn’t it. – Either that or it just harks back
to your previous point. It means your relationship is doomed. – Yeah, alright, we all know
someone, don’t we, a cyclist that just talks too much
about cycling, particularly, discussing power data at
parties to non cyclists. I mean, let’s put it bluntly,
if you need to explain what FTP means, it’s
probably not appropriate. – Just to remind you, Si,
you spend most of your life talking about cycling on
YouTube and also outside of YouTube as well. – That is true, Dan, yeah. Well I’ve got as bad a problem as anyone let’s put it that way. – I do take your point,
it is another warning sign and perhaps go out without
your power meter on your bike for a couple of weeks
just to see how it is. I always think that one
goes hand in hand with the whole weight issue,
cyclists are incredibly concerned about their weight, I’ve
been this way in the past and I used to take it as a compliment
when people came up to me and said, “you look gaunt or ill.” – Yeah
– But it’s not a compliment. – Apparently it’s not, is it yeah. Who would’ve thought it. Now, we also reached
out to you guys as well for your opinions on this and as always you have not disappointed. Okay, Frazer Goodwin’s
gonna get things started. When asked what the warning
sign that your love of cycling had gone too far he replied,
“when you can’t answer this tweet because your wife
follow you on twitter?” There you go, there’s a
man that’s got two receipts for every cycling purchase. – Culpfiction replied
saying, “when you take more pictures of your bike than your children.” Good point. – Very good point, we also
had quite a few tweets and comments relating to the price of your car relative to your bike or your bikes. That is a big one isn’t it. – It is, I think it’s
only the last two years where my car has been
worth about the same amount as my bike. – Yeah, me too. – I also, another sign
that your love of cycling’s perhaps gone too far is
when your choice of car is entirely governed by
how easy it is to fit your bike in the back. I once had a Peugeot 306 Estate. – Lovely little motor that one, Dan. – Quite a posh little thing that was. But it was before all
these extra safety features came in down the side of
the car, which meant that the boot, or the trunk, was extremely wide and I could fit a bike
box or bag in the boot sideways without taking any seats down and it was amazing. – I know exactly what
you mean, because I did precisely that, and I
actually took my bike bag to car dealerships, opened all the boots, try putting it in. I ended up with a Ford Focus Estate so there we go, yeah. Not a lovely car, but it
did fit a lot in the boot. – Similar levels to the Peugeot 306. – What about this one from
Mattias Karlsson, he said, – Well, hold on a second, Mattias, I mean, high winds, just look
at the direction of the winds and go Strava KOM hunting, it’s ripe. – That’s a very good point, actually. As long as you’re not
supposed to be at work, put it on Strava and
get some KOMs that day. – Bill “Riding into shape” Jank has put, – That’s a very good point, actually. You know, we all have
bikes in the living room from time to time, don’t we? But, yeah, that’s probably
a bad sign, isn’t it? – Or, why your bike’s in the
bath, currently being cleaned. – That is a very good point, actually. – We get that sent in
all the time, don’t we? We’ve got a couple of related ones here. Firstly from Grant Hancock, he says, John Maguire, – That sounds brilliant! – Which reminds me of Abu
Dhabi tour back in February where I bumped into Robbie Williams. – Nice work, mate. – Not the Robbie Williams,
but rather a cycling fan who happened to have booked
his holiday with his wife to Abu Dhabi at exactly the
same time as the Abu Dhabi tour. So while she was by the
poolside, having a nice drink and relaxing and sitting in the sun, he was around the race paddock
looking at all the bikes and the tech and going to
the race starts and finishes and having a glorious time
on his own with bikes. – Nice work, Robbie. Kind of reminds me a little
bit of a story I heard about you, actually, Dan. You just happened to organise
this short family break to Belgium around the time
of the Tour of Flanders which is remarkable. – Well, no, that is
entirely coincidence because I mainly went to Belgium
because it produces some of the finest beers in the world. – That’s a good idea for a
future segment, isn’t it? “How you know when your love
