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– Can you use soap on cast iron? Stay tuned. Hey everyone, welcome to GardenFork. I’m Eric Rochow, your host. Today, three cast iron
seasoning myths, true or false? There’s a lot of, well, there’s over a 100
years of cast iron in America, and handed down through the
ages have been some practices, let’s just call them. We’re big on cast iron on GardenFork, we have a couple other videos about it. One about how to re-season
heavily damaged cast iron, one about how to repair
heavily rusted iron, and the best way to season cast
iron hands down, I believe. Three videos, the links are below, and at the end of the show. I love this stuff, it’s
bullet-proof, rock solid. But there’s a couple of things that people have handed down and say, oh you gotta do this or you gotta do that. Let’s talk about those. Myth number one. New pans are not nearly
as good as old pans. False, pretty much false. Old pans, because of the way they
were cast and manufactured, have a very smooth surface. Newer pans have more kind
of a pebbly surface here. Kind of hard to show in the video here but it has a little
bit of a pebbly finish. If you season this properly, it’s almost indistinguishable
from the other stuff. If you want smooth old pans, you can buy them on eBay, we’ll link below for a
nice search for that. Or you can find them at
yard sales, stuff like that. But buying a new one, season it yourself, then you’re just fine. Myth number two. Cast iron is nonstick. Yes and no. Cast iron will never be
as nonstick as say Teflon. I have a Teflon pan, I use is sparingly, but it is super nonstick. You can’t metal utensils on it, you can’t overheat it too much. If you chip it, you gotta get rid of it. And also it has a really thin base. Cast iron, when properly seasoned, again, and we have a cool video about that, is almost as nonstick as Teflon. It’s never gonna be like that. I season mine, I’m really big about it. I pay a lot of attention to it and if I don’t put enough oil or butter in my scrambled
eggs, they stick. Part of this is inspired by some recent reading I’ve been doing. Kenji at Serious Eats
talked about this recently, and earlier, probably like four years ago, Sheryl Canter wrote in her blog about the best way to season cast iron. Finally, myth number three. Never use soap in your cast iron. False. I use soap on my cast
iron and it is just fine. And here’s why, alright? We’re gonna get kinda
geeky science about this, but I spent several football
games researching this while I was watching the game, and here’s what I discovered. When you take oil and
you put it in your pan and you heat up the oil in the pan, the oil chemically changes. It does a thing called polymerization. Big word right here. What polymerization does is
it changes it from an oil to, depending on who you ask
in the science world, either a glass-like substance
or a plastic-like substance. But, suffice to say, it’s no longer an oil that is soluble by dish detergent. Detergents like this, their jobs are to break up oils, float them off a pan, and down the drain. When you season your cast iron, when you heat the oil,
it polymerizes the oil, if done properly, of course, and it’s no longer oil that is designed to be broken down by this. The best oil to use is flax oil and we have a video about that. And what I found is flax oil is a derivative of linseed oil. Flax oil is the edible food
grade version of linseed oil. Linseed oil is bulletproof. It’s used to preserve wood, we’ve made raised beds
coated in linseed oil. It’s used in oil paintings. You know those oil paintings
from thousands of years ago? The oil paint has, well
maybe hundreds of years ago. The oil paint is based on linseed oil. Doesn’t go anywhere. When linseed oil dries,
it does a polymerization. It also, when it’s heated, it
does a polymerization here. It’s no longer an oil that
is dissolvable by soap. There you go, my thoughts, what are yours? Let me know below in the comments here. If you liked this video,
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your thoughts on this. Whenever I do a cast iron video, there’s someone out there that says, oh you use soap, that’s bad. I think you can, let me know
what you think, alright? And also check out our
other cast iron videos. If all the technology works, they’re listed right here or in the links in the show notes here. Make it a great day, I’ll see ya. (upbeat music)

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