No regrets so bouncing Heads up! that’s the money shot What up guys I know you don’t know me I’m JustDustin and I got this unbreakable box here we
could explain it but it’s pretty simple there’s an unbreakable box there’s 10
grand inside I’ve been searching across YouTube to try to see if there’s maybe somebody that could break it and I heard of this guy called the
Hacksmith I got in my car I drove around it was a long time but we’re here
now so I’m gonna go inside find him see his weapons. See if he can do it I heard his name James. James! James: Hey Dustin Hey! My god! What is that? this is what it looks like it’s an
unbreakable box Filled with a lot of money It’s 10 grand in the box and I
kind of want to take this back based on what I’m seeing here Obviously we got you know some batarangs I don’t think those are gonna do much We’ve got Captain America’s shield we’ve got a red-hot rebar cross brow from half-life 2 these will go red-hot we’ve got
Reinhardt’s rocket hammer right here Thor’s heaviest hammer this has been tried before I don’t think that’s gonna break it we’ve also got our own version
of the boring flamethrower your version’s better Han Solo’s blaster okay wait what does this shoot Blaster shots? Okay fair enough I don’t know what
that means but I’m gonna find out It’s Star Wars Caps new Wakandan shield then we’ve got Doomfist also from overwatch It’s got 60 max cylinders running at 250
psi air pressure and it moves this 50-pound fist super fast Then we’ve also got Sledge’s hammer No this is not a sledge hammer this is from Rainbow Six
Siege and the back is actually a forged pry bar. I think this might actually do some damage then we’ve also got the slicer from Fortnight Save the World. So front side normal hardened steel blade but the back this thing glows
what are you getting worried? So yeah this is this thing gets up to about 2,000 degrees 2000? Ya 2000 degrees 2000? Thats high And it cuts through a lot of stuff This weighs 105 pounds that might be a James breaker, how heavy is this? 105 you said? okay
that’s confirmed 105. Is there time that I could put another plate on this to
make it stronger? No? okay That was the deal like I break
it open I keep the cash right that’s how it works That’s what I said?
okay that’s what I said let’s do it Ever thrown a Batarang before? uh actually yeah I have Yeah I’m not really expecting these to go
through but we might as well like warm up slowly I chipped it Can you grab money through it? Throw it a few more times I might just join in okay? I didn’t drive all this long way to have
no fun I’m gonna join in You call that a throw? I broke the sink Alright let’s move on to something a bit more serious. I’m gonna need your help with this though Dustin: Ya You need to hold the box What? Can I have this shield to protect me? No no I’m gonna use the shield you
wouldn’t trust your boss I don’t trust aim I’m not gonna lie I’m a little
nervous about this one this looks like just a regular shield but knowing your
videos I may fly into the wall or something Let’s just do this let’s do it no
regrets Let’s do it again Ya I’m fine ya Wait usually after each one you ask me if I’m ready for the next one I’m ready let’s do it Any damage? Those are almost cracks forming you know No they’re scuffs Dustin: almost cracks yeah Right here I’ve got the red-hot rebar crossbow from Half Life 2 It’s not loaded Alright now we’ll need you to go down range Down range? I’m gonna go home all right so you’ve got the Captain America shield there’s an obvious reason why I’m
holding this I’m gonna back up a bit I’m a bit close to target Alright ready? oh she getting red-hot you can hear the humming Dustin you seeing this? Where are you? Dustin: Where am I? Here I go! You gotta be kidding me Dustin: Yes! That literally became a
hot in seconds I’m really impressed by the weapon but not your shot… oh my god Starting to like this guy Maybe if I use the scope this time Dustin: That’s what I’m talking about! I feel so good right now! We’ve got more. We’ll get something to break this Don’t you worry I kind of want you
to break this I’m excited now We’ve got some bigger projects still ya see what I forgot to tell you though is that here I don’t know if you guys can
see it but there’s a bunch of plates that are actually chained like this so
they’re interlocked so helps distribute the weight a little bit when there’s blunt force impact I’m not giving up You guys don’t know where James went? James: Hey Dustin! Ready? Ahhhh! Dustin: You don’t like your stuff do you How’s the box Did it do anything Ohhhh!!! We got some a little
bit of damage I don’t know about more damage then the Captain America shield but Dustin: Is that high enough Nowhere is safe! Nowhere! You got a little bit of damage more damage than last time definitely not adequate to call it a win so James: I mean we could take it in the backyard and throw it off the deck it’s
a bit higher and no one has to stand near it yeah I’m kind of excited for
that I’m not going to lie James: Let’s do it If somebody’s gonna break it it’s gonna be
me James: Looks like you missed You can just cut that right? Okay maybe I can’t
even break it We can drop it off the ladder on top of the deck Alright we are higher Dustin: Nobody thinks this is getting a little out of hand? Rest it on my head for a sec hold Ah crap I pulled a you Dustin: You pulled a me? Ya I missed Dustin: See I’m not the only one Take 2 I mean first try Thats a good solid hit. We haven’t even brought out the big guns yet So let’s take this back in the garage and we’ll show you what we can really do with some Hacksmith projects This is going to bounce back at me isn’t it? It’s like hitting a trampoline I’ve never been so confident in my whole life nothing explosive in that bin we’re good you’re breaking your place more than you’re breaking my box you know that right James: Ya… I feel good okay what’s next? we turn up the heat a
little bit? Dustin: no I can literally feel the heat from here tick-tock, you’re just
fixing it you just buffing it out all right Dustin’s gonna fire our Han
Solo blaster I feel great about this I don’t even know what it shoots James: Everyone else outside Everyone’s going outside but me? James: yeah don’t worry about it Just just aim and shoot It’s just like a gun man You here with me? So if something happens to me sometimes you? Owen: yeah all right, oh it’s got a scope. I just pull the
trigger? James: yup! Okay No flag? No bang? James: That was great That was perfect So I could just point it at anyone now? We could just move on All right we got a volunteer
Riley wants to go ham and probably hurt himself That was a good dent Dustin: Progress! That’s progress That’s progress James: Cameraman Owen has volunteered to use the most painful project of all, the Doomfist! Suit up! This is the first time I’ve used this James: Are you regretting it No no James: Why’s this one so crappy right now whoa hey better idea Sledge’s hammer? Riley: Sledge’s hammer James: Sledge’s hammer and this Dave: -21 celsius James: Hit it! It’s so bouncy James: Nervous? Dustin: A little bit James: So this might look like a normal axe but it’s actually a Hacksmith project How convenient is that? Dustin: Yes! I’m undefeated I’m undefeated yeah well there are still things to go but I’m feeling the haze. I’ve been here
before I don’t worry. I’ve been in this exact same spot this is uh well not
gonna lie we get a damage report It’s getting damage It is getting damaged I’m a little worried Riley: we’ve damaged the shop we’ve damaged our bodies We’ve damaged some of the projects, we destroyed mjolnir basically Dustin: We’ve built my ego All right I gotta kind of admit
something a little bit I might have cheated just a little bit. Is it cheating to just be not honest or to have a different what I’m
trying to say is that I saw all this So I made yours twice as as thick as all the other channels Are you saying no one’s actually been able to make it through two layers? no one no one’s ever made no I realize we have fictional weapons but why don’t we equal the playing field? yeah We’re going down to one layer, I’m gonna just take this away and BAM just like that the the playing field is now leveled yeah see it’s a little closer to the money now I wasn’t really worried before
as you can see the whole video I’ve kept my cool maybe not true okay fine
whatever but now I’m a little worried yeah let’s get the Fornite slicer out Dustin: wait what I’m going to burn a nice little X in and my my theory behind that is I’m going to change some of the
polycarbonate in molecular level then we’re gonna take it outside and then
we’re gonna drop Thor’s hammer on it and hopefully that x marks the spot I’m not gonna lie that’s a pretty good idea We should take it outside
it’s gonna make nasty nasty smoke Alright we’re outside now we’ve got the
Fortnite slicer you know I’m actually excited for this We’ll see what happens, this is
gonna be nasty this is polycarbonate do not melt polycarbonate at home Don’t breath this I think we can blast it with co2 now alright so we got the box set up down
here, gonna hit it with some dry ice Already put some on the crack, I’m hoping this is gonna ruin the structural integrity of the plastic and let us break in James: Think it’s gonna work You know I thought it was going to work a bunch of times but I’m gonna keep believing Dustin: That was a good shot though James: Bring back up bring me everything I can throw at this thing Alright let’s try that again Dustin: You got it! Let’s go! That’s what I’m talking about! I knew he could do it! I knew he could do it! James: I can get the money look! 50! What was that hundred stack! James: It’s open Dustin: Okay alright Riley: Heads up! James: That’s the money shot! Dustin: Ya we just gotta We gotta go, nice seeing you guys I’m JustDustin and we’re friends now Thor’s hammer did it in the end Look at that I’m gonna put mine down I was getting pretty worried, it was not going through until we reduced it to one layer But then the combination the Fortnite slicer, a little bit of dry ice and Thor’s hammer and we got stacks of bills I’m not gonna lie I’m pretty impressed Well done It was pretty fun yeah it was very fun very fun Now I don’t know if you guy know, I know he know but well you guys don’t know 5 other Youtubers have done this or they’re doing it right
now as we speak we don’t know how they did but I’m gonna test to see how he
matched up against them boom there’s a playlist right there and well that’s how
you see them all I think ours will be the best I’m gonna go ahead and
say maybe but we gotta find out Seriously guys check out the video we’ve got links
in the description below drop a like too Make sure you check out JustDustin he’s got a lot more crazy shit just like this yeah that was a lot of fun, a good little compilation of our projects put together Any video I’m in you know how I usually end it?