of beer has gone too far.” – A future segment on an entirely
different channel, perhaps – To be fair, it can
be difficult, can’t it? Combining a love of
cycling with a relatively normal life, I mean, I have
struggled for many years. And I don’t always talk
about FTP at parties but the ever-brilliant
Edward Rice did give some great advice in his column
for Outside Magazine a couple of months back. He suggests a simple test,
before announcing your riding intentions to your partner,
say it to yourself first but replace the word ‘ride’
or ‘race’ with the phrase ‘drinking binge’ instead. So, you might for example say “Sorry, I can’t meet your
parents, I’m heading out of town this weekend for a
two-day drinking binge.” – Or, “let me know how the
movie ends, I’m going to hit the bed early tonight
to get some extra rest before a big drinking
binge tomorrow morning.” – Or, “Still snowing
outside, I think I’m going to head down to the basement for
a couple hours drinking binge” – Or, “I’m off to drink binge to work.” I made the last one up, but you’re right, he does give some very good advice but you should also follow
his advice where he says repeat it to yourself. – Yes, I read this, thought it was great, told my wife about it. Now every time I try and go
for a couple hours spinning with some mates, she
keeps on telling me that I’m going for a two-hour
drinking binge instead. I keep trying to point out
that it’s not a drinking binge but it could be, I’ve just
instead chosen to go for a bike ride and have my social
interactions that way instead – I tell Lorraine that
I’m off for another Friday and Saturday endurance ride. (laughter) Anyway, we should wrap up
that segment right there because we would like to ask
you to leave your anecdotes of when you know your
love of cycling has gone a little bit too far. I’m really looking forward
to reading all of these, because I know you’re going
to have some great ones and please leave them in the
comment section below the video – It’ll make us feel
less bad about ourselves. (trumpet music) – It’s now time for Cycling Shorts. – We’re going to start Cycling
Shorts now in Lake Garda in Italy, as if the place wasn’t enough of a cycling paradise already, local authorities have planned 140km long cycling-specific loop all around the lake and it looks absolutely stunning. – [Dan] It does. – [Simon] Especially this bit,
which is an elevated piece of the cycling track which
is 60m above the lake itself. – It almost looks like
it’s hovering there. I absolutely love that bit. They’re hoping to complete the
entire route ready for 2021, but in the meantime they’ll
be opening a few sections to the public already this summer and I would actually love
to go ride that track. – Yeah, I would as well. Guarded by bike, as it’s said. Now, I figured that’s something
that you might like, Dan. What about this? We have already launched
the GCN cycling club and many of you have signed
up, absolutely loving it. Particularly the super
cool socks we were sent, but we also heard about this this week, which is another cycling
club, but themed around beer. Oh yeah, UK company Brewdog
have just launched their cycling club called the Chain Gang, and it uses, among other
things, their craft beer bars as clubhouses! – [Dan] Blimey, I’m in! I’m not in yet, but sign me up for it! Don’t drink and ride, though. – No. – That is one of the
offences among many others which authorities in Iceland are currently cracking down on when it comes to cycling. Apparently, quadruple fines
compared to what they had before for offences such as not
having any lights, reflectors, breaks, and also for running red lights. – Crikey. It kind of makes me nervous,
the idea of quadrupling fines particularly for reflectors
’cause I’d come unstuck daily for that one. But, it’s kind of fair
enough that cyclists abide by the law as well. – [Dan] It’s a good thing, isn’t it? – [Simon] Well, yeah, absolutely it does. – [Dan] We, like all
other road users, need to toe the line and abide by the law. – Got some good news for
cyclists in the US now and Switzerland has got your backs. That’s right, the country
Switzerland has partnered up with the US bike-hire company Motivate to provide free access
to public hire bikes in some of the major
cities, so for example, Citi Bike in New York and
Ford’s Go Bike in San Francisco. And they say you’ll get
between 30 minutes and 3 hours of free riding
time, which is great. Weird, but great. – The apparent reason
