Using JB Weld to Fix Rust Holes?

Using JB Weld to Fix Rust Holes?

the first step in using jb weld as a
solution to fixing a rust hole is to knock out all the old rust.
Once you’ve knocked out the rust you can grind this area clean and wire wheel
this or sandblast it – whatever you can do to get it cleaned up in there and make
sure that it’s knocked down below the original surface. The next step is to mix
yourself up some jb weld and cut a little patch that’s gonna fit right in
there. Im going to take this jb weld and
I’m just gonna spread it right in there around to make sure that my patch is
going to stick to that JB Weld – JB weld sticks very well to freshly ground
metal. Now I’m just gonna take my patch I’m gonna stick it right in there like
that and that’s it! Now I’m gonna let this dr. JB weld takes about about 8
hours to really get hard enough – this is the original jb weld so it does take some
time to dry so I’m going to let this dry and I’ll be back after the jb weld
hardens. We’re just going to grind off any excess and fill the low spots with
body filler and that’s good now we’re just gonna mix
up… hold on okay… Now we’re just going to mix up a little body filler to fill the
low spots When this hardens
I’ll be back to sand it. Now that the filler is hardened a little bit I’m just
going to use a cheese grater and cheese grate some of the excess filler off of
here. Now I’m going to use this medium size board to try to get the body line –
yeah I’m gonna ….I’m just gonna go very lightly on the same slant as this bottom
part and then I’m gonna do the top part. (I’m gonna attempt to do that)
these are usually pretty difficult to get right and I’m just gonna drag it
right across there like that and I don’t want to go too far and now I’m gonna work on the top and try to get the same slant that they have and work the bottom and the bottom has a
little bit of a round around this to it but the top is a little sharper. Let me DA sand this –
throw some primer on it and see what we have. I finished sanded the bondo with 80
grit DA sanded the area, primed it and incidentally this is just so my camera
can focus – anyway, this is the final result…. I really can’t think of a reason
why jb weld could not be a viable option for rust repair
it would completely seal the hole and it bonds very well to bare sanded metal. I
would like to hear from you though, so feel free to comment one way or the
other on what you think. I hope you enjoyed this video on using jb weld to
patch a rust hole and if you did and you’d like to get my latest videos don’t
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13 thoughts on “Using JB Weld to Fix Rust Holes?

  1. Wish I had the patience to perform what you do, I am good at repairing engines and tranny,s but bodywork is something I stumble at, I enjoy watching your vids very much.

  2. That was a cool trick. I would worry that there might still be some rust in the pinch weld, but other than that I see no problem with it.

  3. I like fiberglass too. Seals great and last a long time. I really enjoy your videos. Keep up the good work.

  4. I've used it, sanded, primed and painted over it. Never know there was a hole before. Thanks for putting it out there.

  5. Great idea, have a 2010 Caravan needs a patch on a fender I think I’ll try your method. Did you need patch the hole on the other side of the door as well? Great video ?

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