[Vinesauce] Vinny – Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

It is Metal Gear Rising “Revengenence”… and it a game… that is based on a word that isn’t real. I love how the dude on the turret- OH! [astonished] Holy shit! I was gonna say “I love how he’s a robot.” [Vinny laughing] Oh, that’s awesome. Tha- that is so cool, we need a sequel to this immediatel- I haven’t even finished and I already want a sequel. [laughing] Raiden the lawnmower. Nice tree physics. Oh, best tree physics! This tree’s too big. No it’s not! No, it’s not. This tree is not, in fact, too big to cut. I love it! [while laughing] Yeeeees! [still laughing] Yes! Holy SHIT! There’s NOTHING left, there’s just chicken nuggets now! This guy’s body is just chicken nuggets! Cat. [cat meowing] [cat meows again] What the fuck? Nice. Skills. Cat is the secret hidden boss… at the end of the game. She’s got, like, vagina armor. That’s actually smart. That’s good. Ohh, bye, Mistral. You will be miss. That is a brutal fuckin’ way to die. How is she able to even say that? What’s… what’s saying that? Her brain?! [in Spanish accent] It is me… Ráidén. Yeah, real fuckin’ incognito, Raiden. Bringing your fucking mechanical dog. I don’t even know what to say. That was both the most hilarious and stupid thing I’ve ever seen. Did I not equip the, uh-
Oh. Welp. Master of stealth Raiden. “The X X X and the Y Y Y, the X X X and the Y Y Y.” Fuckin’ … WHAT? Oh, they’re so weird! WHAT!? What are you saying? WHAT WAS THAT DIALOGUE!? This kid’s voice actor sounds like a 50 year old dude. Like, doing a child voice. [astonishingly] HNNNNH? “Skunt?” “Skunt” sounds like… a character name I’ve used at some point during my streams…. …for a shitty video game. So yes, even in a Metal Gear spin-off, there’s a god damn box. Raiden: “Bullseye!” Vinny: Yeah, BULLSEYE! See, I’m being STEALTHY! [imitating] “BRRRBH!” You like that move? Wher- where he goes like: “AAOUH!” I feel dirty. What is this? “Tovarich!” Niiice! Oh, hohohohohoho! Urhuhuhuhu! Double! Who the fuck is this? It’s like an X-Men character now. “Memes.” Wait what, memes? “The DNA of the soul?” What? Cat? Cat. Cat. [laughing] What is happening? I got to watch a dude hang out with a cat while I get told about memes. Like my jaw is on the ground right now at how… amazing and stupid an- and wonderful all this is. Wow, that rasp. [hysterical laughing] A meme? A spicy one? You start with a Rare Pepe… it gets less rare… Oh, I haven’t heard that one. Tell me how to rebel against memes. I need to know this info. Alright, so that’s why I… bees are out. I don’t like the bee meme. It’s not- it doesn’t have any substance. However… [Imitating Naoki Maeda] “You can move yo body freery!” That’s a- that’s a personal favorite at the moment. I like that one a lot. “It’s just a flesh wound!” Wha- how- how is he going to attack me? Oh my god, really? I kinda… feel terrible, now! [pity laughing] Oh, this is horrible! “Your bloody arm’s off!”
“No, it isn’t.” So that was all that was left? It was just a torso? That’s it? Holy shit. It’s like a Star Trek movie… made after 2007! Wow, he’s SO happy to say “9-11,” holy shit! Tch. Jesus. [whispering] Oh, it’s pizza! Ohh! Wow, that dude has a big mo- what the f- … [laughing hysterically] [while laughing] That was not… human! What is THIS!? [imitating] “Hikari-chan, so kawaii!” [laughing] [laughing] Wow. Those shoes, though, they look so good. WHAT?! WHAAAAT!? This some of the most amazing, funniest, stupidest shit I’ve ever seen at the end of a video game. I love it. [astonished] Did he just say that!? No way! To others, he’ll be “Jack the Stripper.” [while laughing] ’cause he’s gonna need a new job after this. Did he just shit-talk me while… he was on the floor… …squirming… with NO LIMBS? Did he just tell me “nice try?” You’re… listen. This- this is now a human potato and he was telling me “nice try.”

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