behind this partnership is to enlighten people over there in the USA to the fact that Switzerland
is not just great for hiking and skiing, but also has
some fantastic cycling routes both on the road and also on the trails. – I mean, it does, doesn’t it? – It does. – (unintelligible) Tour
of Romandie last week just to see how stunning it was. Which leads me neatly onto
another story, actually. If you were wondering
why riders are so keen to draught on climbs like
they were at Tour of Romandie last week, then a study
published recently in the Human Kinetics Journal
could well give you the answer. – It might well do, because
the authors there found a 4.2% improvement in subjects
who went up a climb drafting behind someone
else, versus when they did it as a time trial on their own. 60% of that 4.2% improvement
came from drafting, in that you do still benefit from being out to the wind on a climb. But the rest of the
improvement came from the fact that they were enjoying the ride more. – [Simon] That’s unbelievable, isn’t it? I mean, it currently makes
sense, until you get dropped. In which case, you don’t
enjoy that ride more. 40% of it was down to the head. – [Dan] Yep. – [Simon] Crazy. – Do you remember that horrific
crash that the Belgian rider Jan Bakelants had at Il
Lombardia late last year in the autumn? – The one where he
flipped over the barrier and plunged hundreds of
metres into a ravine? – Yes. – Funny enough, I remember that one. – Laurens De Plus fell
victim to the same corner, and another rider who’s name I forget. Could’ve been career
ending for all of them but thankfully, they’re all back racing, including Jan Bakelants himself, albeit 1cm shorter with the
damage that he did to himself. But he recently posted this
picture on social media showcasing the hardware,
the metal hardware that was taken out of his back. – Blimey. What’s a Euro doing in there? – I don’t think the Euro was in his back. He just put that there to give some scale. – [Simon] Sure? – [Dan] I thought so. – Right, now let’s look back, just very briefly, shall we,
to the Commonwealth Games. I know it was a couple of weeks back, but, saw this, couldn’t not mention it. This is the gold medal of
the women’s road race winner, Chloe Hosking. If you look closely, she has had the names of all her teammates
engraved around the edge. How good is that? – [Dan] I really like that,
because although we all know that cycling is a team
sport, it’s fantastic to give that level of recognition
to your teammates. Now, I’m sure they all really
appreciated that as well. – [Simon] Absolutely. – Unfortunately, we are going
to finish Cycling Shorts with some really sad news. Jackie Crowell, former professional rider who was diagnosed with a brain
tumour in October of 2013 unfortunately passed away
last Wednesday after a four and a half year
battle against the illness. She was just 30 years old. – Despite that illness, she
still found time to coach young riders and even
continue competing herself. She also made this
remarkable speech at Amgen tour of California in 2014. – The statistics for
this particular disease say I will not be alive come next year’s Amgen Tour of California. But the statistics also said
I would never have a career as a professional bike racer,
that as a female I would not have a degree in mechanical
engineering, and, in fact, they said that I’m one of
the least likely people to be diagnosed with
cancer in the first place. Needless to say, I don’t
believe in statistics and I’m taking the viewpoint
that my race for life is my Tour de France. (applause) – She was an incredible
person, very talented both on and off the bike,
eloquent, as you can see from that speech and
extremely intelligent as well. And her passing has really
affected the cycling world both far and wide. – [Simon] We shall leave you
with these words written by Alexis Ryan, her former teammate. Rest in peace, Jackie. – We have been trolling
through Kickstarter. – Yay! First of all, we’ve got a
graduate from Hack or Bodge. Do you remember this from
a couple of months back? Well, meet the Leash Buddy. – [Dan] Walk your dog hands-free. It features, among other things,
the most forgiving spring of any bike/dog lead currently
out there on the market. And also, a very flexible
leash just in case of any sudden squirrel sightings. – Tell you what, Dan, sign
me up for one of those. And while you’re doing
it, some of these as well. The Billibar quick release
