Using the Festool MFT/3 Table | City Floor Supply

Using the Festool MFT/3 Table | City Floor Supply

Hi, Joe Glavin with City Floor Supply. I’m carrying the MFT/3 Table here. I just want to go over some of the versatility of this table. As you can see, it has regular legs. We discussed that before and it sits up about waist high. But one of the ingenious things Festool has done, again, incorporating their tools — and this is a tool — into their system. They’ve made this a two position table, so you can have it at waist high and work up, but like most floor guys, we’re down on the floor on our hands and knees. So, operating chop boxes, operating all kinds of different tools. So this second position is right here, and they have — what they’ve done is they’ve taken all four corners and they put these non-marking bumpers on there that allows us to have this on the floor and not mark the floor. So now we have all the same great functions that were at our waist now down on the floor with us as we’re installing, cutting, whether you’re putting in vents or making rip cuts or finishing up a room that — literally their whole system will work off of this table. So for instance, I’ll just bring in the TS 55 saw — track saw — and it’s kind of exactly how you would bring your tools with the vacuum system into the jobsite. So we’ll just grab the TS 55 out of here, comes with a plug a cord and the track saw itself. All of Festool’s Sys-tainers that come with their tools — and you can see that this is a deep one for the TS 55 because it’s such a larger tool — that you have a picture here, so not only do they show you the blade types available for the saw, they also tell you the accessories available on both sides. And the really neat thing is how the saw is positioned in the case. In this case there aren’t any extra blades or miter guides or clamps, but if I were to use those clamps, the clamps that we would have, like quick clamps that we would use on the MFT/3 table in the top, I could position these inside here and have them pushed into the detents molded into the plastic bottom. So, just a really neat feature. Again, always thinking ahead, always thinking of efficiency and safety with Festool. Down on the floor, we are able to make safe cuts. My miter gauge is out in front of me. I can make a track saw cut on this table, I could turn this miter gauge to make angled cuts, I can take the saw itself, turn it to cut a 45, cut the 22 and a half miter — whatever you need it. And I could do this safely. Again, I can do it with a riving knife that’s in a a skill saw. It’s a great feature to keep wood from binding up behind you and having this saw, you know, kick-out. So, again, all you need. I just have some floorboards here. We can make a nice angle cut that most people would do on a table saw, you know, a portable job saw, on the floor. You know, you’re taking off the fence, you’re taking off the all the guides and the protective pieces so that you can make that long angle cut and you’re really able to do this right on the table and keep the fingers away from going into the blade where we are now working with our hands back here and in a safe manner. So we also have dust pickup, so we keep our lines clean. We’re able to see everything that we need to see, and again, it’s just a safe, clean, efficient way to work with your tools.

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  1. This is an awesome saw with a tack.==>  I used for cutting 4'x8' boards before I can get to my cabinet table saw. I have also used on triangle cuts and easy with the track than in table saw. I wished it had two locks to lock the track and the saw. It only has one at the top part which is OK, but the lower part can get lifted up if one is not pushing the saw from the bottom side. Just have to be careful on that.

  2. I have never used a track saw. As you cut a piece of stock, why doesn't the saw blade cut into the top, even if just slightly?

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