Vanha etupuskuri.. UUSI kamera – Audi S2 ep17

Vanha etupuskuri.. UUSI kamera – Audi S2 ep17

Think the camera is on… Hello, I’m Asko and this is sweatpants garage I’m so exited. I have new camera Don’t know how to use it and the mic is still on the way So we have to use this mic But we hit the 5000 subscriber mark
big thanks to You all! apparently subscriber count matter I have earned revenue one fifth of the camera price. Or it can be seen on the Youtube. Haven’t really seen the money. but thought I buy the camera now So I can do better quality videos. So big thanks to you viewers there It takes only like 4 year to get the rest what the camera cost.. but anyway… this time I thought we start to
prepare that front bumper for fixing so we use some tape to get it one piece maybe try some welding I have some rods for it that I ordered from Germany. those should be right plastic but this time we just see how it’s going to be and next time we really start to fix that bumper anyway let’s see how this video and everything else turns out! bumper it there waiting to be repaired, it’s quite wasted it’s broken from here and here this is missing a piece which is cutted away that needs a piece and also quite wasted from this side but before we start to fix that what has happened between the car fixing videos I fixed the garage and I have got some stuff in here and actually today I got new wheels those are 19 inch RS4 replicas with VW center caps I tested those and those fit fine theres max 2mm cap between the wheel and steering rod the same is also in the back spring cup or what it is called those will be on the car atleast for the MOT have to paint those in some point because there was some scratches on the one think those will be dark graphite grey then I have been fixing these back light bulb holders those were quite rusty cleaned those in phosphoric acid and it ate all the rust and zinc or galvanization now those are in there to be re-zinced that have been there for an hour and it has got quite nice layer of zinc so we can turn that off But I’ll wash that and lets see that bumper after that that bulb holder is now rinsed we’ll see how that turned out after it’s dry I thought I use this aluminium tape and why this? I think this will be good because it withstands heat it also has quite good glue so I try this. I try to tape all the cracks and stuff like this if You can see.. anyway I tape it and see if the tape holds it together after that we’ll start fixing from the other side Have to see how this video will turn out because I don’t have GoPro which I have used for timelapses Or the new memorycard is still on the way and I took it from GoPro But bumper is now taped together. and “wife” helped a bit with the trickiest parts and now it is kinda ok just a little cracks or warping or how to say it “it’s in normal shape” I guess all these can be fixed with putty Important part is that it is as close as possible to original shape think the middle part is the most problematic one but I turn it upside down and see how it looks there this side is quite ok theres few cracks there that need to be fixed if this goes good. Theres also one crack quite a piece is missing from there and dunno does it matter anyway we need to fill that one with plastic if that doesn’t succeed think we can use fiber glass I thought I’dd buy that front spoiler which comes here or is it a splitter.. and that goes somewhere here but have to see what to do with that and how it looks now but I start to open those cracks and see how that welding works as a first timer a could say I suceeded think that one is what we shoud aim for and think I did this one just too fast so it didn’t melt properly but that could be fixed with soldering iron altho that should also be one with adjustment The plastic what is used on these S2’s prolly it is used and also somewhere else that is PBT plastic and the melting point is around 210-230 celcius and manual said with hot air gun you had to use 280-300c I used 280 and it worked just fine and with soldering iron that should be 275-285c I’m quite confident that I get this done. ok we have now tested that bumper welding this is first time for me to weld with hot air gun I have sometimes used soldering iron those haven’t lasted long and you could have seen from the seam that it won’t last long but now that seam looks that it could hold because it hasn’t have any bubbles or how to say “craters” or anything seems to melt very well and prolly it doesn’t need any support mesh what I thought I’dd use but we’ll see that after both sides from the crack is done anyway this video was like this If You liked the video and have been whatching these If you haven’t already subscribed then please push that button. think It helps me atleast some on the future. but anyway hit like or dislike it doesn’t matter which one but hit those and the next video could come quite soon thought I’dd be here fixing that also tomorrow maybe camera setup is also better then,
so we get better quality. This was just a test. but anyway…bye for now!

15 thoughts on “Vanha etupuskuri.. UUSI kamera – Audi S2 ep17

  1. Millä litkuilla ja menetelmillä noita hapettumia poistat? ohjeet kalvanointiinkin vai oliko tuo sinkitystä kiinnostaisi

  2. Yksi hyvä kikka on tehdä asetonista ja tuosta muovista massa eli purkin pohjalle hieman asetonia ja muovilastua sekaan, sekoittaa sen massaksi ja laittaa halkeemaan niin se sulaa siihen 😄

  3. Tarvitsetko muuten etupuskuriin uudet sumuvalot ja vilkut?

  4. Kanavan kehittäminen ei ole hätäsen hommaa. Onneksi olkoon 5000 tilaajasta. Aika nopeasti se tuli sittenkin täyteen. Sinulla on hyvä tyyli. Laita vaan niitä fanituotteita myyntiin niin saat kameran hinnan hankittua takaisin jo ehkä 2 vuodessa.😉

  5. Just tuollee olen itsekin korjannut puskureita…ja langanvalinnasta se pitää olla samaa ainesta kun itse puskuri täällä on langat aivan helvetin kalliita jos harvoin tekee mut e-baysta löytyy melk aina sopivaa pienissäkin erissä hyvä siitä tulee…

  6. Thanks for your efforts to bring your work to wider audience by manually translating and providing English subtitles! I am doing my S2 just like you and you are so helpful! A huge thank you, man!!!

  7. Dude ! for Your Bumper I post you an Amazon Link ! it is German but you will see what it is good for . I can tell you its the thing you look for repairs like this !

    Have a nive day and fun with your Audi

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