removable handlebar. – [Dan] Not only can you
remove your handlebar, you can change them to
effectively have a different style of bike, can’t you? So you’ve got flat bars,
drop bars, bullhorns, and even cruiser bars. – [Simon] Perfect for the
modern day gravel bike that doesn’t quite know what it is. – Yes, very much so, Simon. We also stumbled across
this, which we actually think might be up our street, if it works. Which is a big caveat, isn’t it, with anything when it comes
to crowdfunding websites. This is the Aeropod which
will either measure your power or, this is the big thing,
your aerodynamic drag. Out on the road, in real time. – [Simon] Yeah! Now you
would’ve thought that this probably does work, given that
it’s the latest generation of the Powerpod, which
is a device that has been relatively well-established, and that also measures your aerodynamic
drag, but not in real time, only in post-ride analysis. They way it works is that
sticky out bit on the front is a bit like a pitot tube on an aeroplane, so tiny sensors in there
can detect really small fluctuations in air pressure,
so from there, apparently, it works out your wind
speed, and it’s also got other sensors that
calculate your velocity, your acceleration, the
gradient, and when you combine all that data with your weight,
it can work out your power. – But the big thing, as you
kind of mentioned already, is that when you pair it up
with a conventional power metre, perhaps a chain-zip power
metre, it will then calculate your aerodynamic drag in
real time out on the road, which means no more trips to wind tunnels. – Yeah, and probably you would’ve thought, more enlightening data, because
you’re on the open road. You’re not in a wind tunnel. There are devices out
there that already exist like this, although none of
them seem readily available, do they? Saw it at Eurobike from
Argon 18 a couple years ago. Swiss Side have been talking
about theirs for a while, but again, not actually out there, and Alphamantis have been
going for years and years, they got bought by Garmin
last year, but again, not really readily available teach, is it? – Exciting stuff, isn’t it? – Yes, I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on some of this, actually. – I’ve got a party on
Friday night, I’m gonna tell my mates all about the AeroPod. – Yeah! Because then
you wouldn’t need such a big FTP either, if you
could work out your CDA. That’s gonna be- can I come to that party? Might be a part of that conversation. – GCN’s Wiggle of Fortune
now, which is where one lucky contestant each
week puts themselves in with a chance of winning
one of four prizes, courtesy of Wiggle themselves. Four voucher amounts, prize four is £25. Right up to the top
prize, prize one, which is a full £150. Or, I could finally win a beer. – That’s right, prize
number five, one stop on the GCM Wiggle of Fortune,
is that Lloydie wins a beer. Lloydie walks over to
our fridge, grabs himself a nice cold beer. You unfortunately get nothing, other than that warm fuzzy feeling of
seeing Dan’s happy little face. This week’s lucky
contestant is Mark Foster from right here in the UK, actually. You feeling lucky, Mark? Let’s go for it, Dan. – 3, 2, 1, and we’re off! – Okay, come on, where’s the beer, Dan? Got your eyes on the prize? – I’ve got my eyes right on the beer. I got so close last week, I thought I was going to get it. – It’s looking close again, mate. It’s looking close again. Oh, this is it, you’re gonna get it! You’re gonna get it! You’re not gonna get it! – I don’t believe this. – It’s rigged! I swear it’s rigged, Dan. – I don’t believe that. – Mark Foster,
congratulations, that is £25 of Wiggle vouchers
wigging it’s way to you. I’m really sorry, mate. – How many weeks have
we been doing this now? The last two it’s looked
certain for a beer and just skipped past it. – That’s quite actually uncanny, isn’t it? – Don’t forget, if you
want to put yourself in for a chance of being the
contestant next week’s show, you can find all the
details on how to do that in the long description below this video. – I’ll buy you one later, mate. I feel really bad for you. – Racing news now, and
Primož Roglič has certainly cemented himself as one
of the riders of the men’s (unintelligible) so far in 2018 with the win overall at the
Tour de Romandie last week. – Have we said how stunning
that race is, by the way? In Switzerland, really is stunning. – I didn’t know until
