Turning Relaxation Music Into METAL!

Turning Relaxation Music Into METAL!

Hey, hey, hey! I’m Stevie T. Thanks for joining me today And today’s video is brought to you by
Audio Blocks. In fact Audio Blocks is going to have a huge role in today’s video. Now I’m sure you’ve all heard of relaxation music or soothing music. Yeah…well today, we’re going to be messing around with them! We’re going to turn some of these soothing songs…into metal! Because we’re metal and relaxation music can suck one! So on my laptop before me, I’m on Audio Blocks web page. This is where we’re going to find all of our soothing music. And if you don’t know what audio blocks is, they essentially have one of the world’s largest collection of stock audio. So I’m just going to search for… relaxing music. Hmm. Alright, let’s sample a couple of these and see which ones we can work with here. Hmmm, Enigmatic Piano Cue. Let’s check that one out. I can work with this. All right. Let’s see what other ones. We got here. Island fun, this is pretty fun. Let’s check her out. Yeah, yeah. Well that one took a weird turn. See what else we got. Hmm…let’s try this one out. I could turn this into a death metal intro! Metal is really cool. I like metal. I like that I’m sorry. Oh, I’m sorry. You did not need to see that. Oh, let’s just move on to a different song… Tearing my Heart Out…that sounds pretty cool. What does that one sound like? That one really sounded like a band I know. I can’t quite put my finger on it though. See what else we got… Dark Dirty Dubstepology? I dig that one a lot. It’s not very relaxing though. Old Habits, I have a few of those. Yeah Oh, and if any of you are wondering why I’m able to use these songs without getting sued… It’s because every clip on this website is royalty-free, so y’all can’t sue me. Happy-Go-Lucky Jammy-Jam. I’ve gotta’ check that one out. What else do we got here? Well that one took a weird turn. I don’t like it anymore. Spring Song…this one’s got to be soothing. So peaceful… So sirene. I don’t like it All right, so what else do we got here Amrold Creek? What’s this one all about? We’ll pick something else. Alright, I found one called Pouring Acid Rain. Let’s hear what it sou…Oh my god it’s Dream Theater! This part isn’t very Dream Theater. Alright, well anyways folks, I guess it’s about time I close out the video and we say our goodbyes…Oh, shut up! But really honestly guys I appreciate you guys for watching and I hope you had a lot of fun today. I know I did. And really guys if any of you are looking for sound effects or music or loops or anything, Audio Blocks is the place to go. Infact if you follow this link, the link is also in the description, and you’re going to get seven days free with Audio Blocks to try out their massive library And they have like over a hundred thousand loops, clips, music, sound effects you name it. You will not be disappointed. Look at all the variety we found today. But before you leave, don’t forget to subscribe by clicking here on my face. And then click on one of my other videos. I’ll give you some time to decide which one… Oh would you pick a damn video already?!

100 thoughts on “Turning Relaxation Music Into METAL!

  1. Richard Benson……..
    Mean Sounds coming from that Bass..!! My Ears Ate that up Like….
    Fresh Sushi on a Naked Woman!! 4:38 that bass was Dope!!!!

    504 would say….

  2. Dark drity dubstepology feat Stevie T <3
    M8, u definetely should upload your songs into AudioBlocks' Relaxing library xDD

  3. 0:15 i have heard this song in 3 videos!!!
    this video
    the guitar playing in commercial….fake video
    and in the shredding over random songs video!!!
    i guess stevie likes it a lot…

  4. Digging the fuck out of Dark Dirty Dubstepology (the first one)! You need to make that into a full instrumental somehow!

  5. You seriously make my day better every video you put out is just awesome. When I'm having a not so good day and I need to perk up I just turn you on

  6. New Genres:

    1:03 – 1:45: Symphonic Shred
    1:54 – 2:03: Yeeah Paradise
    2:10 – 2:36: Darkdeath
    2:41 – 3:14: Ambient Shred
    3:18 – 3:25: Borecore
    3:37 – 4:04: Electro-core
    4:17 – 5:12: EDM (Electronic Dubstep Metal)

    Haha! EDM actually stands for (Electronic Dance Music)

    5:23 – 5:59: Club-core
    6:14 – 6:20 : Plain Old Uke
    6:22 – 6:50: Ambi-Djent
    6:58 – 7:14 – Interrupted Mozart Music
    7:35 – 8:40: Symphonic Power Metal
    8:46 – 9:01: Almost-Dream-Theater-Metal
    9:03 – 9:03: T.O.A.M (TalkingOverAmbientMusic) a.k.a OH SHUT UP!!!!! a.k.a Ambient-Talk

  7. Honestly, this video took a TON of work, recording both parts, doing drums, mixing it all together and then just the editing of the video and matching up the sound. Jeesh dude, you are super talented some of those songs you came up with.

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