Video about some techniques for feeding filler rods . TIG welding . Electrode

Video about some techniques for feeding filler rods . TIG welding . Electrode

Video on some techniques for feeding weld rods Hello. Today we made a video about some techniques for feeding weld rods. Please press “subscribe” and “Like”. This is one of the most commonly used delivery methods for supplying welding rods. Daddy finger Mommy finger Brother finger Sister finger Baby finger I’m going to show you the movement of the finger family. “Mommy Fingers” and “Brother Fingers” serve as supports. And the “Daddy finger” pushes the welding rod. You can also use Daddy’s abdomen. Depending on the situation, the sister finger and the brother finger may be used as a support. And there are a lot of welders who prefer this method of delivery. You can use Daddy’s head as well. You can also use Daddy’s abdomen to push the welding rod. And depending on the situation, the angle of the welding rod needs to be high. At that time, you can also fix the “sister finger” and “baby finger” to the pipe or the mother material and supply the welding rod. This method is also applicable when the left hand is fixed so that it does not shake when the position of the left hand is high. You can also use this method when the weld rod is at a higher angle. And as you get more used to it, you can move your fingers a little more frivolously. If you use this method, you can use brother, sister and mommy as support. You can also hold the weld rod high and use this method of feeding it. And then there are three ways to use three fingers: “Daddy Finger,” “Mommy Finger,” and “Brother Finger.” It’s a delivery method that I’ve shown you a lot in other videos. Compared to this method of feeding using only “daddy finger”… Mommy finger and Brother finger are moving in addition. This method of feeding is… When Dad doesn’t work, Mom and Brother take over. Then the welding rod can be supplied uninterrupted And we can deliver the weld rods at high speed. But the disadvantage is that the end of the weld rod is shaken because there is no support. The family goes well. Right? As the angle of the weld-bar increases, it can also be applied by changing the shape of the hand like this. You can also use this method in the “Vertical” or “Overhead” positions. I’m going to show you a comparison of the other delivery methods. It’s a three-fingered alternate way of using it without a support. The next step is to use my mom and brother as support and my dad is to feed. There’s also a way to use dad’s abdomen. The movement of a finger You can make the motion smaller And you can increase the size of the action Today, we introduced some basic welding-rod feeding techniques. And I showed you the delivery method that I use. There are various feeding methods like this, but there is no right answer There are advantages and disadvantages Try different methods and use them according to your preferences. Let’s finish today. See you again next time Thanks for watching. Instagram @weldhagojibi

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