I went on a city bike over in the States recently. I thought it’s beautiful
over in Switzerland, I’d go and visit. Anyway, that was hot on
the heels of his overall victory at Tour of the Basque
Country earlier on this month. And with that victory,
I think he has basically proclaimed himself one of
the best current stage race riders in the world. It’s only his third
year in the world tour. – What’s going to be his
first Grand Tour victory, Dan? – Actually, I asked this
question on the racing news show yesterday, where did people
think he was going to finish at the Tour de France this year. 75% as we recorded this said top 10, only 2% said the win, and
about 15% said podium. – I think podium, you’ve gotta
say, he’s getting that way if he can keep it going. I’ll tell you what though, the
runner-up at Tour de Romandie he too is gonna wear the
crown of amazing up-and-comers Egan Bernal, he won, smashed in fact, the 10km uphill time
trial, so beating Roglič of course, in the process. And I’ll say, totally
lit up the Queen stage in order to try and
snatch the race victory and he’s only 21 years old, isn’t he? Which is bonkers, and it was the speed that he did uphill time
trial that he actually eliminated half of the Quick-Step team. – Yeah. – They didn’t make the time cut. Isn’t that cool? – Quite nice to see them
not winning something. Fernando Gaviria and Elia
Viviani are two of the riders who had to go home early. Meanwhile there was a
surprise win for German Charlotte Becker over in the
Tour of Chongming Island, which is the latest round
of the Women’s World Tour. She skates with four
other riders on Stage 2 and crossed the line first
with the person behind misjudging their effort,
and she held on to that on the final day of racing. – Some slightly bad news
for the Women’s calendar and that is that for
the second year running, the Route de France
Feminine has been cancelled and that is because one of
the department which was going to host two of the
stages has pulled out. They are short of funds and location. – It’s a real disappointment, isn’t it? You do wonder whether it’s
going to be the catalyst for a proper Women’s Tour
de France from the same organisers as the Men’s, ASO. And they have already said
that they are thinking about it but you’d imagine they’re
thinking pretty seriously at the moment, especially
given how successful the Women’s Tour has been here in the UK for the last couple of years. And also, the Women’s Tour
de Yorkshire up to two days this year, and that is a race
that is overseen by the ASO. – [Simon] Yeah, that’s right. Alright, some good news, though. Team Sunweb, who of
course have a men’s team, a women’s team, and an under-23
team have just confirmed a new agreement with their
title sponsor, Sunweb. And that is quite remarkable, in fact, I’ve never heard of
anything quite this good in cycling before, but basically, when their current contract
ends at the end of 2019, the new contract, which
is a rolling contract, will come into play. If at any point, either
party decides to pull out, they’ll be a full two
year notice period, plus however long is left of the season in which the notice was given. So that’s like, talk about a safety net. That’s amazing, isn’t it? – [Dan] That’s really good news, particularly at a time at the moment where lots of the top teams
funding seem to be balancing on a knife’s edge, isn’t it? It’s basically often, a rich
businessman who’s having a bit of fun. There are plenty of examples
in the current world tour teams so it’s great to see a sponsor,
from outside of cycling, committing long-term to both
men’s and women’s racing. – We have a brand new giveaway this week thanks to Continental Tyres. We’re actually the vehicle division of our own tyre partners, Continental. And the reason being is that
they’re one of the sponsors of the Prudential RideLondon Sportive and they are giving away
seven pairs of tickets that will allow you to take
part in this iconic event on closed roads, 100 miles
of closed roads, in fact, around Central London and
Surrey, here in the UK. And, not only that, you also get a pair of Continental GP4002 tyres! That’s a great prize, isn’t it? Cause the tyres are
quite frankly, brilliant, the choice of many pros, even
though they’re not sponsored by them, that’s what they’ll tell you. But also, the fact that
that event I know is well over subscribed each and every year. Which leads to a lot of
