Turn Your Body Fat To Body Heat And Melt It Away

Turn Your Body Fat To Body Heat And Melt It Away

Hello people, the name is Kristy and I am
a nutritionist. We all may want to reduce our body fat, but
with our busy schedules, it may be easier said than done. What if we could turn body fat into body heat? In this video, we are going to discuss on
how to do that. Before we do that, make sure to click subscribe
and ring that notification bell so that you don’t miss out on our latest content. Now, let’s start the list with Consume Peppers One of the most recommended methods of burning
fat is by eating a good amount of peppers. Peppers such as jalapeno or chilli helps to
burn the white fat. A study that was conducted on 191 participants
found that heat generated by the pepper can oxidize the layers of fat in your body. Additionally, they contain Vitamin C, a water
soluble nutrient that boosts your metabolism and speeds up your digestion process. Although, too much consumption of any form
of pepper may not be good for your stomach. So, moderation is the key. Speaking of things to consume, we have another
one in the list and it is… Have More Turmeric Before talking about how turmeric can help
us, let’s take a very important fact into consideration. Our body contains two types of adipose tissues. One of them is the brown adipose tissue that
helps to turn the fat into heat. The other one is white adipose tissue, which
is responsible for the extra layers of fat on your body. This is where Turmeric comes into play, it
promotes the β3AR gene expression in white adipose tissues. Apart from that, it also increases the levels
of plasma norepinephrine, a hormone that is responsible for browning white adipose tissues. So, maybe you can consider having turmeric
with milk or roasted vegetables. Moving on to the next option, we have… Avoid Skipping Meals You may think that it is a good idea to skip
meals so that you can avoid those extra calories or fat. Unfortunately, it’s not how the human body
works. The more you skip meals, the less fat you
will be able to burn. This is because the body requires regular
intake of protein, fiber and vitamins in order to turn the fat into heat. So, instead of skipping meals, just eat smart. Consume meals that have more nutrients and
it will help you burn more fat. Additionally, if your goal is to shed some
pounds and burn some calories then we suggest that you drink at least 3 litres of water
every day. Now, let’s move to the next point… Take Cold Showers Remember the two types of tissues we talked
about some time ago. Well, here is another example. When the cells in your body get exposure to
cold then they start forming more brown adipose tissues instead of white, which as we have
already discussed, turns fat into heat. Although, there is one more element that helps
the brown adipose tissue in this. The cells in our body are extremely adaptive,
this is why we are capable of surviving in harsh climates. When we feel cold, the mitochondria starts
generating more heat to help us cope with the climate. This process is known as thermogenesis. So, when you are having a cold shower both
the increase in production of the brown adipose tissue and thermogenesis will happen simultaneously. This will help you turn your body fat into
heat at a faster rate and burn a few calories in the process. As we are on the topic of cold, the next one
is important. Sleep In The Cold Similar to the previous point, sleeping in
the cold is another method that you can use to turn fat into heat. In a study, researchers kept three different
temperatures for three separate sleeping rooms. Room one was kept at 66° F or 19° C, room
two was kept at 75° F or about 24° C and room three was kept at 81° F or 27° C. After
a month of sleeping, they noticed that people who were sleeping in the colder rooms had
more brown adipose tissue than those who were sleeping in the warmer room. Additionally, the ones sleeping in the colder
rooms had also burned more calories. Again, it was the duo of thermogenesis and
brown adipose tissue that came to the rescue. So, the colder the temperature while sleeping
the better, right? No, not really. If the temperature is too low then your body
temperature may drop drastically causing fever, cold or cough. This is why we would suggest not to go lower
than 19°C or 66° F, while sleeping. Otherwise, neither thermogenesis nor brown
adipose tissue would be able to help you. This brings us to our next point. Avoiding Stress The effects of stress can be felt in our mental
as well as physical health. Stress increases the production of a hormone
called Cortisol. While, it is an important hormone for our
survival, it also has some ill-effects on your body. If produced in excess, it can cause stress
hunger, which would mean that you end up eating what and when you shouldn’t, or snacking
when you don’t need to. Because of the extra calories this will promote
the production of white adipose tissues in your body, which don’t help turn fat to heat
like brown adipose tissue does. If you are having trouble turning the body
fat into heat then it is probably because you are stressed out. So, what did you think about our methods of
turning body fat into heat? Have you tried any of these methods? Let us know in the comments, we would love
to hear from you.

