Vanadium – The Chameleon Metal!

Vanadium – The Chameleon Metal!

this video is sponsor by audible today I will tell you about such a metal as vanadium. Vanadium is a transition metal that is located in the fifth group of the periodic table of chemical elements. One of the fascinating things is that in air vanadium gets covered with a beautiful film of vanadium oxides, which gives the metal a very beautiful multicolored look. Different colors can be seen due to the different thickness of the oxide film all around because of that light in different areas is absorbed and reflected at different wavelengths. Pieces of vanadium look very beautifully. However, the oxide film on the vanadium surface can be dissolved with nitric acid, after which the silver surface of this metal can be seen. Density wise vanadium is quite light, this metal is very stable in air and does not react with sulfuric or hydrochloric acid. If the non-oxidized vanadium crystals are heated in air, they will be covered with an oxide film, also giving it a multicolored appearance. Vanadium is readily soluble in nitric acid, forming vanadyl chloride, that has a blue color, and nitric oxide. Over time, the reaction is accelerated due to the heating of the mixture and effervesces, nitrogen dioxide – a very dangerous gas – starts to escape the solution. However, the most interesting property of vanadium is that with its compounds it is possible to carry out a so-called chameleon reaction. For this reaction, let’s take a little of ammonium vanadate, a substance used as a catalyst in organic synthesis. We’ll add hydrochloric acid to ammonium vanadate , and you to see reaction, the so-called polyvanadates oxides are formed in the solution. By the way, vanadium oxide 5 is used as an effective catalyst in the production of sulfuric acid. Initially, the liquid in the test tube is yellow. To start the reaction, we’ll add a few zinc granules into the test tube. The hydrogen evolution reaction begins, in which atomic hydrogen is formed that has the ability to efficiently give back an electron and restore other compounds. Over time, the color of the solution changes to blue, due to hydrogen restoring vanadium to oxidation state plus four. Further, the solution gradually acquires a green color due to the addition of one more electron by the vanadium atom. At the end, after some time the solution becomes violet, since vanadium has taken all the electrons from the atomic hydrogen, while restoring itself to bivalent vanadium. I decided to conduct another experiment, where I would add an alkali, or sodium hydroxide to the vanadium chloride. I was amazed by the result, it turned out to be some sort of cosmos within a test tube, let me go vanadium! It looks very fascinating with macro as well. Vanadium compounds are quite toxic, but there are organisms that are practically filled with vanadium, for example, fly agarics and from the sea life – shells. Scientists are still wrecking their heads as to why in these organisms there is so much vanadium-containing protein, amavadine. Nowadays, the metal vanadium is mainly used as a component of very strong steels. The addition of small amounts of vanadium to steel makes it much stronger and harder, often from such steel, wrenches and surgical instruments are made. A big thanks to Audible for sponsoring set video and supporting my channel Audible offers a nice area of cool things including audiobooks, original audioshows, news, comedy and much more. they offering an one month free trial for all of my viewers which you can get by going on It takes very long time to make all my videos and to keep me motivated i usually listen to some audiobooks I just finish listen to Stuff Matters by Mark Miodownik and I definitly recomended to checking out. It is a very entertaining and informative talk on every the … and materials. If that kind of book is not to your profile there are other kind of books you can listen too “The game of Trones” or even some science fiction. If you wanna help my channel you can sign in on a free trial at and claim your free audiobook

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  1. many chemicals you use for experiments are difficult to buy in America if you are a hobbyist. They will just not sell to you. Certain chemicals are tightly controlled by US gov because it has terrorist potential, but is simple to buy in Europe or Asia. We don't have the freedom to experiment like you. I hope you read this and understand.

  2. Why is Vanadium supposedly the chameleon metal, and not Bismuth, considering it has more oxide states;
    besides, Bismuth is all around more interesting: Non-radioactive/meta-radioactive heavy metal, with high half-life, amazing crystals, and diamagnetism, easy to work with, more or less non-toxic, etc.

    In other words:
    …. why such clickbait title, when it's outmatched?