disappointment amongst people who try to enter, so
if you haven’t entered and you haven’t got in, but you want to, why not enter using the link in the description down below? Right, good luck with
that, on to some winners from last week’s giveaway which were courtesy of Park Tools. You remember it was the Park
Tool small torque wrench and accompanying socket set,
or socket sets, shall I say. Here are the six winners: Russell Bainbridge over in the US, Daniel Burke in Australia, Ron Dube in the US, Peter Emmanuel in Australia, Jonas Ralsted in Denmark, and finally, Jess
Atkinson in Great Britain. Well done to all of you,
we will be in contact if we haven’t done so already to get your prizes sent out to you. – Hack forward-slash Bodge of the week now and we’re going to begin
with this picture sent in by Nicolai Krikonenko on Facebook. – [Simon] What? What is going on? – [Dan] The triple saddle,
the good old triple saddle. – [Simon] I don’t get that, mate. – [Dan] No, I don’t either. – [Simon] Never seen it before in my life. Have they made a homemade recumbent bike? – [Dan] Maybe it’s quite
comfortable sat in the centre part of those three saddles. I have no idea, I think we should move on. – [Simon] Imagine if you stopped suddenly. – [Dan] Bodge. – [Simon] Yeah, okay, total bodge. – Next up on Twitter from Gannan. (laughter) – [Dan] Fantastic. – [Simon] I suppose it’s only
as bad as rowing, isn’t it? Rowing you just sit on a plank of wood. – [Dan] Yeah, but it can’t
be comfortable, can it? – [Simon] Not in this light. You’d slide straight
forward into that bolt. Next up from Trey on Twitter, I found this in Little Italy,
New York at the weekend. – [Dan] There’s a lot to
dwell on there, but I don’t think we should dwell too long
because that is no Delorean. – [Simon] A true garbage bike, I think. – [Dan] Yeah, nothing of much
use that I can see on there, though, just rubbish. Bodge. – [Simon] Okay, unlike this one, which admitted, looks like
a rubber (unintelligible) but apparently it’s fully
functional DI2 remote shifters. – [Dan] Homemade? – [Simon] Yeah, you know,
it’s one of those things where you’re like, fair
play for making those. They don’t look pretty and, you know. But if they change a
gear, hack. There we go. – [Dan] The Bike General on Instagram. – [Simon] Cannings would love
that. He loves a DI2 hack. – This one also on Instagram
came in from CodeGosu, “My bike now has its own mini-me.” I love that. – [Simon] That is very cool, isn’t it? – [Dan] Thanks to Alice
Creative, he must’ve built that for him. – [Simon] I never really got into those air fix models, you know, where you make like old planes and stuff. But if they had bikes, I would’ve
definitely got into that. That’s when you know, actually, your love of cycling has gone too far. – Yeah, when you have
to have a mini version of your bike that you ride. – That’s a warning. – You’ve gone too far. – Anyway, we’re gonna
finish up with this one here from Tim Print on Twitter, I don’t really know why that
has happened, but anyway, someone has got creative
with their welding – [Dan] Must have a really long torso. – [Simon] They have a stretch bike, with a really laid back seat angle. – [Dan] It’s not a very
neat weld on top, is it? – [Simon] No, it’s terrifying. But anyway, there we go, that’s
why we love Hack or Bodge. – Thanks to all of you who
sent them in last week, don’t forget the hashtag
#GCNHACK and we tend to look on Twitter, Facebook, and also Instagram. Caption competition now,
which is, as you know, your change to win a GCN
Camelbak water bottle just like this one, in fact. Remind us, Si, please,
of last week’s photo. Well, it was this one of
Bob Jungels on the podium of the Liège-Bastogne-Liège
holding some form of dried, cured meat. And the winner, an absolute pro this one, from Tom Quinlan, “This will make a great Luxemburger” (rimshot) – He didn’t even get one
like under that comment and I thought it was genius. – To be fair, it’s because
there were like 5,000 comments under last week’s show. Everyone’s saying goodbye
to Matt, but yeah, it was a bit harder to
find captions in that, wasn’t it? But that is perfect, Tom, Camelbak bottle coming out to you. Make sure you get in touch
on Facebook messenger with your address. This week’s photo is this
one of former world champion Giorgia Bronzini on the
podium at Chongming Island. – That’s a good photo there, isn’t it, Dan? – It is. – But tricky for a caption,