100 thoughts on “UNBREAKABLE BOX vs THE HACKSMITH ($10,000 TO BE WON)

  1. Somebody said “you must be fun at parties” when i pointed out the flaws in the doomfist and hulk fists.

    What a good way to pull your arm out of its socket. I love how interesting this channel is. But the fictional weapons are not always practical. They are dangerous to the users. Cool af tho

  2. I got a challenge for yall. A type of heat and freeze thrower. Kinda like a flamethrower and a n extinguisher in 1. To get those pesky items with to extremes. I'm sure y'all know how great that kind of item could break into items if y'all build right

  3. The crossbow i wonder Will it do more damage if The Tip of The crossbow arrow is The one That being heated (sry for The GRammAr)

  4. I think the corners are the weak spots….hold 1 corner at the bottem and 1 corner under the press…..prevent corner slipping and press with full power….the glass will probably not break but the case should go open

  5. You also could use a tool like what they use for breaking upp streets but with the resistance of the glass it will take a while but hitting one spot with that machine for al long time I think it will break the glass

  6. I noticed that the hot rods did a-lot of damage so I knew the Slicer would be key to open the box. who else noticed?

  7. in conclusion,
    The Brick does the trick

    Plot Twist, that's the same brick that the first monkey threw at another monkey, and start the first war on earth.

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