Upgrade a Wire Shelf in Under an Hour

Upgrade a Wire Shelf in Under an Hour

Hey guys we’re Evan and Katelyn and today
we’re gonna be showing you have upgrade cheap wire shelves with a wooden shelf visiting family and my brother was
asking for this but we don’t have a bunch of tools with us so we needed
something we could make without a bunch of tools on hand so we’re looking for
wood to make a shelf and plywood is pretty good but we’ll have to edge band
it so look what we found project panels already good to go now as
they are the cuts we need to make are ripping it to width
cutting it to link and notching out each of the four corners for the vertical
post in the wire shelf unit all right so with this you don’t need to biscuit
joint you don’t need to dowel none of that you don’t need a planer all you
need is something to cut with you could just use like a saw we’re definitely
like a handsaw yeah you could we’re gonna use this jigsaw for the corners
and you could use it to cut it down to size too although it might be a little
bit wavy so instead we’re gonna use a circular saw with with this led to keep
it really straight so we are using a few tools but really you don’t need that
many this is kind of it that’s kind of it though yeah alright let’s start cutting we wanted to make a video about this
project in particular to show that small projects can really change and improve
a place you don’t always need to do a huge build face is pretty much good to
go just cleaning up edges that we cut
and just sanding the face because it makes me feel better
finish we’re gonna use wipe-on poly cuz it’s pretty durable it’s quick and you
don’t really need to worry about brush marks or any dripping it just kind of
soaks right in and it dries really quick so… doesn’t make much difference on pine While we finish this up, we want to
thank Kreg for sponsoring this video we use the Keg Accu-Cut in this project
which acts as a track for your circular saw to cut straight lines. Another tool
that could do the job is the Kreg Rip-Cut which allows you to set a cut
distance from the edge you’re cutting along. We’ve used both of these on so
many projects especially on big pieces that would be cumbersome to cut on our
table saw. We’ll have links below if you want to check them out thanks! Just finished the shelves, and now we’re gonna take to my brothers and install it Katelyn, moment of truth… let’s see if
this fits! It fits!! Yayy! OOoh it fits really well! And you guys did a great job measuring! It’s done!! And my brother likes it! Can you confirm that you like it? so thank you
guys for watching and if you like what we do and you like these videos and want
help us make more you can check out our patreon at patreon.com slash Evan and
Katelyn where we will film our after-show and talk about all the cool
behind-the-scenes stuff your said all the words! hey guys we’re having an
Kailyn and today we’re transitioning and saying the word transition like I have potatoes tell the Falcons

77 thoughts on “Upgrade a Wire Shelf in Under an Hour

  1. What I think would have looked really good would be flipping the metal shelf upside down and insetting the wood into it. (At least it looks good in my head, not sure how good it would look in practice ?)
    Great simple project though!

  2. Love watching your videos, I've decided to start my own because of you two. One of my favourite is the wine rack you did.

  3. You could totally do all of this with handsaws. My retired cabinet maker grandfather needs to have a few words with you 😉

  4. Wasn't paying too much attention during the intro and assumed the big improvement in the after shot was from modifying more than one shelf. I'm surprised!

  5. Awesome job Y'all! ???????? …Great measuring Katelyn's Brother ????….. I've been eyeballing the Accu-Cut for a while, but definitely want to get the Rip-Cut as well! ?

  6. Cute and simple ?
    I have the rip cut jig it does good work but there is a bit of a learning curve, at least for me it was lol ?
    I have been thinking about the acucut cuz I do fantasize about a track saw like thing.
    Good video tho ?

  7. Honestly you guys could do anything in these videos, like replace a fricking light bulb, the process and your guys make it so damn entertaining and seem so accessible, especially my light bulb example, definitely could not do that without a video of you guys doing it with solely the cat paw finger puppets

  8. I watched every one of your videos this week and was so sad when I had no more left to watch. I got way to excited when I seen this new video was posted. Like jump out of bed and did a happy dance kinda excited. This channel might just be my new favourite.

  9. For people without any tools at all: home depot and places like that let you rent tools. When I was first in college I needed a drill, so I rented one from home depot for $11. Cheap and totally worth it for people who only have one or two projects.

  10. Yay easy things! Could you guys do more easy kitchen things? I see so many videos by like Buzzfeed that seem either kind of janky or waaay too over-engineered for a normal person. I see so many “hidden storage next to your fridge!” or “use some command hooks and pray!” lifehacks – I’d love to see ones by people that know what they’re doing.

    Not quite a “debunking lifehacks amd lighting things on fire” thing like William Osman has been doing lately, but maybe “that shitty lifehack but better!”