have you thought of anything? – I have, I’ve thought long and hard and this is what I’ve come up with. “Have you ever seen a star jump?” (crickets chirp) Giorgia Bronzini, former world champion, on the podium doing a star jump. Well, anyway, Si’s not impressed. – Well, now that you’ve
explained it, it’s great. – You ever seen a star jump? I’ll leave it there, leave you captions in the comments section down below and we shall troll through
this time next week to find our favourite. – Probably just as well
you talk about AeroPods and FTP at parties, isn’t it? Stick on something safe. – Yeah. Before we let you know what’s
coming up on the channel over the next seven days, a few comments from last week’s videos. Of course, as Si just mentioned
in caption competition, we had floods of comments coming in in tribute to Matt, who
is leaving the channel. He was quite emotional, wasn’t he? – He was. – Pretty much read through
all of them, didn’t he? – Yeah, he did indeed. He’s already said thank you on various forms of social media, but
we know there was heartfelt thanks from Matt, and for us too. It was nice to see you support him too. – Michael McDermott was amongst
those who commented under last week’s video, but he also commented underneath Top 10 Italian Cycling phrases – Di-shay-zi-sta. Shay, shay. – Di-ji-(censored) (laughter) – Which was done by Matt, he said this: – Always good, Michael. And then this one from Ian Haskins on Emma’s bike fit
video, went up on Sunday, he said: Valid point, isn’t it? She’s well decorated, and modest. – Emma competed, a lot. And did pretty well. Right, coming up on the channel this week. On Wednesday we’ve got
a new How to Climb video but this time it’s with
a really good climber, Michel Lander. Went to see the Basque Country last week, so you can look forward to that. Thursday, we’ve got two Top 10s. Firstly, our Top 10 Riders
to watch at the Giro D’Italia and also our Top 10 Matt Moments. – I’ve gotta warn you
though, typical Matt, it goes on a bit. Not just a Top 10, more like a Top 25 – Plenty of viewing time. – Top Matt moments, anyway. – Friday of course is Ask GCNything – Saturday, Emma shows you her favourite core stretching routines, so there you go, maybe that’s something that we could try to close the gap slightly
to Emma’s ability level. Then on Sunday, I can’t
wait for this one, actually, this is a follow-up to Dan’s look around the ceramic speed headquarters. This is a bit of an investigation into ceramic ball-bearings. – Exactly how they’re made and how much difference they can make. – And then Monday, of course,
is our Racing News roundup. And Tuesday, of course, is the GCN Show. – And don’t forget to
keep your eye out for some special Giro D’Italia content. That race, of course, is
starting on Friday in Jerusalem and very good time to mention, actually, that we have got these
special edition t-shirts for the month of May, and this one that you would’ve seen
already on the show, and this new one with the Italian flag, in navy blue, with the pink logo, sported by Si. – I absolutely love it, but
we’ve gotta say as well, we’ve got one of these bad boys as well, check it out! This has just hit the shop. See that? It’s one of those little
poppy-outty things on your phone excellent for selfies,
and also for watching GCN. – I think I’m too old to
get away with using one. You’re on the limit. – What’re you talking about? No, I can do that. – All available over at
shop.globalcyclingnetwork.com link to which should be
somewhere on the screen now. – This could be better for old people because it helps with that horrible moment where you’re about to take a selfie and you think you might drop your phone. It is getting towards the end
of the show, unfortunately, but we still have time, of course, for Extreme Corner. This week is absolutely bonkers. This is from the
even-brilliant Fabio Wibmer and this is a Fabio-lous Escape 2. Make sure you check out the full video all filmed in Saalbach in Austria. (rock music plays) – Always properly extreme Fabio, isn’t it? That’s why we have mountain
bikes on this part of the show. – Brilliant. I mean,
that is pretty insane. It’s got to be said. Fair play, Fabio. – That is the end of this week’s GCN Show as ever, if you’ve
enjoyed it, please click on the thumbs up button below the video. If you can’t wait until
tomorrow for another one to come out and you’ve
missed the Giro D’Italia preview show, you can find that, and it includes Matt, down here.