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    Haven't got a good day… have a wonderful day!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ˜œπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’πŸ’πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹β™₯️β™₯οΈπŸ’•

  2. Can't have peppers or turmeric sensitive stomach can't take cold showers or sleep in the cold got nerve damage and shivering or tensing up when it's cold makes me in pain for the next 24 hrs.. then that adds to the stress I feel everyday because iam in pain at some level. That's me f** haha

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  4. WATCH πŸŽ₯: 5 Ways To Burn Fat Quickly And Naturally: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kn6f9NLl-o&list=PL_fl96m7OLQX8Ls3btXcjCcFcxQ2C1djx&index=21

  5. What did you think about our methods of turning body fat into heat? Have you tried any of these methods? If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! πŸ™‚

  6. Hi … and sorry in this Video , what is talking about is nonsens …"nonsens" for not using the word "bull sh..tt" …

    If you use read pepper … and you have heard desease or intestinal inflammation,than red pepper and other spice is an absolutly no-go !!!

    Also drinkin 3 liter a day … if you have to much weight …if you are fat …meaning if your weight is much more over the normal-state according your body size (tall) ..minus 100 … than drinking 3 liter water means you will die soon ,cause your lounges will fill themself with water and you will drunken from inside !

    What I am talking about … I am talking about my own medical problems what I get , and killed nearl myself by using this "helpfull things" what shown in Your Video !

    The realit is that everybody who is fat …over the normal weight … 80% of your "fat-beeing" is water … means ,cause you eating to much salt ,consuming to mucch salt ,makes the body acid-stage … and this force the kidneys to hodbakc aaall the water the body can get (coffee…tea…normal waters or juice) …just to balance the acid-stage !

    Its not that you consum salt with spoon and shovel … no … the endustry and medicines want to inject the idea that ou eat wrong !!! No , you and I dont eat wrong or to much … the endustry , what they do not tell ou ,but writing on every package of that products in supermarket , the endustr using salt and "flavor enhancers" what is also salt … so with this "flavor enhancers" the endustry get the same taste and more taste of that food-product without using so much ingredients what to need for that food in normal way … for example …

    you need for a chocolate bar ,for example , 100mg chocolate powder as a normal "ingredients" …buuut … with the "flavor enhancers" the food-endustrys just needs (for example) 20mg of chocolate-poweder … but the taste of 100mg Chocoalte comes from cause the "flavor enhancers " fills the rest 80% tase feeling !

    This kind they use every food and drinks that you consume … so normaly you would be fat like you are in the 60th you couldnt see a fat woman but today aaalll the products are " "flavor enhancers"-filled … so means you conusme salt….salt …salt … and kidneys do hold back water …water …water …water …to balance this acid-stage of your body cause of salt-"abuse" …

    means that your body collecting 25 liter (nearly 7 gallone) water before starts body-fuction desease …and when reached 45 liter (nearly 15 gallones) that means your body ,heart and loung functions are under heavy problems what needs medical investigation … !!!

    So … you are not fat …from 150kg (330 pound) what i did have in 2016 was maybe 60kg(liter) (means 132 pounds ..means 15 gallones) water … and the reast Fat … so when i am 150kg … and I am 180cm tall …minus "100" (results) 80kg (normal-weight) … so maybe i have just 20 kilo fat (its also much …but distributed to 180cm body size …looks not much …buuuut

    if you full filled with water and grown up to 150 kg … than you will have stomack belly size of 160cm around …. !!!

    What you can do …what i did … with this what I did …i also kick my Diabetis T2 desease … which the medicine try to fix with 12 pills per day …what do not helps me during the 5 years what I used them !!!