    Love you guys ❤️

  11. Hi Guys
    How are you?
    Well, your project is very simple and so cool too. I liked so much.
    Congratulations for you and by channel.
    Allan Paganini from Brazil

  12. Katelyn that face when you were covered in sawdust is priceless! This was a nice, simple project that looks totally doable! ?? ("doable" looks so weird!)

  13. So why I kept thinking.. why not u guys do some challenges? Like if u reach 250k before end of year.. Evan. Shaved his beard? ???… Aaanyway looking forward to see you next project. A coffee table maybe? I'm building a small coffee shop. And for some specific reason.. your positive vibe….
    I'm very looking forward to see your idea ??

  14. What luck! I have some shelves with wire and would love to instead use wood. I AM ON IT. Thank you for the cool video!

  15. Please please please start setting the depth of your circular saw to the depth of the wood you are cutting. I didn’t when cutting 3/4” ply, the saw snatched and I truncated my right thumb by about 1/2” (I have pictures, but not sure you’d want to see them!). Other than having too much blade in the wood, I was working safely with two hands on the saw. Obviously I’ll never know what would have happened, but less blade in the wood = less chance of it snatching. I don’t think many people know they should be doing this, although my brother (who designs and installs high end office interiors) was very quick to tell me you should!

    For completeness, because everyone always asks: my amazing wife found the end of my thumb in amongst the saw dust and took it and me to hospital; no they didn’t reattach it; yes I went through the bone; the plastic surgeon was amazing, the flesh & nail have grown back but obviously bone hasn’t so thumb is about 3/8” shorter than it was; no it doesn’t cause me any real issues, once I’d learnt the new position for my thumb when picking up small objects; yes it does hurt in cold weather.

  16. LOL Katlyn is covered in Man Glitter (aka Saw Dust) that looks awesome. Like Joel I have of those shelves. Really makes it look nice. Will have to make a few.

  17. First…those shelves are not cheap. Second, you could have just used a drill for the corners (which brother probably had) and you might have been able to coerce the big box to cut the wood for you. I do this all the time to make sturdy shelving. If you just don't want the things to fall through the holes, I use 1/4" plywood where the open edge is not really noticable.

  18. She's Uber pretty & the both of you guys are awesome. Your vids are different but awesome as well! Why I say that. Well I'm different too. An it's good to be different!

  19. whoa i love their copper (?) cups 😮
    Nice job! It really did upgrade the shelf! I can imagine this working well with staining, too. And ofc also with all shelves being wood. But this certainly works well, too

  20. I especially liked the part where you put the resin on, used the heat gun to move it around, and then hot-glued the crystals. OK – I may have dozed off again. Good, simple project. Thanks.

  21. Yes it is simple, but it made a plain shelf unit really pop out! What a great idea! If needed you could use some screws and fender washers to screw the board up from the bottom.

  22. I was expecting some negativity in the comments on this one, but I’m super pleasantly surprised. I guess hating on you two is probably like hating kittens and puppies and only grouchy meanie faces would do it.

  23. I've recently introduced my fienceè to your channel and now we both love watching, learning and laughing along with you guys before bed. ❤

  24. You guys always do really cool and creative things witht he different projects you take on. I'm also oober jealous of how good you both look XD

  25. That was a let down. I expected something great in less than an hour. At least you could have added a little color to the wood. HD sells some shelves for less than $150 It will support up to 1500 lbs per shelf and has 4 shelves.

  26. My mother uses these kinds of shelves for her plants (African Violets I believe, I'm not into plants), and she said they weren't getting enough light as winter is coming (yep, I used that reference). So I made a similar board out of peg board with a 5m strip of LED lights cut into 6 rows. It fit nicely into that space inside the metal shelf, can be zip-tied into place (because peg board) and the LEDs are some new kind of grow-light that is supposed to be good for plants. Last report I heard was that the plants are now doing very well… and she wants more panels… lol

  27. Y'all are amazing! Even a relatively simple build like this is completely entertaining and engaging throughout! This might be the first time I actually want metal shelves like that just to combine the metal and wood.

  28. I had this problem recently, and used large tiles to cover the wire. You can totally just buy them one at a time and they come in beautiful colors and finishes, and you could buy a selection to fit the shelf perfectly. They're easy to keep clean and are totally heat resistant.

  29. Did y'all know we have 4 channels now? This main one, plus:

    ? Evan and Katelyn Gaming youtube.com/evanandkatelyngaming

    (us playing games and chatting, enhanced by epic editing and a heavy dose of memes)

    ?️ Evan and Katelyn Podcast youtube.com/evanandkatelynpodcast

    (chatting about life, YouTube stuff, and playing games you can play along with)

    ? Evan and Katelyn Too youtube.com/evanandkatelyn2

    (still figuring this one out ?)

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