49 thoughts on “Warning! Your Love Of Cycling Has Gone Too Far When… | The GCN Show Ep. 277

  1. A note on the EPO study you mentioned: this is actually a very well conducted and rigorous study and I think the correct interpretation is: 8 weekly injections may increase max power output in advanced amateur cyclists by an average of somewhere between 5 and 15 watts, but to a smaller or no degree at submax levels and that the doping had no impact on completion times in a Mont Ventoux race in this study. Any single study is just one piece in the scientific puzzle and so it leaves many questions open: e.g. would there be an impact with longer usage or in a multiple stage race or in pros? Either way: it is not worth it (go for a placebo! ;)) is a pretty nice bottom line, right! Thanks for the great channel – keep it up!

  2. You know that it's gone way too far when passes by see your garage and ask "have you started a bike shop"

  3. When I open YouTube GCN show a previous episode of the GCN starts to play – annoying especially if you have watched it! and then have to watch it again and again.. unless you click pause or turn volume down….

  4. When your trainer mat might as well be an area rug in your living room, and no one in the house thinks its odd.

  5. When your relatives come for a visit and are surprised to see bikes inside the house, and not in the garage or shed. You really want me to put my bike in a cold, dark shed? No Way!

  6. You hope that when you die that your wife sells your bikes and gear for more than what you told her you paid for it.

  7. You know your love of cycling has gone too far when you exchange chamois pics with friends comparing comfort ?

  8. Your love of cycling has gone too far when you put your Fleshlight into your bikes water bottle cage before proceeding to use it.


  9. You know it's gone too far when your friend wants you to try the new exercise bike they just got and you look over to your roadster steed and assure your precious bike that no you're not being unfaithful it's just you want to make it feel better by showing off what the exerciser cannot do. I also have this same problem at bike shops which have become pseudo beauty salons, "No I'm not looking at the other bikes, this excursion is solely for you so you can have your brakes, tires etc done…not like the other scrubs in here". I have problems, don't judge me.

  10. Oh man. Guilty of having bikes that cost more than my car. My wifes car not so much, but my vehicle is a 2005 Chevrolet Colorado…. Not worth much these days.

  11. you're out of work and re-schedule a job interview that afternoon while you're on a ride so you can meet km goals and keep riding :)!

  12. GCN damn! I am totally hooked, love you guys, the content is absolutely wonderful, I miss matt, and love the new jewel Emma…
    As a road bike cyclist I rather enjoy the material GCN puts out, much, much better than going out on a date, oops…

  13. I have to say, if I was dying, one of my last acts on Earth would not be to encourage people not to believe in statistics. You'd think an engineer in particular would be more responsible about this. What an ugly black mark on an otherwise respectable legacy.

  14. re Ceramic

    see Hambini's channel for an honest assessment of the value of "upgrading " to ceramic ball bearings in steel races vs steel bearings in steel races.

    all ceramic bearings ride in steel races anyway so the gains are barely there, unless i misunderstood. ceramic is a marketing tool, i think. maybe i am wrong, but i trust Hambini. he is non sponsored and beholding to nobody, unlike GCN, a sponsored program. Don't get me wrong, I love the show but … a grain of salt, eh ?

  15. most of my friends know FTP means file transfer protocol…
    (wonder how long you could speak about these different things without noting it…)

  16. You know your love of cycling has gone too far when you start your show with video of international creep Netanyahu…really???

  17. You know when your love of cycling has gone too far, when you draw your dream bike on your final exam without even thinking about it, and seeing a load of question marks around it when you got the exam back 😀

  18. When you start buying bikes for colleagues, because you found something amazing on ebay, but could not justifying buying another bike!

  19. It’s gone too far when you smile as you send your daughter off to school with her ponytail held by a band made from an old tube. (She likes the pink latex tubes the best.)

  20. Wait…wait…wait…wait…wait…this bunking off work to ride your bike by pulling a sickie. OK it's wrong, and people do take it for all it's got, BUT things like strava only record physical fitness. When someone is at work far too many hours with too few holidays – as is all too often the case these days – they might suffer from burnout, or to prevent burnout, need to occasionally pull a 'mental health day'. Getting the mental equivalent of a cold is grossly underacknowledged and disrespected as a reason for needing a day off – probably because mental health itself, and its material effects, are grossly underacknowledged, because they're invisible and also a subjective experience. If someone who is a hard worker in school or the workplace genuinelyneeds time off for mental burnout reasons, but that reason for time off isn't as protected as time off in the same way physical reasons are protected, might they not be sort of forced into a position of having to fake physical illness to get the break they need if it falls outside of standard holidays?

  21. There's no way that was Netenyahoo pulling wheelies. Chances of a fat political oaf in a suit more used to occupying a desk being able to do that are more than slim. You didn't see his face. What you saw was another man dressed-up to look roughly like Netty and only from behind. It wasn't impromptu, there was a drone ready for the scam. GCEnners beware.

  22. How about, you know when your love of cycling has gone to far when you’ve stopped watching naughty videos in exchange for watching GCN segments! ?

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