  3. It's certainly one of the most beautiful reactions with simple reagents.
    However, you made a mistake there. Nascent hydrogen is nothing but a myth that has been creeping through the textbooks because of the authors' inertia. It was postulated ad hoc because nobody could explain how hydrogen reacted with compounds, but it was soon discovered it's occuring right on the surface of a reactive metal. Atomic hydrogen really does not form in solutions because there isn't nearly enough energy for it. It's a myth.
    The only places one can find atomic hydrogen is in high temperature plasma.

  4. I've never seen that V symbol or even heard of Vanadium, despite it being in the top row of the table, and doing 6 years of chemistry in high school.

  5. ok so these audio books, is it his voice we are going to hear? because i can only just about understand his English now so it would be very frustrating!

  6. Very beautiful video. One more application of Vanadium: REDOX FLOW BATTERIES, that exploit the beautiful colors (er… differnt oxidation states) of vanadium… TO STORE REVERSIBLY ENERGY!

  7. If I'd had a chemistry teacher this cool I'd have taken it at my first choice of specialist subjects in high school. Trouble was I had a bloody awful teacher 🙁

  8. 5:22 I love your videos! Your cat shown at the end is remarkably similar to mine, right down to the facial markings, eye color, black spot on her pink nose, asymmitries & shapes! I've read that 'Tuxedo' cats are marked with genes that are associated with high intelligence, about twice the average for cats! Anyway, they both rate 9.9 on the Meow's Cuteness Scale.

  9. Vanadium is also responsible for color change corundum. Add it as the doping element instead of the usual iron/titanium (blue, sapphire) or chromium (red, ruby), and it shifts from a silvery blue-green, to purple, to raspberry red, all depending on the light composition!

  10. Will you be doing a video about Arsenic? Perhaps an informative one, since it would be dangerous to your health to do real experiments….i would like to know more about arsenic, and i love the way you deliver information =) thanks for your vids!

  11. Vanadium is important to cell structure and many pathways in the body. It is used in the human body to help regulate blood sugar. It usually is in the form vanadyl sulfate and works synergistically with chromium by acting like insulin and enhancing the glucose receptors. FYI I have had friends that were diabetic that went on these 2 and helped lower their blood sugar and their hemoglobin A1C levels (longer term indicator of average blood sugar levels over months).

    There is a component in bone as it aids in the strength and development of bone growth. There are continuing studies on potential positive benefits on cancer though more research is needed in that area.

  12. I think your videos might be interesting but it is a pain for me to listen to them because of your super strong accent

  13. your videos are quite addictive and knowledgeable but your accent sometimes hard understand do provide that I get to understand every bit of your ingenious information.

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  15. i heard it can help diabetes, could it be made into coloidal in water and consumed and what result would you assume would occur?

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  17. Some substances may grow and reduce the size of bone tissue due to the altered dosage ie +1 -1

    It also may be used to alter the personality of a subject

    It's a Casanova metal for women for example

    I would put it on me daughter and have her wear this stuff until her 16th birthday because on 17 and 19 we mutate

  18. Your accent is very irritatung if the new video comes in this accent i will unsubscribe

    This idiot calls "this" "zis"

  19. 1:20
    Is he saying "Vanadium is readily soluble in nitric acid, forming vanadium chloride,that has blue colour"
    How is this possible? (Nitric acid is HNO3 right?)
    Correct me if I'm wrong, please

  20. For a minute there i thought Thoisoi2 was using aqua regia when he said 'dissolves in nitric acid to for vanadium chloride'; but he mis-spoke [I'm guessing] to say vanadium nitrate. Great videos by the way.

  21. Very interesting. Thank you for these videos. When I was young I put too much trust in a friend of mine who gave me about 14 grams of A. Muscaria to eat, telling me that I would feel interesting and maybe see colors. Long story short, I lost consciousness in a horrible way woke up in the hospital after the medical team induced a coma and flushed my liver because they were concerned that I was going to die. They later explained to me that those are poisonous. I wonder if my liver failure had to do with amavadin. I learned something from this, be careful in this world my friends, do not trust people so easily and learn everything you can about hazards and parameters before you experiment with anything.

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