Vocaloid – Crescent Moon (English Cover)【Melt】

Vocaloid – Crescent Moon (English Cover)【Melt】

The moon lights the stage
Though the wood is near decay Just for you, I’ll play symphonies on the parquet These days I gaze
At the moon that’s in full phase Beautiful as it is
Covered in clouds, smoke and haze The sun dawns,
Brightly bringing the heat as it sweeps And melts the winter away That old flame still the same
Frozen by winters name But my love starts to melt the ice away Let me hold you close, this storm’s not gonna go
So i’ll do the same It’s you I see Secretively Hiding your one true answer from me My feelings won’t change,
I’ll find words to convey And whisper them dear My love will last Though we’re apart So let me piece back your heart As time passes by,
My feelings won’t decline But with each truth you keep
Builds walls between you and me I’ll write it again,
“Please don’t change my only friend” You reach your hand to me
And leave a mark on my cheek But this storm withholds as it pours,
As it roars And washes away falses Like a drop of blood,
Deep red colour, was it love? The camilla lusts for water in the snow If I wake someday and you’ve faded away
Was it just a dream? It’s you I seek So wait for me No matter which path I’ll have to take I still hold you dear,
My heart’s wish is crystal clear Selfish as it is The sights I’ve seen That scenery Now seem so foreign to me Far out from my reach you leave me again All my memories are nothing but nightmares The past will, future will Forever I will Trust in my heart whilst in the dark Let me hold you close, this storm’s not gonna go So I’ll do the same It’s you I seek, secretively Hiding your one true answer from me It is in the snow, Camillas bloom and grow
The colour of love It’s in the night, I’m in your light You know my heart is now yours

20 thoughts on “Vocaloid – Crescent Moon (English Cover)【Melt】

  1. wouah c'est…c'est si beau TvT super comme d'hab !!!
    Et quelque Question :
    – Quelle logiciel tu a utiliser pour l'art ?
    -Quelle logiciel tu a utiliser pour ta remix de megalovania ?
    – Et tu a une adresse mail ?

    Zoubiiii je te nem melt !!🌈🌈🌈🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺☀☀☀

  2. Wow, your voice is so calming and beautiful. xD Do you have Discord? Perhaps you can make one for your community so we can talk to you or just socialize with each other.

  3. Oh my god! I can’t believe that I didn’t notice that you sang this song 😮
    It’s one of my favorite vocaloid songs, i love listening to it 💙🎶

  4. This is reallly goood!!! It's so smooth andcalmingandsoawsome! You have a great voice!
    <3<3<3<3 those feels… (((o * > ㅅ < * o)))

  5. ….. How have I not seen your videos before now? You're just.. Amazing? I dunno.. Can't describe my admiration.. Just.. Good job, yeah?

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