    To loose weight … means loosing the water what your body collected during aaall the time of your conusmijg ( of endustrial Β΄) salt ,what is mixed inside the food and drinks (the Emulgators including) … so how you can loose this water ,what you let looks like fat !? What the people thinking "she / he just eats everything ,cant stop eating !" etc etc etc …

    Not with sport !!! If ou think you can loosing weight in your condistion …you will die … cause your heart is enaugh busy to hold his job to pump up oxygen in the deepest corner of your (fat …means water filled) ….is enaugh work for him to let you breathing while your sitting … !!! And if you start with sport , while your breath is so heavy while you are sitting…and starting now with sport … means the double action your heart have to make … mabe one day …but third day you will die ,caus your heart crash down by this additional load.

    The key word is … Sweat !!! You just need to sweat …not in the SAUNA …will also kill you in your condition what you have .. and not with sport …..just sweat while you sit or lie …. what you normaly also do …cause your heart and body try to hold you on life with additional work comparing to normal weight people …

    but what I mean is sweat ..perspire … without sport …without running around …without jumping etc … just lie down … or sit … and perspire /sweat for 20 minutes … and do this every day …ooor 3 times in a week … and you will loose 3 liters ( means 3 kg) ..what you not get back again !!! and if you do this every day … or maybe for 20 days … with some free days between …means every day 500mg / ml …means in 10 days 5 liter / kg (!!!) means in 20 days 10 kg /liter …. !!!! Loosing only 3 liter means a huuuuuge recovery for heart and lungs and your blood circulation !!!

    How to make … you just need anti-rain-dress …plastic ..not leather from the fetish-clubs :-))) ….just need "rain suit" … the shirt of that suit … close up the neck area …and the ending of the arms of that suit and also the belly have to be close … so that no air can come out and can go in … the leggs are fee …the head is free ,,,just the upper body is complety in rain suit … and no Thsirt between rain suit and body …but must me space of a fist between skin and rain suit so that heat can stow in that space …

    Take a sweatshirt … and on glass water (inside) … drink hot tea …. and lie down … take your "duvet" and lie for 20 minutes …. during this 20 minutes drink some little veeery little snips from that water your glass …so that your body not think that its die of thirst … and do not sleep !!!

    After 20 minutes you may stand up … and dress off that rain suit … be carefull cause the rain suit is full of sweat .. maybe more than 300ml… and becarefull of draft/draught … so dont get cold cause of your body is wet … !!!

    What happens … ? The body have to consume salt for the function of to sweat ! So the body use that salt what you "import" aaaall the days and weeks and mounth and years during your life-style … what you get from food and drinks …. ! So this means …. that you loosing that salt with transpiration …. ! With this 20 minute transpiration per day … you loosing water throuw your skin …with this you loosing salt … and result of aaaaall this is …your acid of your body drifiting little bit direction "neutral" … so this means your kidneys showing reaction for this new event … and let free that water what they hold back every day more and more … so they let free the water what they collected …piece by piece … and you will notice that you have to go to toilett for making "1" .

    Make this ways and you will loosing liter for liter …gallone for gallone … means pound for pound … and during one ones … you will see you lost 10 kilo (minimum) withut sport … what would you kill in that condition younow are …. !

    With this technique I am now down from 150 kg ….down to 117kg …. and I am 180cm tall …and I just lost water …by losing salt with that technique what I described you above !

    I still busy with loosing water … ! But unsing this technique means also be carefully with food and drinks what countains Salt and "flavor enhancers" …

    With this technique you will also cure your Diabetis T2 ….addicitonal you just need make some training what addressing your big muscles … specialy the legg muscle …just need sit and up 10 times per hour on a chair …making 10meters to the next chair and make their also ten times sit and up … thats all … if you do this every hour … your cells in the muscle will start to consume the sugar/energy what they have stored cause no need for consumption … cause of your daily life-style …working by sitting … so ,making some sit and up …sitting and standing up on a chair … makes the cell works in your muscles ….

    means your cell have to comsume energy what they storaged inside the cell and close themself for Insulin what bringing new energy from the intestine …. well after the cells consume the storaged sugar /energy …they open themself for new enery …what they get from the blood ,where the not used sugar get storaged all the time … after the body starts to use also that blood-sugar … than youre Diabetis starts to dissolve …. Diabetis means "storaged sugar inside cells and blood do not consumed" … (Insulin-resistance) … than you will see how the doctor s wondering why they not can earn money anymore with you ,cause your blood values shows no more "over sugared" -stage ! like my doctor get estonished … !

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